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The old clock tower downtown has been upgraded to an LED scrolling marquee of time and temperature. Analog radio has been superseded by several platforms, and house phones are a thing of the past. The entire world is shared in the interconnectivity of the digital era. Information can be instantly sent anywhere in the world in the blink of an eye. So what’s online pretty much defines who you are and how others will form their opinions about you and your company. Study after study continues to back up the notion that just a single smudge on a company’s online profile can drastically decrease sales and sway away potential buyers. It’s been statistically proven that such impacts could hit companies so hard that they can find it difficult to recover. Which brings me to my next point. Online Reputation Management (ORM) Strategist do exist and their sole purpose is to ensure your company goes unscathed by negative digital publicity.

No matter how unfortunate it may seem. There are competitors that play in the dirt and purposefully make malicious attacks toward your online reputation. As we learned, even a drop of negative publicity can spell disaster, which is why an ORM is almost a necessity for any business to ensure their good name remains untarnished as they grow, develop, and expand.

Washing Your Digital Dirty Laundry
There’s no need to let negative reviews and comments hurt your business, especially when they can be resolved. Luckily, The Search Fixers exist and are here to combat negative publicity to protect your good online reputation and keep your competitors at bay. The Search Fixers actively watch and surveil your company’s online presence hungrily on the prowl for anything that could negatively impact your company, ready to put their fixing powers to work in the blink of an eye. With their strong passion and experienced team, The Search Fixers reputation management service works by taking the helm of your digital media connections.

Fortunately, The Search Fixers are around and ever so eager to fix bad reviews. Don’t take my word for it, do some research and contact this online reputation repair services firm now. The Search Finders tale you step by step while helping identify the source of the negativity. By identifying the source that’s damaging your online reputation, you can start to repair the damage. You’d be surprised at the difference it can make in sales, knowing your online presence isn’t being poisoned by the haters.Contact The Search Finders enjoy benefits and discounts all while keeping your online reputation smudge-free.

NutriMost Sues Over Stealing Of Promotional Video

NutriMost, one of the nation’s fastest growing lifestyle diet is suing a rival company for unauthorized use of one of NutriMost’s promotional videos. The promotional video in question was used by the company Healthy Living for several months and appears to be taken off of the Healthy Living website. NutriMost did send a “cease and desist” letter through their lawyer in September to Healthy Living before resorting to legal action.

When viewed by the court, the video was the exact same as the one used for promoting NutriMost except the saying “NutriMost” was replaced by the words “Can’t Lose Diet”. Even the testimonials of NutriMost patients were left in the video. This included the testimonial of NutriMost founder, Dr. Ray Wisniewski. The NutriMost company is seeking to ban any further broadcasts of NutriMost promotional items by Healthy Living and a judgement of 300,000.00 dollars for damages to the NutriMost name and reputation.

NutriMost is a unique weight loss program designed for long term lifestyle change. The initial stage involves meeting with a NutriMost doctor for a body composition scan. The scan is painless and will show any health issues involved in impeding weight loss. The scan also measures body mass index, fat and water percentage.

After the scan is complete, the doctor will go over the results and formulate a list of foods that will help the patient lose weight initially and keep it off for the long term. There are no special diets, pills, increased exercise, or prepackaged foods to purchase. This plan is customized per patient and for long term weight maintenance. Patients using the NutriMost system will continue to be seen by the Doctor during the time the patient is on the program. NutriMost can also be repeated by the patient for even greater weight loss.

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Squaw Valley is the Best Resort

People that are trying to find a nice vacation spot at may consider what the Squaw Ski Valley Resorts has to offer. This is one largest resorts in the California area, and there are a ton of things to do. The Lake Tahoe and Squaw Valley experience is like nothing else on the west coast. Vacationers that want a summer of exploration on the mountains can certain benefit from a vacation to Squaw Ski Valley.

The great thing about this location is that there are a lot of different tracks regardless of your level of experience on the slopes. There are classes for beginners that want to learn how to ski. There are also some nice slopes for the experienced skiers as well. This is why many people enjoy coming to this spot.

Many people that come to this location will notice that there are a lot of restaurants and shops in the village. Vacationers tend to be a real fan of this type of area because it is all-inclusive. There is an Olympic museum on the premises. There is a high camp that promises great adventures for the youth. This is an area that is designed that is designed to have everything that one needs in order to make bring an interesting trip into focus.

The great thing is that there is also a place to relax if you are interested in having a relaxing vacation. This is such a wonderful spot to consider taking in the views and see the mountains. The lodging areas here at Squaw Valley also provide people with spacious rooms, fireplaces in the lounge and a friendly staff that is interested in making sure that you have the best time.

The condos here are great, and restaurants are awesome. There will be no need to leave the premises once someone comes to the Squaw Valley Ski Resort. The trams make it easy to get around, and the shops are quaint little areas for people to collect gear and trinkets that they may not find anywhere else.

Families that decide to vacation here will find that there are a lot of activities available for the children. This is what makes a lot of people select this resort. They don’t have to get to this spot and wonder what they are going to find for their children when they get here. There are endless activities available.

The Key Facts Influencing Kyle Bass’ Appraisal Of Chinese Markets

There are two main things which seem to substantiate Bass’ claims about China’s soon-to-fail economy. He doesn’t think it will be an “Armageddon” moment, but he does believe it will result in a necessary buyout of some variety on behalf of Chinese banks. The two main facts which seem to back this up are the doubling of company defaults since last year–they’ve more than doubled, in fact–and the corporate debt contraction of the country, which reached an all-time peak in May of 2016.

Both of these are indicators of a possible collapse, or implosion; but they aren’t definite indicators. Bass has predicted the same since before either indicator were available to examine. In 2015, October, he began his rhetoric pertaining to the possibility of Chinese implosion. As of July, 2016, that implosion has yet to happen. Several months ago, Bass predicted that there would be an economic downturn similar to America’s in 2008 (though he said there wouldn’t be a “Lehman Brothers Moment”). Bass said this downturn would come within two or three years, but there was a “forty to fifty percent” likelihood it would hit in 2016. Forty percent is less than half, or less than binary; or less than the flip of a coin. What Bass implied accidentally is that there is a fifty to sixty percent chance China’s economy won’t face downturn this year.

Later, in a UsefulStooges report, Bass said that if China allowed their currency to experience depreciation “materially”, it would be one of the best times in history to invest in Asian markets.

This all is very conflicting, and seems to indicate Bass has a manipulative aim behind his words. Fringe investors who have capital, but a lack of experience, may be spooked enough to withdraw investments for several years, helping Bass’ prophecy become the self-fulfilling variety.

This wouldn’t be out of character for Bass, who regularly manipulates American markets legally. Consider CAD, the Coalition for Affordable Drugs, which uses public sympathy to force price-drops on pharmaceuticals, decimating their stock value and curtailing R&D funds while Bass skips away millions richer. If he’s willing to do that to sick people, what’s he willing to do to healthy investors?

Steven Murray – Combined Business Understanding with a Philanthropic Spirit

Stephen Murray, former president and CEO of CCMP Capital, passed away at the age of 52 on March 12th, 2015. Murray was a successful business executive who was admired by many. Murray earned an economics degree from Boston College as well as an MBA from Columbia Business School before embarking on his incredibly successful career as a private equities executive.

Upon graduating from Boston College in 1984, Murray went to work for Manufacturers Hanover Trust Co. in New York. Murray quickly rose through the ranks and became vice president of middle-market lending.

Murray continued to stay with Manufacturers Hanover Trust Co., which after a number of mergers, eventually became CCMP, a capital equities firm that invests $100 to $500 million dollars for each transaction. Some of the firms that CCMP Capital has worked with include Cabela’s, Inc. Quizno’s Corp., and Warner Chilcott Plc. Murray was named CEO of CCMP Capital in 2007.

Murray also had time for volunteer and philanthropic endeavors. He served on the boards of well-known and well-respected successful companies including AMC Entertainment, Aramark, The Vitamin Shoppe, and Pinnacle Foods. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

But Murray’s contributions don’t end there. Steven Murray also has a philanthropic spirit. He wasn’t just involved in giving back to organizations in which he was personally involved such as Boston College and Columbia Business School, but he also was also concerned with helping those in need.

This was evident from his support of both The Make a Wish Foundation of Metro New York and The Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County. Furthermore, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital recognized the importance of funding the arts with his support of the Stamford Museum.

Stephen Murray, successful businessman, husband, and father gave his time and his talent to all of the things he felt were important. In addition to succeeding in the world of big business, Murray was married and raised four sons with his wife Tami.

Surviving a Hack in Business

Pretty much anyone that is involved with technology on any level is vulnerable to being hacked. When accounts get hacked, a lot of damages can be caused to the account holder. This is why it is important to make sure that every account is protected. Among the people that have been hacked is Doe Deere, the owner of Lime Crime. Doe Deere has been hacked by Richard Prince, 66, who works at Gagosian Gallery. The artist has taken a screenshot of the image that Doe Deere has tweeted to a friend. He has made a few tweaks to the text and printed out a 48 by 65 copy.

Of course hacking and theft is not a pleasurable experience. However, it is not surprising that anyone would want to steal an image or likeness of someone like Doe Deere. She is very artistic in her self presentation. She experiments with different looks in order to find a look that she is satisfied with. She is very creative with the looks that she puts together. It is perhaps this creativity that brings out the hackers and the rip offs. Doe Deere definitely presents a unique image to her audience.

Doe Deere not only presents a unique image, but she also encourages others to find their unique image. Her company makes it possible for people to find their own look with high quality make up that does not run, Her make up can be applied without any type flaws. The make up stays in place and looks very smooth. Customers present images of them using the make up in order to show examples of a great look that is put together with creativity and artistry. In fact, Doe Deere has gotten her start by showing make up as it would look when applied on a person as opposed to showing it on a blank piece of paper.

Doe Deere and her friend Joseph Mckenny are taking this incident very well. They understand that with their success is going to come imitators and even people that are going to try to steal their work.

Losing Customers? You May Need To Fix Bad Search Results

Today’s Business

As a business owner today having a good online reputation is basically a requirement to succeed. The challenges that business’s face are that of new age of technology.

Customer Relationships

The service customers receive has become the burden for a business as there is always the possibility of a customer that is just hard to please. The past theory of simple transactions may not always be as beneficial as building relationships. Relationship building has become a new strategy to building a solid client base as well as positive reviews.

Online Platforms

In today’s world the internet has become the new source for all information. Consumers know that they have an impact on service they receive by reviewing a business on an online platform. Either positive or negative business’s have the new challenge of their online reputation.

Online Business Review

If a business is reviewed online negatively, how do they recover? One comment can lead to a reply or even someone sharing the review, and now what used to be word of mouth in the neighborhood, has now reached an unlimited number of people.

Online Reputation Management

Time spent on a business should be focused on developing and growing the business, taking time to fix bad reviews could become time consuming and counterproductive. Having a management company monitor the business’s online reviews can provide a safety net to the health of the company.

SEO Specialists

The Search Fixers is a company that specializes in SEO Management. They are able to monitor online positive and/or negative reviews about your company and fix search results. This is the new type of online makeover that companies need to ensure a positive presence online.

How Does It Work

When a company is rated negatively online it also becomes part of the search engine for the company. The Search Fixers are able to hide the negative review from the search engine keeping the company from negative online press.

Fix my online reputation!

The Search Fixers support companies in their online presence success. If your company is having difficulty in overcoming negative online press or reviews, The Search Fixers are ready to help you get your company back into positive marketing/search status.



Simply Fabulous Shopping

Shopping online has lots of benefits such as automation of payments as well delivery of ordered products, efficient customer service and convenience of shopping from any location. JustFab brings all this and much more to every customer’s needs! Whether you’re looking for a fabulous celebrity and runway style or something simple, JustFab offers it all with a price anyone can afford. Let’s not forget about the wonderful customer service you receive if you call in with an questions or concerns. Every time I’ve placed an order through JustFab, it has been fantastic. It’s easy to find what you’re looking for on their website.

The quality is spot on and if you ever have to return something, it is a quick and easy process. They have a huge selection, not just shoes and bags, but denim and accessories as well. They constantly have sales and promotions and contests through social media that are super fun, a great community page and an active Facebook page where you can see tons of real life pictures of all the goodies!

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At JustFab, members receive the celebrity treatment each month as they choose from a customized selection of shoes, jeans, handbags, and other accessories, which are handpicked by personal stylists. One of the great perks of JustFab is when you refer your friends, you can earn credits towards free items. As a member of JustFab, you can take advantage of many of the great sales they offer throughout the year.

To help women everywhere harness their inner-diva, JustFab has cultivated a fashion community a month JustFab style experts and JustFab members through the brand’s Facebook page, Twitter feed, Pinterest, Instagram, and Google+. With over 11 million members and growing, JustFab successfully combines fashion, interaction, and fun. You won’t regret giving it a try!

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