The Future of Cancer Research As We Know It

Many of the people on earth have been affected by cancer in one way or another either directly or indirectly. Maybe because we’ve had family or friends who’ve suffered with the illness or we know of someone who’s dealt/dealing with it. Cancer can manifest in many different organs of the body including lung, skin, liver, throat, etc. Older treatments such as Chemical Therapy can be just as worse than the cancer itself as it kills good cells within the body in it’s attempt to kill the cancerous cells. Chemotherapy also has harsh side effects as it makes the patient feel very sick throughout and after treatments. Luckily it’s a new day, new time, and new era. The fight against cancer has become much more productive thanks to one brilliant individual and his organization.


Dr. Clay Siegall whom is President and CEO of Seattle Genetics, has taken cancer by the horns (in-a-sense) and is attempting to bring it down once and for all. This remarkable guy is running one of the most successful, productive, and progressive cancer fighting organizations on the planet. Seattle Genetics has literally changed the industry with it’s revolutionary breakthrough therapies known as Antibody Drug Conjugates. Success? Seattle Genetics has racked up hundreds of millions of dollars in Canada and the U.S. along. Thanks to it’s multiple strategic deals, the company’s flagship drug (ADCETRIS) is now being used in over 65 countries worldwide. To this day it has brought in over $325 Million in sales. That’s right! Over $325 Million by itself.


Dr. Clay Siegall’s plan of attack/success comes from his expertise of the business. He’s implemented a solid blueprint of thorough research, scientific innovation, as well as drug developments. This successful model has allowed the Bothell, Washington company to reach height that were once perceived to be impossible. Dr. Siegall plays a critical role in the company’s success and with five newer drugs scheduled to hit the the market in the next few years, these heights might just get shattered in the process.

From Startup To Mega Brand, The Story Of Evolution Of Smooth

What Is Evolution Of Smooth?

Evolution of Smooth is a lip balm and beauty brand that was created in 2006. Sanjiv Mehra, Jonathan Teller and Craig Dubitsky are the three original founders of the firm. Mr. Mehra worked for firms such as Unilever and PepsiCo, which deal with packaged goods that are sold to consumers. Mr. Teller and Mr. Dubitsky meanwhile, worked at startup incubators, where new ideas are turned into budding new businesses.

The three founders of Evolution of Smooth got their idea for the brand when they looked at the health and beauty aisle of major supermarkets and pharmacies. They pondered the idea of what product category they could enter and disrupt with a new innovation. The lip balm category of the beauty aisle seemed to be a prime entry point.

Already well versed in business, Teller, Dubitsky and Mehra decided to do a comprehensive research report on the lip balm market. They found that except for a few minor changes, that products in the lip balm aisle have remained unchanged for almost a hundred years. The ingredients, colors, flavors and packaging were pretty much the same for over a century.

Realizing a chance to disrupt the market and with a prime opportunity to launch a new business, the trio came up with EOS lip balm. It would be set apart by the following. Evolution of Smooth lip balms would be made from 99% or 100% all natural ingredients. It would feature an all natural as well as organic lip balm lines. Another differentiation was the EOS lip balm would come in a sphere shaped package instead of the traditional stick format. The packaging would also be bright and colorful and not drab and unappealing. EOS balms would also be available in many different fruity and sweet flavors instead of having no flavor or just mint and cherry as its competitors at the time had. EOS lip balm products are available on the shelves of Well, Target and Walmart.

EOS on Amazon:

World Power – George Soros

George Soros is an American billionaire who was born in Hungary August 12, 1930. He lived in pro-Nazi Hungary and also under communist rule. He is of Jewish descent but does not practice his religion. His father was an attorney who changed his name to Soros. The family moved to London where he studied finance at the prominent London School of Economics. He made his fortune in America and is a New York fund manager on Also he is chairman of Soros Fund and Open Society Foundations.

This well-known billionaire is actually a power in politics and supports the Democratic Party. He believes in an open society and freedom of religion. He has reportedly known Hillary Clinton for over 25 years and greatly admires her. He wanted to insure Hillary’s election and after her nomination donated over 25 million dollars to her campaign on His admiration for her and fear of a Trump victory were motivating factors. He was afraid that Trump’s warnings of terrorism would only stimulate more violence.

An interesting note, although not related to the campaign itself, is that George Soros supports such causes as Black Lives Matter. There are rumors that he was behind the protests of Trump’s victory such as “he is not my president”. His foundation denies this and any claim of association with violence.

The dramatic election of Donald Trump and phenomenal defeat of Hillary Clinton has the Democratic Party’s attention at George Soros truly believed that the election of Hillary Clinton’s electoral vote was a “done deal”. He is said to have a hard time accepting that Trump won the election. The Democratic Party is on its toes and is discussing changes. These discussions are being led by the Democratic Alliance of which George Soros has an active role. They contribute heavily to the Democratic Party. They have plans to sabotage the first 100 days of Donald Trump’s term on and any efforts to negate the policies of Barack Obama. The Democratic Party plans to regain the support and trust of the American people and their power in congress.

The first 100 days of Trump’s term should be interesting to say the least. George Soros is not going away. His power and influence will continue to be felt here and in Europe. This powerful man should not be underestimated. We are entering a new era where someone who was basically not involved in politics was elected, So how the Democratic Party deals with this should be engaging getting the full attention of the American people.

Successful Investment Tips by Laidlaw & Company

Laidlaw Sued

Relmada Therapeutics is filing a lawsuit against Laidlaw and Company, its former investment banker. Relmada is also suing the two principals of the firm, James Ahern and Matthew Eitner, accusing them of misusing the company shares and confidential information to instigate a hostile bid for the enterprise. The lawsuit’s agenda is to enjoin Laidlaw’s intentions of continuing to propagate false and misleading information including soliciting proxies from the company’s stockholders through false pretenses. The aim of the lawsuit is to correct the already issued misinformation.

Restraining Order

In addition to the claims of breaching the contract and using false information acquired from Relmada during its service as the company’s investment banker, Relmada is in a quest for monetary damages rooting from costs incurred from issuing a response to the false and misleading information released in December 2015. According to Relmada, the Court of Nevada had dictated a temporary restraining order linked to the injunction of Laidlaw and its two principals. The Board of Relmada believes that Laidlaw should compensate the firm for damages caused by Laidlaw. The demand is to prevent Laidlaw from causing the same hard to other companies in future.

About Laidlaw

Led by two principals Matthew Eitner and James Ahern, Laidlaw & Company is an investment banking and brokerage firm that provides investment banking and management of wealth services to many companies including public and private companies. Laidlaw offers careful and skillful financial services concerning investment to high net worth investors. The company seeks to preserve its reputation through diversification. They provide services in asset allocation including security selection because it is the vital determinant of the company’s performance. Laidlaw aims to help maximize the client’s return potential by allocating the customer’s money in a chosen set of assets. The team manages client’s exposure to investment risk.

A New Take on The Fashion Business


Fabletics is a new company on the market having only been in business for three years. While three years in business is not a long time, Fabletics has taken off in a big way. They have made a name for themselves and they are continuing to show substantial growth year after year.


One of the reasons why this company is doing so well so soon is their company model. Don Ressler is a co-founder of the company and wanted to put a new twist on the traditional way of doing business. As an entrepreneur, Don wanted to do something unique, and this is the way he set up Fabletics to be a success. Fabletics began entirely as an online company. There were no physical stores for customers to go to. All merchandise was listed online, and all information needed about these products was listed there as well.


When customers came to the website, they were offered special incentives if they became a member. During the signup process, customers were asked questions about their likes and wants. These were then tracked so a customized shopping experience could be presented. Customers were then offered deals on items they may be interested in and shown outfits that fit their predetermined criteria.


By having a customized approach, customers no longer had to wade through everything on the site. They were presented with the deals and the clothing that was best suited for them. Occasionally, customers will be sent promotional emails, and these are also customized to their needs and wants. This approach can help customers to save time and money.


When Fabletics began, Don Ressler they approached the industry with different concepts and ideas than have been used in the past. These concepts may have seemed strange, but they have paid off in a big way. Fabletics has continued to grow, and they are even branching out. They have opened physical stores across the country with plans to open more. The future for Fabletics looks bright, and they are in it for the long haul.  Learn more about the founder Don Ressler from his interview here, or see what other companies he has managed to great success on LinkedIn.

Technologically Fashionable

Chris Burch, the founder of Burch Creative Capital, wrote a recent article on titled ‘Tech Fashion Trends For The Future.’ In that article, he explains the past, present and future of tech in fashion. He mentions how the connection between tech and fashion started with the boom box in the 70’s, which became one of the hottest trends. From there it went on to cassette tapes being portrayed as “cool” in films. After that it was the popular Walkman in the 90’s when people’s music experiences started to become personalized by being able to choose what music they wanted.


A decade later, the iPod became the new “must have” item. “Technology grows with the popularity of what one considers fashionable,” Christopher Burch has been quoted in the ‘Tech Fashion Trends For the Future’ article. Fashion designers are on top of creating the experience by which we use technology, where the technology itself lifts standards much higher for being functional and innovative.



Chris Burch has long been helping us understand about how inventors have been incorporating safety into fashion, for example: where bike helmets are not necessarily fashionable, these two women invented a neck brace that serves the same as a helmet, providing better visibility when not inflated. These neck braces are far more fashionable than your traditional bike helmet, while equally as safe. Another example of safety inspired fashion ideas are gloves that firefighters would use to send important information to one another when in a fire. There are other fantastic ideas that need the popularity boost that fashion provides. For example, wearing glasses wasn’t considered appealing, until Diane Von Fursten decided to have them in one of her catwalks. That opened up society’s eyes to how fashionable glasses could be when incorporated with technology.


Born on March 28, 1953, Christopher Burch was born and raised in Wayne, Pennsylvania by his parents John Walter Burch and Robin Sinkler. Christopher’s first job was at age 13 in construction. Being a child growing up with a mental disability, Chris found could easily focus on many things at a time – even more complicated or intricate scenarios than other children his age struggled with. This advantage has helped Chris throughout his life in identifying opportunity where others might miss it. Chris built a successful company with his brother, which they later sold at age 40. Ever since Chris has been making wise investments into innovative and fashionable ideas.


Bruce Levenson Leads His Former Consortium Members To Court Over Insurance Claim

The insurance giant AIG is being taken to a Fulton County Court by the former owners of the Atlanta Hawks NBA franchise as they seek to complete an insurance claim begun as far back as April 2015. Bruce Levenson’s legal team state the termination of the six year contract of former Hawks General Manager Danny Ferry should have triggered a constructive dismissal clause in a workplace insurance policy held by the Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment LLC consortium; discussions began over the termination of Ferry’s contract in April 2015 before the mutual agreement between the GM and former Hawks ownership was reached in June of the same year.

Legal papers filed by Levenson’s attorney’s reveal AIG held negotiations over the insurance claim in April 2015 and agreed in principle to the insurance claim, but have failed to communicate with the former Hawks ownership since the $730 million sale of the franchise was agreed. Papers state Levenson and his fellow former consortium members are seeking a financial settlement from AIG plus penalties and all costs to be paid by the group.

Bruce Levenson has always had a talent for spotting a gap in the market, which he did in his Time as the head of the United Communications Group he founded in a spare room and has now become a top real time information supplier to many different industries. Business success is just one aspect of the life of Bruce Levenson who has always looked to give back to the communities he touches in his business and personal life. The Maryland and Washington D.C. areas Levenson has always called home have benefited from a prolonged period of philanthropy from the former Hawks owner who has looked to develop new programs to aid struggling communities across the U.S.

Info above can be sourced from Wikipedia.