Get Your Home Cleaned-up today in a Professional Way

Handy Cleaning Company also known as Handybook, is a company that was established by Umang Dua together with Oisin Hanrahan in the year 2002 to give their clients quality services in cleaning, plumbing and handyman. For booking any of their services, you can visit their web page simply by using your mobile phone. has also established an app where their clients can book amazing cleaning services any time, anywhere.

This app is to help their customers’ book handymen and cleaners at their own convenient time. All you will have to do is give the details of your location and the experts will be sent to you. The online booking is fast, reliable and convenient thus making it easy for you to book an appointment to complete your house hold services. They also refund the charges if the services provided to you are not of high quality or in case there was any damages.

The service providers from handy cleaning services are friendly, well trained, insured, and trustworthy. They have enough experience to make sure they are in a position to provide yo with the best services.. The professionals will help you out in cleaning your home and keeping it neat the way you like it. Handy has been on the top country wide in delivering you cleaning services, plumbing, interior painting and TV mounting among others. By booking their service they only require you location, the type of service you need and specific time you want the cleanup to be done. You will be in a position to concentrate on your job since they are available any reliable.


Handy offers apartment cleaning New York City services for over 18 cities. In New York the company has employed up to 50 employees and freelancers who are in a position to complete around 10,000 jobs every month. They are planning on opening more offices in San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles and Boston so as to improve their services.

Equities First Holdings Stock Loan Venture

What does Equities First Deal With?

Equities First provides financial solutions to high-net-worth individuals and businesses who are seeking non-purpose capital funds. They specialize in a new type of loan lending program developed to supply liquidity at reasonable terms via a transparent and secure process. This method of funding offers many people with better financing terms and a low cost of capital than more traditional financing options. Equities major global investment specialties include Capital Allocation, Alternative Finance Solutions, and Financial Services.

The beneficiaries of Equities First Holdings

Entrepreneurs who want to start a business can significantly benefit from stock loans from lenders like Equities First Holdings LLC. In the infant stages of running a business, it is important to hold on to equity as Venture capital is not the best option for all new ventures. On the other hand, we have Global microloans which currently amount to over $38 billion and only 75 million qualified business entrepreneurs  for them.

These loans are cashed out to only those who are not eligible for a traditional bank loan probably because of poor credit or low income, but the downside of these loans is that the borrower has to pay high-interest rates of up to 35.23% per year. Most startup businesses struggle to make money at their infant stages, and then you add a high-interest rate, and that’s why most businesses on these type of loans rarely do well.Stock loans offer a low-interest rate compared to the other alternatives.

According to Equities First Holdings, High Net Individuals or businesses can use their equities as collateral to secure a stock loan for three years. For example, if a person has stocks in Company Y and predicts the shares will appreciate sooner in some years to come.

Rather than he liquidates his position in Company Y, the shareholder in pen and paper transfers them to his loan lender and his given the loan proceeds. If Company Y’s stock appreciates before he pays his loan, the company retains 100% of the maturity. Equities First Holdings LLC always makes enterprises or individuals aware of the risks, expected outcomes, and benefits of these loans.

Benefits of Waiakea Water

The bottled water market is becoming quite competitive nowadays. Consumers clearly like the convenience and mobility, and they’re willing to pay for it. As a response to growing demand there are now many different companies jockeying for more visibility and attention. Unfortunately, that means many of the companies out there today use trumped up or even fraudulent claims to give their product an edge over the competition.

They claim their water comes from better stock and is healthier, cleaner, and more natural than the water in other bottles. The reality, though, is that their product is little more than overpriced, over-packaged tap water. Consumers have gotten quite good at spotting empty promises, however, and companies that offer a product with true value tend to rise to the top.

According to Shop Gourmet, Waiakae water is a brand that has been receiving a lot of positive attention. If it’s claims are to be believed, then Waiakae’s bottled water has nutritional benefits that give it a serious leg up on the rest of the marketplace. The product’s colorful name comes from its source, the volcanic Waiakea springs located on the islands of Hawaii. Learn more about Waiakea water:

The volcanic rocks there are uniquely porous and work to form a natural filtration system that weeds out impurities. The water trickles down from the frozen mountain tops, traveling through miles of channels and rocky drains too deep and too small for the eye to detect. What comes out is a water that is cleaner and more nutritious than what you’ll find in your local store.

Waiakea touts water that is bursting with valuable ingredients like potassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium and other electrolytes. A steady intake of these minerals is necessary for a healthy body and that means water that doesn’t just hydrate you but charges your body as well. Better yet, unlike a lot of other bottled water providers, the makers of Waiakae understand the importance of sustainability and environmentally ethical practices.

The process of making plastic can be environmentally damaging, requiring the use of oils and other fossil fuels. Waiakae advertises that it’s bottles are made from 100% recycled materials, decreasing the amount of plastic in circulation and preventing bottles and other storage devices from taking up space in landfills. They also support programs that supply clean water to other areas suffering from draught, pollution, and similar shortages.

All this certainly goes to make an appealing package for consumers. If Waiakea water sounds good to you, do some research and see the benefits for yourself.


Equity First Holding Penetrates the Unite Kingdom Market.

Equity first Holdings is a company that funds high-end organizations and wealthy individuals. The company was formed in the year 2012 by an American entrepreneur called Al Christy. It is a global company with offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok, Sydney, and London, and while it has offices spread out in the main cities, its headquarters remain in Indianapolis. Today, it is run and managed by the Chief Executive Officer, Al Christy.

In the financial market, there exist a class of very wealthy individual and organizations valued at billions of dollars. The conventional lenders, however, do neglect these customers. As a result, a gap exists that needs to be filled. Al Christy identified this gap and consequently, Formed Equity First Holdings. The core goal that drives this company is ensuring all customers regardless of their net worth, gets access to finance. The company is privately owned. Equity First Holdings has an exponential yearly growth of over 30 percent. In the recent years, it has increased its global workforce by 50 percent.

On the October of 2016, Equity first Holdings made a public announcement in regards to Andrew Newland, Chief Executive Officer of Angle PLC. The company had concluded the transaction that saw it return 1.35 million shares of Angle to. These were used by Equity First Holding as collateral for a loan that had been awarded to the company two years ago.

The two-year finance deal that was signed on October 2014 was among the first deals Equity First Holdings had landed upon entry in the United Kingdom. The company’s penetration to the United Kingdom’s market came after the company acquired Meridian Equity Partners Limited. Meridian Equity was purchased in the summer of 2014 and renamed as Equities First (London) Limited.

Equity First London Limited operates and provides its services under regulation from Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom. The Chief Executive Officer, Al Christy pointed out that it was a regular thing in their day to day activities to return collateral. He further stated that the firm had completed over 700 transactions. It was also the company duty give back the guarantee upon loan repayment.

Don Ressler- The Innovative and Motivated Fashion Guru

Don Ressler is without a doubt a very successful entrepreneur. From JustFab to Intelligent beauty he has become sole of so many businesses. Together with his partner and co-founder, Don Ressler has developed a lot of companies. Their first company was, but Intermix Media purchased it in 2001. They later established Alena Media which became the revenue center for Intermix. When News Corp bought Intermix, the two partners left the company and decided to venture in other companies.

Don Ressler is a force in the fashion world who believes that every woman must get the clothes they are looking for. Through his leadership quantities, he easily manages the two companies. He also ensures that his customers can get their shipments within the specified time. He has helped open Fabletics stores all around the United States. Through his business acumen and passion for fashion, he has successful build two fashion businesses. He knows how to keep the two businesses on the same track guaranteeing success and profit for each business.

JustFab, founded in 2010 is an online subscription fashion retailer that allows members to engage in a personalized shopping experience. It enables customers to carry out selections of shoes, jewelry, handbags, and denim according to their preferences. JustFab is meant for every woman buyer with any of the following looks: Trendsetter, Bombshell, Modern Classic, Femme Nouveau, and Girl-Next-Door. JustFab allows members to access fashion tips and content, advice from fashion consultants, and clickable style boards to shop for complete outfits. Just Fab is available in many countries such as the United States, Canada, Germany, Spain, the United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands, and Denmark.

Don Ressler has established other outstanding fashion companies such as Fabletics, FL2, and FabKids. All the brands use the subscription concept to make clothes accessible to customers. Due to Don Ressler’s remarkable entrepreneurial skills, he has made it easy for people to shop online, view the latest trends in fashion, and shop at their convenience. JustFab also gives discounts to all its members.

Through Don Ressler’s marketing qualities, he has been able to get celebrities such as Avril Lavigne and Blair Fowler to release their collections through JustFab. They also have a television show called “Kimora: House of Fab which covers the daily life at JustFab offices. Due to his dedication with Fabletics, the company has reported more success compared to JustFab during its inception years. The co-founders have plans of opening up to 100 new stores over the next five years. Don Ressler is fully motivated to ensure that women get all the fashion commodities they need and at the right time.

Adam Milstein Named as an Influential Jewish Leader

Adam Milstein is an Israeli-American currently living in Encino, California. Adam Milstein is married to Gila Milstein, and together, they have three children as well as one granddaughter and two grandsons. Professionally, Adam Milstein is a real estate agent following the footsteps of his father. He has been successful in this sector as he is a managing partner at the Hager Pacific Properties. At this firm, he is responsible for several activities such as accounting, disposition and taking care of the firm’s finances.

Adam Milstein was born in Haifa, Israel. Before moving to the United States of America, Adam Milstein fought in the Yom Kippur War. He joined the Israeli-Defense forces in 1971. He holds a degree in science and majored in economics and business. He attended the Technion College for his undergraduate degree. He also holds an MBA from the University of South California. His real estate company specializes in buying and rehabilitation of several properties for resale purposes.

On the 5th October 2016, Adam Milstein was recognized by the Jerusalem post as among the most influential Jews of modern time. This was as a result of the contribution he had made in changing the lives of the Jewish community as well as his ability to make this changes in the coming years. According to the Jerusalem post, Adam Milstein was honored for his role as the co-founder and chairman of Israeli-American Council. He was also honored due to his philanthropic activities. To help the Jewish community worldwide, Adam has worked with various Jewish organizations such as the Birthright Israel, Stand By Me, and Hasbara Fellowships. In this list of the most prominent Jewish figures, Adam Milstein was named as number 39.

Other people who made to this list includes philanthropist Sheldon Adelson, Ron Lauder, Ruth Bader and Lynn Schusterman. There were also Jewish leaders such as Natan Sharansky and Malcolm Heinlein. The US Senator Charles Schumer and Supreme Court Justices Ruth Bader and Elena Kagan also made it to the list. Another prominent person on this list was the current Prime Minister of the State of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu. Adam Milstein acknowledged that he was honored and humbled to be mentioned on this list.

Adam in Blogs:

Makeup Tutorials on YouTube: Adopting The Lime Crime Look


Women get a thrill and feeling of excitement opening up a new package of Lime Crime cosmetics. It is the same kind of feeling that you get opening up a surprise birthday gift. You know that it is something special, and you can’t wait to get your hands on it. Women simply love the bold and beautiful colors that are representative of the company. Doe Deere is the one that created this makeup line, even-though she started out as a fashion designer with her own brand on eBay. Deere relates that she was always fascinated by makeup and colors. She started her own makeup line out of frustration because she couldn’t find the type of bright makeup colors she liked.

Lime Crime Tutorials Beginnings

Doe Deere shares that she has always really been a makeup enthusiast. Her love of colors started in Russia. She relates that Russian women wear very bright and lively clothes. Kids play with very colorful toys. This helped to fuel her fascination with colors. She migrated to the United States during her teens. This love for color followed her to America. She relates that she regularly posted makeup tutorials on her website online back in 2004. Her aim was to show others the proper way to wear bright colors. Later on, she developed her own makeup colors that specialized in bright colors. Deere still looks back very fondly on those early days. Now, girls across the Internet are offering their own unique takes on tutorials featuring her line of cosmetics.


About Lime Crime

Doe Deere relates that she has always loved bright makeup colors. She has a special passion for creating new lipstick colors. Most cosmetic companies create colors that are in the brown, red, and pink color range. Deere finds that those colors are boring. She likes to experiment with colors like blue, purple, greens, and yellows. Clearly, the fashion in magazines and around her is her real inspirations.

Today, Doe Deere continues to create new and fascinating products for all her little unicorn followers across the world. The company is famous for her Unicorn lipsticks and Velvetines. The new metallic Velvetines are also a great sensation, and are detailed in full in this PR Newswire release.

EOS : Best Lip Balm in the Market

For many years, buying lip balm meant going to the drugstore or the supermarket for the small, cylindrical tube containing Chapstick. The tube looked clinical, and it came with an active ingredient list that was attached to the packaging. Individuals who wanted to look wild had to skip the original tasteless pack for the flavor and spring for the mint or cherry.

However, consumers have something to smile about. Seven years ago, a new brand of lip balm that was pastel colored started popping up everywhere. The brand, known as EOS took over the shelf space at the Walgreens, Walmart and later on in Target. The brand can also be found on both eBay and ULTA online stores. Most of the beauty editors based at the Cosmo and Allure were not able to get enough of the lip balm, raving about the flavors such as grapefruit and honeydew. Several years later, some of the top celebrities in the world like Christina Aguilera, Miley Cyrus, and Kim Kardashian were seen whipping the balls of the product from their bags.

EOS is an acronym of the institution’s full name, Evolution of Smooth, Products from the company are now being splashed almost every fashion and beauty magazine in the world. However, founders of the successful institution have been quiet. They have not spoken about their business strategies till recently.

Just recently, Fast Company went to look for these successful founders. According to them, the institution was started with two hundred and fifty million, and it has worked hard to become the world’s second best- selling lip balm. The first lip balm product is known as Burt’s Bees. EOS lip balm has been very successful, outpacing some of the companies such as Blistex and Chapstick that have been in the market for a long time. Individuals who have used the product say that it is actually one of the best, and it has changed their lives for the better.

Why Sleep Disorders should be Properly Diagnosed and Treated

Did you know that 90% of Sleep Disorder cases are not properly diagnosed and lead to bigger health problems? This is why Avi Weisfogel, CEO of Dental Sleep Masters, has dedicated his life to creating awareness on sleep apnea and how it adversely affects life if not treated.


A new medical research study has discovered a direct relation between sleep disorders and well-known ailments like cardiovascular complications, diabetes, and even stroke. While more and more patients are hospitalized because of these conditions, few of them suspect that the trigger was the countless nights they were unable to sleep well.


However, Dental Sleep Masters is a team of professional physicians who are creating awareness on this newly discovered correlation. They understand the dangers that many people face by living in oblivion and therefore organize medical camps to educate the masses about sleep apnea. Dental Sleep Master has partnered with a team of other sleep physicians to set up sleep labs to diagnose and successfully treat sleep disorders.


Avi Weisfogel himself tackles the problem of sleep apnea from a dental perspective. Through Dental Sleep Masters, he leads a team of fellow dental surgeons to help correct any dental deformities or irregularities that cause irregular sleep patterns in the victim. Dentists have the ability to diagnose sleep disorder issues by pointing out the evident symptoms like general body weakness, dry mouth due to open mouth breathing, morning headaches, and to a large extent, snoring.


Dental Sleep Masters are now joined by real sleep physicians to organize medical camps where they educate, diagnose, and treat people with sleep disorders. Avi and his team of volunteering doctors believe this is just the starting phase, and more sleep labs will be held in future as new treatment procedures are discovered in future.