Long-term success In The Investment Business

Timothy Armour was elected as Chairman of Capital Group in July 2015. He is responsible for Capital Group’s management committee and Capital Research and Management Company. He has a rich 33 years of experience in the field of investment business gained during his employment at Capital Group.

Timothy has a bachelor’s degree in economics from Middlebury College. He began his career at Capital Group as one of the participants in The Associates Program and then diligently worked his way up the ladder.

Capital Group in Los Angeles has many successful partnerships behind its back. In 2015 Capital Group and Samsung Asset Management based in Seoul announced their strategic partnership in order to cooperate and develop active investment strategies for Korea-based institutional and retail investors. Capital Group has the whooping amount of $1.4 trillion in assets, and Samsung Asset Management has $166 billion in AUM. They will work together and develop various retirement solutions as well as asset allocation products in order to enhance Samsung’s active investment capabilities. It was stated by Samsung Asset Management spokesman that the partnership would be a highly beneficial one that will help them achieve their goal of becoming one of Asia’s top three home-grown asset management companies by the year 2020. Janet Yang who is an independent investment research firm analyst gives an A rating to Capital Group. She defines it as a stable and sound investment culture.

In 2016, Timothy Armour wrote an article for The Wall Street Journal which talks about how to find long-term active managers who can greatly contribute to a company. He states that one should not settle for average investing returns. A good, worthwhile manager finds value in a large number of places and thus helps the investors do better than just average. A good manager makes that happen for longer periods of time. They research companies well and make an in-depth analysis about them and continue to educate themselves daily so that they stay on top of the field of investment business. A good manager is also actively social and meets up with people such as investors and competitors alike. Timothy Armour gives a great insight of the matter in his article.


Whitney Wolfe Has An App That Handles Multiple Purposes of Dating

There are many purposes when it comes to dating. The common reason for dating is to find someone that one can be serious with and eventually get married to. However, there are other reasons for dating. Some people date so that they can meet people and have fun. Some even may date in order to improve their skills when it comes to dating and relationships. While these are not that common, there are enough people that go online for dating so that they can easily find the right match. Bumble, the dating app developed by Whitney Wolfe, has something for everyone in the world of dating.

One reason that Whitney Wolfe developed Bumble and other dating apps is so that people could be matched with one another. For instance, people who want to date casually will be matched with those who are after the same goals. At the same time, people who are looking for a serious relationship are able to find what they are looking for with the help of Whitney Wolfe as well. Bumble has been well thought out during the stages of development. Whitney Wolfe made sure that everyone has a chance at dating and relationships with her most recent app.

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With all she has accomplished, Whitney Wolfe is far from finished with her dating app. She is constantly looking at the data on her app and accepting feedback from users in order to see where improvements can be made. She is also willing to take a look at the app in order to see if she can find some areas that can be improved on. She takes the initiative to take care of these areas. For one thing, she is very passionate about making sure the users have the best experience possible with her app.

Source:  http://www.forbes.com/profile/whitney-wolfe/

The Many Benefits of Capital Anesthesiology Association

When it comes to providing the very best of anesthesiology services, there is one place that does it better than any other. Capital Anesthesiology Association is the premier server in the Austin, Texas Area as well as the U.S. The organization has been around since it’s inception back in the early 70’s and today it has grown into one of the leading anesthesiology providers. CAA even helps those who are interested in a career in this exclusive field by providing plenty of educational tools and training for different types of medical care.


Capital Anesthesiology Association stands out from the competition in other aspects as well. The community benefits greatly from it’s services as well as from it’s charitable donations. There just isn’t any thing that this organization won’t do especially when it comes to bettering man-kind. Level 1 Trauma Centers, High Acuity Hospitals, as well as Ambulatory Surgical Centers all benefit from CAA. The Dell Medical School is great for aspiring paramedics, nurses, anesthetists, medical residents, and medical students. All of the medical personnel here is highly trained as well as the administrative staff. No more worries from patients as this experienced team will support any patient throughout the billing process.


This contemporary anesthesia medical care at it’s finest. There are no stones left unturned. High quality, ethical, and professional personifies the unique organization and who knows what CAA will expand into in the future.

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Sam Boraie Continues to Revitalize New Jersey’s Cities through Boraie Development

Boraie Development is a New Jersey-based real estate development firm. Headed by Omar Boraie, the firm is one of the premier development companies in the northeastern United States. Over the last five years, the firm has channeled a significant amount of its efforts in the area. They have spearheaded the development of outstanding properties in the city of New Brunswick. See, https://local.yahoo.com/info-11014537-boraie-realty-new-brunswick.

Their efforts are noticeable as their multi-use facilities have attracted new residents as well as small businesses. Boraie Development has also played an integral part in the revitalization of Atlantic City by rousing a boom in real estate development. This has expressly aided in the recovery of the city from the economic downturn.

Boraie Development’s Plan for New Brunswick

Sam Boraie says that his company has completed numerous projects that mark the beginning of its long-term goal of transforming the city of New Brunswick. Some of the projects that the company has completed include The Aspire (a 238-unit high-rise near the New Brunswick Train Station), One Spring Street (a 25-story, mixed used space of 400,000 sq ft), The Beach at South Inlet (features 250 residential units), and Albany St. Plaza (features 250,000 sq ft of office space and 20,000 sq ft of retail space).

According to the NY Times, other projects that the company is currently working on include The Rector (a 26-story building with residential units), and The Estates at Waverly Place (this project will result in seven custom homes). Mr. Boraie asserts these projects will transform New Brunswick into a major economic hub.

Since these projects are huge and require substantial financing, the company has partnered with different investors (both individual and institutional) to speed up their implementation. Thanks to the company’s huge campaign, new investors have shown interest in their long-term plan to make New Brunswick an economic hub. According to Rutgers Magazine, Shaquille O’Neal (a former NBA star) was the first to respond to the campaign.

Philanthropic endeavors

Besides dedicating most of his efforts to their family business, Boraie has also dedicated his life to supporting charitable initiatives. A good example of his outside beneficiary is the State Theatre New Jersey where he is a trustee.

The State Theatre puts on several yearly productions in different cities in New Jersey. For this to be successful, they rely heavily on charitable aids, most of the time this aid comes from the Boraie Development Company or the Boraie family. Sam is also involved with Elijah’s Promise, a charitable institution that strives to discontinue the poverty cycle in communities in New Jersey.

Elijah’s Promise aims at terminating hunger, creating businesses that stimulate social prosperity, providing healthy and hygienic foods, and empowering the locals to get stable and sustainable employment opportunities.


Josh Verne: Knowledge for Men – More Purpose, Power, Love & Freedom

It is a custom in today’s world for people who live satisfactorily to share the lessons in their lives to help others achieve their lives’ dreams and wishes in matters of self-awareness, riches, wellbeing or relationships. Every show is stick squeezed with critical tips and bits of learning that will drive you forward to meet your life dreams. To win in business and life regularly requires great consideration and cognizance of yourself, notwithstanding your duty in each situation. A productive life requires adjustment or balancing. For example, even if you accumulate all the riches you ever needed, yet your home life and wellbeing are not balanced and you end up suffering. In like way, whenever you have a revering family and appropriate wellbeing, you have to go entirely for what really matters to you.

According to Josh Verne. You should come into terms of what makes or gets you to wake up early every morning and where it tallies in your gut. For example, take a gander at that thing that gives you a lot of hope and that makes you to sleep later hours. It is the same thing with something that would make you to skip ceremonies or something you would do regardless of being not paid. To really win in life, you ought to be a pioneer and forego driving your enthusiasm into other colleagues while making sure there is respect for your and for others. By the day’s end, when you serve other people, they will tend to follow you, and your audience can complete any goals you continue contemplating. It’s clear the more you listen to other individuals, the higher the control that you get, and a multitude of people will be ready any time you have something for sharing. Whatever you share thus gets more power and significance. There is also the need to persistently endure to ensure a win-win deal of action or plan. That would suggest a win for everyone: for you, for your workers, your customers/clients and greatly for everyone.

Vintners Are Obligated To Give You What You Are Searching For

Some of the best types of wine are made by vintners that pay close attention to the necessary steps of wine making. Unfortunately, there are a vast array of wine makers that are not following the proper protocols and guidelines of making wine, therefore, they end up providing their customer base with a type of wine that is less than exemplary in its quality.

Customers who truly enjoy the taste of wine may find it bothersome when they take a sip of wine that tastes less than they had expected. Everyone is well aware of how bad the taste buds can feel if the tastes that were not expected are tasted. Thus, investing in a wine company that offers the customer high quality is the most viable option that one should proceed with if they are seeking to receive a product that is worth their money.

Vintners are held to strict guidelines of proper wine making. However, it is just as important for the operators of vintners to know that aside from following proper protocols of proper wine making, it is also an obligation of theirs to ensure that all elements of taste and quality are upheld for the purposes of providing their customer base with what they are searching for. Meaning, if the customer base is wanting to purchase a wine that is flavored with a certain type of fruit, then the vintner is obligated to ensure that such flavoring is an essential component of the wine that they are producing. Failing to provide the customer base with this aspect of their wine can result in a lot of chaos as investors/purchasers may end up spending a lot of money on the product. Be sure to conduct a bit of researching on vintners prior to investing in their products.

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The Journey Back To Success Made Easy By Doug Levitt

As with people in any other situation, people who are struggling come in all types. While there are the complacent, there are those that are doing everything they can to make it back to where they are comfortable. There are too many cases where otherwise honest and hardworking individuals are stuck having to give up their way of life. In many cases, it is through no fault of their own. Instead, they have been victims of the actions of others. Then there are cases where things just work out in ways that are unexpected and unfavorable. Many of these people are left to start over.


Fortunately, they don’t have to make the journey all by themselves. There are people that are willing to help in any way that they can. Among these people is Doug Levitt. Doug is a singer and songwriter who has gotten himself involved in the lives of people that are struggling. He has a compassion that comes through in his creativity. He sings with such a passion that could only come from authentic feelings. While he has been really good as an entertainer, he has looked for ways to improve his craft and raise the consciousness of his audience.

Top Anesthesia Association Delivers Top Care

Since 1973, Capitol Anesthesiology Association (CAA) has been providing high-quality anesthesia services to over 20 medical facilities throughout the Austin area. With over 80 highly trained physicians and 130 Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists, these facilities include numerous ambulatory surgery centers, hospitals, and Level 1 Trauma Centers. Capitol Anesthesiology Associations physicians, CRNAs, anesthesia technicians, and nurses focus on the comfort and safety of the patient by alleviating pain and anxiety before, during and after a surgical procedure by providing General, Regional, Local, Obstetric, Pediatric, Thoracic and Cardiovascular anesthesia. CAA, dedicated to being the forefront of quality patient care and is a member of the Anesthesia Quality Institute (AQI), an institute that specializes in the research, education, and development of the quality of improvement of anesthesia.  Connect to Crunchbase.com.


Capitol Anesthesiology Association, donates their time and skills, to organizations that provide medical care to disadvantaged areas throughout the world. These groups include Operation Smile, Children’s Medical Care Foundation, Family Eldercare, Partnerships for Children, Dell Children’s Surgical Global Outreach (DCSGO), Eels on Wheels and Austin Smiles.

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Michael Fertik on Online Reputation Management

Most people have googled themselves at one point or another, but few give much thought to the fact that others are googling them as well. As a matter of fact –  reveals onlinereputationreviews.com, it’s become the norm for employers to conduct a basic internet search on potential hires, separate from any official background checks that might be required. The problem, of course, is that anyone can put anything on the Internet, and once information is out there, it becomes a herculean task to somehow have it removed.

Forbes recently did an interview with online reputation management guru Michael Fertik, who talked about how everyone needs to manage or at least keep track of their online reputation in some way. Fertik, the owner of Reputation.com, sees a wide range of customers. In some cases, customers simply don’t want personal information to be available, such as a history of illness, for example. In other cases, clients are concerned about the impact of negative reviews on their business. Also, it isn’t uncommon for an ex-spouse or former employee to post unflattering information online.

According to Fertik, victims of this kind of behavior have little recourse in terms of getting the information removed, but what they can do is get the undesirable pages off of Google’s Page One. This goes a long way toward improving your online image. Fertik adds that many people only go to a reputation professional after the damage is done, and this is a big mistake. In fact, being proactive about your reputation is far less expensive in the long run.


USHEALTH Group Offers New Options for Families and Individuals

USHEALTH Group is a company that gives doctors and healthcare providers a place to get services for their patients, through physician owned companies with a true focus on providing quality health care.

The company, through its subsidiaries, sells individual health plans and supplemental benefit plans to self-employed people and small businesses throughout the country. They also offer fixed indemnity medical insurance and dental plans. They have a specialized insurance that cover for periods of critical illnesses. They have programs that accident and income protection options as well. Their term insurance is renewable and convertible.

US HEALTH sells its products through agents. The company was formally called Ascent Assurance. They changed their name to US HEALTH in 2005.

One of the special features they offer is the Optional Guaranteed Short Term Insurability Rider. This gives you a one-time right to add the PremierMed Short Term Medical-Surgical Expense without any additional underwriting. This will save you money until you need the extra coverage. These plans pay in addition to the main coverage you have. They pay first dollar expenses.

Essential Health Benefit Plans

US HEALTH also offers Essential Health Benefit Plans (EHB). They offer coverage for 10 categories of coverage required under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). It can only be acquired during the ACA open enrollment times.

There are certain levels of coverage which include:

  • Bronze Level Coverage is available in Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Iowa, Illinois, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, Nebraska, Ohio, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Wyoming and West Virginia.
  • The Silver Level is offered in Colorado and Nevada.
  • The Gold and Platinum Plans are not available anywhere.

These plans will not be eligible for subsidies from the Government.

US HEALTH is located in Fort Worth, Texas. The company offers a variety of insurance plans through its subsidiaries, the Freedom Life Insurance Company of America and the National Foundation Life Insurance Company. The medical services are offered through a number of different providers. They offer plans for every budget, from first dollar coverage to a other more affordable options. The company offers a way to design a plan to fit individual needs.