Lip Balms to Leave your Dry Lips Refreshed

Nourished lips are a definite must have beauty accessory. With so many options, it can be hard to choose. Depending on your lip’s needs, you need to choose your product wisely.
Evolution of Smooth

The first three ingredients are top quality moisturizing ones: vitamin E, jojoba oil, and shea butter. This choice makes it top on the list for anyone’s lips, especially those with dry lips. They come in a funky circular container and are safe for anyone to use. Free from petroleum and paraben, they leave your lips smooth without the mess.

EOS lip balm products come in a variety of mixtures. Shimmer, organic, and active protection among the many varieties. They also come in many fruit and other tasty flavors. EOS make it the ideal lip balm for everyone. These products can be found at most any department or grocery store (see:, or online at and

Burt’s Bees Lip Balms

The original Burt’s Bees beeswax lip balm is a 100% natural lip balm, containing beeswax and vitamin E. They have a hint of peppermint to make the lip balm feel as cool as it leaves your lips. These all natural lip balm products leave your lips smooth and replenished. The award winning products can be found at any department or grocery store.

Back to School – Yummy Supplies!

This video is of eight ‘DIY’ Back to School Supplies! The twist on this video is that all the supplies are edible! They’re perfect for pranking friends, freaking out your teachers, or curbing that hunger during class! Let’s get started.

Edible Crayons!


  • Jello Mix


  • Straws


  • Duct Tape

First, make the jello, then pour it into the mold, let it set, sharpen it, and voila!

Pencil Shavings!


  • Brazil Nuts


  • Pencil Sharpener


  • Sharp Knife

Using a knife, trim the nut down so it will fit into the hole in your sharpener. After that, just sharpen it! Make sure your sharpener is clean, though!

Eraser Pen!


  • Musk Stick


  • Sharp Knife


  • Eraser Pen (Without the eraser, of course!)

Simply trim down the stick, place it in your eraser pen and start snacking!

Gum Eraser!


  • Any pencil


  • Scissors


  • Hubba Bubba Bubble Gum

Simply dig out the eraser from your pencil, then cut a piece of bubble tape gum and roll it up, then squish it into the back of your pencil where the eraser should be!

Edible Sharpies!


  • Food Dye Pens


  • Paint


  • Sharpie


  • Cool Ade

All you have to do to make these is paint your food dye pens, write the word ‘Sharpie’ on them, then, suing a syringe and your Cool Ade, flavor the tips!

Gummy Eraser!


  • Gelatin


  • Food Coloring


  • Condensed Milk

Mix ingredients, pour into a mold, let it set, then trim it to the right shape and there you have it, a gelatin eraser!

Drinkable Glue!


  • Elmer’s Glue Bottle


  • Glucose Syrup


  • OR


  • Vanilla Yogurt

Simply pour out the glue, wash the bottle really well, then pour in the glucose or, for a white glue bottle, pour in the vanilla yogurt.

Yummy Glue Stick!


  • Starbursts


  • Non-Toxic Glue Stick

Clean all the glue out of the stick, stamp all your starbursts in and voila! You’re done!

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Jennifer Walden Is Named One Of the World’s Best Plastic Surgeons

The popularity of cosmetic surgery procedures has been increasing over time. Going under the knife is still one of the best ways to improve the appearance of your face and body. Every year more and more people are deciding that this is the right decision for themselves. There is a short list of doctors who are thought to be amongst the world’s plastic surgery elite. In the world of plastic surgery, there are 1.6 million procedures performed each year and the clients who can get their procedure done by a doctor like Jennifer Walden are truly fortunate. In the state of Texas, she is the top ranked plastic surgeon. She trained in New York City but decided to relocate because she wanted to be close to family. She can perform a wide range of procedures but she has pioneered the labioplasty which as increased the happiness and relationship satisfaction of many women in America already.

Jennifer Walden is a Texas native. She was born in Austin to parents in the medical industry. Her father was a dentist and her mother was a nurse who aided in surgeries. She went to the University of Texas where she earned a degree in biology that she would put to good use in medical school. She was accepted into the University of Texas Medical Branch and she graduated as the salutatorian.

Jennifer then received the chance to do her fellowship in the field of aesthetic surgery at the Manhatten Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital in New York. there she got to work with Dr. Sherrel Aston. She worked hard there and after completing her fellowship she ran her own clinic in New York City. She was always on the cutting edge of plastic surgery and performed clinical trials to bring silicon breast implants back to the world. She decided to return to Texas after she gave birth to twin boys. She finally opened up how own practice in Westlake Hills where she currently resides. Clients from around the world will fly down to Texas to receive plastic surgery from Jennifer Walden because of her reputation for being the best.

Consolidated Online Reputation Management Software

Online Reputation Defender is integral to modern operation, but it is also something that can be very time consuming. Between Google, Yelp, Yahoo, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, and any of a thousand other agencies vying for marketing dominance, there are a lot of places where a review of a given product or service can be posted. Chasing them all down takes time. It’s a lot better if there’s some software option which can search the internet for its user and return with a pile of sites that feature new reviews. RWS, Retailer Web Services announced this very software on August 23rd, 2016.
Called WebFronts Review, RWS has created a software platform that consolidates reviews from across the internet and makes them available in one place. Responses can be generated at the click of a mouse. Automated messages that have feedback inciters attached via link can be composed in a way individual to a given retailer. Whether carpeting, appliances, furniture, or any other independent retailing product or service, there are template responses which exist in addition to compositions solely the creative license of a given company. Responses for negative and positive reviews can be sent automatically, saving hours of time. Additionally, when a good review is posted somewhere it can be automatically shared on a company’s website through WebFronts Review. Furthermore, this software can also share such reviews on popular social media sites.

Programs like WebFront Review are becoming more numerous as online reputation management gains understanding. Beyond understanding, it is increasingly evident that the internet and applications involved with the internet are integral to modern business operation. Businesses that don’t upgrade very soon face the prospect of stagnating into obscurity. Everyone looks to the web for their information today. Whether for their love life, their spiritual life, their professional life, or their entertainment life, web services are ubiquitous and only becoming more closely allied to the core of modern interactions. The company that can ride this tide successfully will reap the fruit of their efforts in quantities that may just become exponential over time. The company that doesn’t learn how to navigate online reputation management is in serious trouble.


The Success and Greatness of IAP Worldwide Services

The IAP Worldwide Services website states that the company was originally founded in 1953 as Pan Am World Services. The first big project of the company was a commission by the government to build, develop, and operate shuttle services at Cape Canaveral, Florida. That was just the beginning. Over the next several decades, it expanded to provide full maintenance support for a wide range of industries. In the process, it has become the dominant supplier and operator of both military and commercial facilities in the world. Since those early days the company has been shaping the future of the world.

The company mission is to help their clients solve their problems via the latest in technology, expertise, and ingenuity. Through these tools, they give each case their complete and undivided attention. In fact, IAP considers their client’s problems to be their problems. IAP Worldwide Services is focused with a sole concentration on our goals. IAP is agile and flexible, able to provide critical problem solving and solutions for just about any problem. IAP is more than just willing to do all of this with the best intentions, but is more capable of problem solving than any other organization on earth.

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Kaye Scholer Represents Lender Group in IAP Worldwide Restructuring

You can know that this is true because IAP has a huge list of very loyal clients who love what IAP is doing. And it isn’t just the leadership of these client companies. Everyone in these companies shares in this love and admiration because IAP places high emphasis on building relationships with and utilizing the expertise of each employee with a client company. IAP Worldwide Services also continues to work with the U.S. government. It supports its work in an array of areas, both here and abroad in any situation required, including military administrative assistance.

It also assists in various humanitarian and disaster relief efforts. In such cases it specializes in providing emergency power and medical supplies. These efforts have been especially effective when IAP has engaged with them-which is frequently. These projects have and often still do drastically change many, many lives for the better. It currently possesses hundreds of millions of dollars in various U.S. government contracts. It is currently officially called IAP Worldwide Services. Today, you will find IAP headquartered in Irmo, South Carolina. From this headquarters it manages more than 1,600 employees and operates offices in 20 countries around the globe. Although it is already huge, IAP continues to grow and to develop its already world-class services.

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