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As I am standing in the beauty aisle at my favorite store, I’m mesmerized by a sea of flavors of my favorite lip balm Evolution of Smooth. Every flavor I could ever imagine from a simple vanilla bean, to any fruit flavor imaginable, to sweet mint. All of these wonderful flavors in a unique sphere that packs a massive amount of moisturizers.

Nothing softens my lips like Evolution of Smooth. With a magical combination of hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested ingredients such as vitamin E, Shea butter, and jojoba oil, my lips have never felt better. In addition to a variety of flavors, Evolution of Smooth provides multiple lines of lip balm, click on for details.  First and foremost is the organic smooth sphere made with all organic materials. Then the visibly smooth spheres with additional moisturizers. For those looking for a little shimmer, there is a shimmer smooth sphere. Lastly, if you need a little extra protection, the active protection smooth sphere is there for you. Check on for the needed info.

Regardless of which line of evolution of smooth you choose, one thing is for sure, you will find a flavor that makes you happy. My personal favorite is the visibly soft vanilla mint; however, the blackberry nectar runs a close second. Regardless of what flavor you go for, evolution of smooth will not disappoint.  Read an additional article on

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Discover Maximum Protection With EOS Lip Balm Products

Give your lips maximum protection that lasts throughout the day with organic protection by using EOS lip balm products. There are thousands of women around the world that have used their products to provide maximum protection. Cool pastel packaging that contains their jojoba oil extracts and body butter are popping up everywhere in Germany. They’re very popular among young adults and busy professionals for immediate protection. Nourish your lips with a lip balm that is chosen 10 to 1, over their competitors. In fact, the once famous Chapstick brand is no comparison to EOS lip balm products. Check

Amazingly, Evolution of Smooth is a popular brand that has been chosen over other lip therapy products because of their organic ingredients and rich vitamin C and E contents. Their active ingredients have been used for centuries to health and restore the skin. More women are looking for a product that won’t jeopardize the natural luster on their lips. It helps you build your confidence while interacting with the public and possibly, winning over that blind date that your friend has set you up on. Get ultra-moist lips and superior protection when and where you need it with EOS lip balm.

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Choose from popular delectable Evolution of Smooth brands like almond milk, sorbet, Mint Kisser, and Lemon Drop. EOS lip balm flavors are popular among young adults and busy professionals when they’re seeking immediate coverage. You don’t have to worry about products that contain harsh ingredients because their products are completely 100% hypoallergenic and safe to use for all skin types. You’re encouraged to visit the beauty care aisle of select retailers such as for your favorite brand or you can visit the exclusive Evolution of Smooth website @ f or more details on promotional offers or having their brand shipped conveniently to your door. Join the lip care revolution by becoming a EOS lip balm user today, follow EOS on their page.


James Dondero-Supporting the CommunityJames Dondero-Supporting the Community

It was announced by James Dondero, President and co-founder of Highland Capital Management, that the firm has gifted $1 million to help The Family Place. The Family Place is a prominent organization in the Dallas area that supports families affected by violence. The money will help the organization to raise the remaining $2.8 million needed for its Legacy Campaign over the next six months.


The grant will match 50% of any funds raised for the campaign upto a total of $1 million. The Family Place has raised and additional $200,000 to go towards the Legacy Campaign which will be matched by Highland’s grant up to $100,000. Highland’s grant will ensure that the Family Place will have the money it needs to meet its goals.


According to James Dondero, it’s the civic community that makes things happen and Highland Capital Management is proud to invest in community programs that will better them in the long run.


The Legacy Campaign is building a new Counseling Center in Central Dallas that will provide care to those that are victims violence within their family. It has been named to honor Ann Moody and will include 13 shelter rooms, a dental and medical clinic, counselling groups, a hotline/call center, and spaces for job training.


The building will help well over 2,000 victims every year and will house the Be Project. The Be Project provides education on teen dating violence and bullying prevention and reaches more than 6,000 students every year. The facility will even provide a place for family pets to reside for the abused families and will have an on-site center dedicated to child development.


James Dondero is the co-founder and president of Highland Capital Management and under his guidance, Highland Capital Management has gained about $14.9 billion in assets and has become affiliated with NexPoint Residential Trust, NexPoint Capital, NexPoint Advisors, Acis Capital Management, and NexPoint Capital . Dondero has well over 30 years of experience.


In 2014 Highland Capital Management has been recognized as a 5-star designation for Global Allocation and has been top ranked Healthcare Long/Short Equity Fund by Morningstar.


EOS; Providing Delicious Protection for your Lips this Winter

Winter is rapidly approaching. Sub-zero temperatures, dry winter air, and harsh winds reek havoc on our skin. Our lips are delicate, and it’s important that we protect them from exposure to the elements.

Evolution of Smooth/EOS lip balms are a natural solution to dry, chapped lips. The nutrient dense formula contains jojoba oil, shea butter, and vitamin E. It’s also free from petroleum and parabens, so it’s no surprise that EOS is recommended by dermatologists everywhere.  Check on  for further details.

Active Protection Smooth Spheres

Active protection smooth spheres, available in Lemon Twist and Fresh Grapefruit, contain sunscreen to keep lips protected. The flavors are refreshing and energizing. A fantastic way to prevent lips from chaffing.

Visibly Soft Lip Balm

Soothe and nourish sore, raw lips with Evolution of Smooth’s visibly soft lip balm line. Flavors like Vanilla Mint, Coconut Milk, and Blackberry Nectar make lips visibly smoother. They also taste delicious!

Smooth Sphere Lip Balm

Anyone living a gluten free lifestyle will appreciate EOS lip balms. They smooth on clear, are long-lasting moisturizers, and are 95% organic. Vanilla Bean is a customer favorite and it’s back in time for the holidays. Other distinctive flavors include Honeysuckle Honeydew, Blueberry Acai, Sweet Mint, and Passion Fruit. Medicated Tangerine provides medicinal relief if your lips happen to be extremely dry and chapped.

Shimmer Lip Balm

Shimmer lip balms not only protect your lips with an infusion of natural conditioning oils, but they also add a pop of color and a luminous shine. Available in Sheer Pink and Pearl. Protect your pout while looking your best!  Follow them now on

Evolution of Smooth provides protection and relief in a large variety of flavorful designs.

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Say Hello To Sensational Lips!

Created in 2009 by Craig Dubitsky, EOS lip balm is known for having unique packaging that comes in a wide range of shapes,colors and fragrances. The evolution of smooth truly what you get since their lip balms are made with all natural ingredients including vitamin E,shea butter and jojoba oil.EOS lip balms are packed with antioxidants,are dermatologist tested and are hypoallergenic.

The many fragrances make this product appealing to a lot of people because everyone is likely to find a scent that suits their personality and preference. The fact that these cute little balms are small and affordable are just a few of the reasons EOS lip balm has become so popular; even being promoted by celebrities!

Passion fruit,strawberry and cherry are just a few of the most popular scents available and users have sworn by the widely available during the colder months when lips are more likely to become dry and chapped.

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Since retailers worldwide make sure to keep EOS lip balms in stock, they’re easy to find so you’re not limited to online ordering, paying extra for shipping or the pain of waiting for days for delivery. You’re likely to see the colorfully shaped balms near the register at your local supermarket or even in the beauty aisle. Hop over to

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Whether your lips need a little extra TLC or if you’re in need of major lip repair, EOS lip balms allow you to say hello to sensational lips during any season.

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Lime Crime’s Unicorn Hair Dye Is A Game Changer

For a number of years rumors have swirled about the chances of Doe Deere’s Lime Crime brand branching out from the creation and development of cosmetics and into a new era for this innovative and unique brand with semi-permanent hair dyes that are inspired by the hair of the founder. For those who are not in the loop when it comes to this brand, Doe Deere is a one woman marketing machine who uses the products from her own cosmetics brand to create unique looks representing her own quirky sense of style; the deep, bold colors of the cosmetics created by Doe Deere now look set to be replicated with a brand new range of hair dyes in bold colors to replicate the hair choices of Doe Deere herself.


Taking a look through the pages of the Lime Crime Website now opens up a landing page for the “Unicorn Hair” range of semi-permanent hair dyes that have been made available in a range of different colors; although it is easy to spot the influence of Doe Deere herself on the range of products available to the public in terms of hair color, but the vivid orange color is seen as a throwback to the look of Mila Jovovich’s character in the classic science fiction movie, “The Fifth Element”.


The creation of the “Unicorn Hair” range has not been given a release date, but it does reflect the innovation that has made Lime Crime such a fast growing company across the world for its impressive range of cosmetics sold Online in a way that has provided inspiration for the entire cosmetics industry. Innovation has been the name of the game for the brand since it was created with the development of the lipstick swatch that has been taken up by cosmetics companies across the planet; after developing “Unicorn Hair” for over three years the cosmetics industry is set to be shaken up once more by Doe Deere and her innovative way of thinking about business.

The Greatest EOS Lip Balm Flavors Available

If you are looking to add a few great additions to your purse, it pays to look into EOS lip balm. This is a product that a number of people enjoy for many different reasons. It contains high quality ingredients, such as Shea butter and aloe and it will keep your lips as moisturized as possible. It also features a number of antioxidants that you will enjoy it, which will make your lips naturally conditioned and will provide plenty of natural shimmer. This is a matter both of health and cosmetic beauty, so give yourself the opportunity to enjoy these products by looking into the many different offerings that they have in store for you.

What types of flavor do they offer?

Luckily, there are plenty of different offerings that you can look to in terms of lip balm flavors. For instance, if you are in the mood for something more subtle and sweet, you can purchase the coconut milk flavor of lip balm. People who enjoy a little bit of spring freshness will take to the cucumber melon flavor. There are a number of flavored lip balm as well, to include Berry blossom, strawberry sorbet and pomegranate raspberry.

Anytime that you are looking into purchasing these offerings, you will want to shop around for the best prices and availability.  Useful link here, on   Sometimes, these flavors are temporary or have limited availability. You can purchase a lot of them at your local drugstore, while others will need to be purchased online. There are some mix-and-match packs and also dual pack the same flavor. Of course, you will be able to also purchase singular lip balm packs at a great price as well.  Follow EOS on their page.

Shop around for the type of EOS lip balm flavor that you need the most and do everything that you can to make the right purchase.  Go straight to this site.

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Talk Fusion: Award-Winning and State Of The Art

In regards to Talk Fusion, the video communications provider, they had one heck of 2016 and it is a year they will never forget anytime soon. They are very, very proud of it, as they should be, as they won two awards, including the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award. The company was founded and created by Bob Reina back in 2007 and ten years later, they are like a fine wine, they get better and better with age. That is because they never get too big for their britches and they never get ahead of themselves as far as thinking they have all of the answers and everything figured out.


That is why this interview with Bob Reinais such a good read. It really gives people a chance to get inside the head of a genius. Genius is not a word to be thrown around lightly but it most certainly applies to Bob Reina and his invention of Talk Fusion. He was able to see it before it was happening. It all started, believe it or not, with him wanting to send out a video email. After that, the rest they say, is history. Now they have video newsletters, video emails, and video conferences.


All of this is designed toward growth for companies. Bob Reina loves to see companies grow and he is their biggest supporter and their biggest fan. If he can help them with his state of the art tech, he is all for it. Bob Reina is also very proud of the charity work he has done as well such as his record-breaking donation to the Tampa Bay Humane Society. He also is giving out 30-day free trials of Talk Fusion to new customers that might have been a little shy about using it in the past. Now, they can use it worry free, relax, and have fun with it.


Once they get their hands on it, they will be blown away! They will be asking themselves why they didn’t use it sooner. However, it is better late than never with Talk Fusion.


Jason Hope Sees The Future Of Air Travel As Reliant On Connectivity

Connectivity is something Arizona based entrepreneur Jason Hope has a large amount of experience of working in as a leading investor in technology startups; but in recent years Hope has been increasingly impressed by the gains being made in technology by an airline industry many have seen as stranded in its successful history. Passengers will see a high level of improvement in their own experience with airlines as soon as they reach an airport, with Jason Hope seeing the use of beacons to track baggage throughout any journey as setting the minds of passengers at ease.

The inflight experience will also be improved for passengers at all times as technicians and developers are looking for new ways to use sensors and beacons to improve passenger comfort levels; in seat sensors will become increasingly important for cabin crew and pilots who will be able to ensure the comfort of passengers in terms of temperature, humidity, and hydration levels.

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The career of Jason Hope has always been focused on getting the best uses of technology at all levels and continues in the 21st century to see a development in the use of technology to aid the medical industry. Jason Hope has recently been working with the SENS Foundation that is looking to find new uses for technology in fighting the effects of aging.

Jason Hope not only provides funding for SENS Foundation, but he also looks to raise awareness for the group he believes is about much more than just living forever; instead, Hope explains the latest medical technology can be used to improve the standard of living for people around the world throughout their lives.

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Honey Birdette – Her Works and Achievements

Honey Birdette is a commercial outlet for women. It provides a variety of products that include knickers, intimate toys, lingerie sets among others. Recently, Honey Birdette launched a new US e-commerce site. This followed the plan to upgrade its United Kingdom retail portfolio from three store to 40. A project expected complete by the year ending, 2018.

The idea behind Honey Birdette was born in 2006 by Eloise. The main aim of the business idea was to introduce a new sensuality into the bedrooms. With this in mind, Eloise Monaghan set up the first stalls in Brisbane. The company saw an annual growth of 374% in online sales. As a result, Eloise launched a new US site. This site is particularly dedicated to improving the consumer experience. Consequently, the company managed to offer faster deliveries as well as easier returns. In view of rapid expansion, the US site also targeted retail openings.

Honey Birdette has long operated within Australia. Last year the company decided to expand beyond its Australian perimeters. The establishment in London’s Covent Garden preceded two other new setups. One in Leeds’ Victoria Gate and the other at Westfield White City.

In effect of the rising global market, Honey Birdette is yet to launch ten other openings in the UK. The company also revealed that it is targeting to launch over 40 other stores before the year ending, 2018. In addition Honey Birdette is also focused at major European locations. Premium label prices at honey Birdette ranges between £35 for briefs to £60 for bras. The branding is partly sponsored by BBRC, a private investment company.

In conclusion, Honey Birdette offers a variety of services and pretty products. Among them, luxurious massage and sensuous and potent perfumes. The main role however, is to empower women and entertainment them.