The Latest Advances in Visual Search Recognition

Text search boxes are a staple of the internet. It is how we connect to places on the web. But recent advances in image recognition software may make s big difference in this area. Websites like the Pinterest social network and the online shoe store are testing new methods of performing searches using just images.

A technique called deep learning has made the changes possible. It enables software to match humans when it comes the act of image and product recognition. The new technology is spearheading Google’s image search and photo recognition site it recently launched.

Pinterest’s new tool allows you to draw a box around an image on their website in order to search for similar items from an index of over a billion stored images. A example would be to box a coffee maker seen in a photo of a kitchen. The visual search produces several similar items, including an exact match.

Some search results on Pinterest produce images with buying buttons. The feature is also included in their mobile app. Pinterest believes visual search can become indispensable because of deep learning’s accuracy. Still, the software is not perfect. Experts think that only after the masses have tried visual search will we know how much of an impact it will have on online searches. is using the deep learning advances in another manner. You click on a visual filter button and you get 12 styles of boots from a catalog of 7,000. When you pick one closest to what you desire you get a selection of another 11 you might like. says the new feature increases sales, and they might expand it beyond boots.

Slyce is a leading visual search recognition company. It is headquartered in Toronto Canada. It was launched in 2013. Slyce develops visual search recognition software based around mobile smart phones.

Large retailers use Slyce’s software to connect its online stores with mobile phone users who take pictures of products that can be searched out and purchased through Slyce’s apps. 

Maduro Welcomes Talks With Kerry

Proposed high level talks were announced by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, according to Corporation Wiki, in an attempt to diffuse diplomatic hostilities between the United States and Venezuela dating back to the administrations of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and U.S. President George W. Bush.
Stated in an article by Leslie Wroughton on June 14, 2016, “Kerry said the talks would start immediately in Caracas and be led by Thomas Shannon, a veteran of U.S. diplomacy in the region.” Venezuela’s worsening economy stalled talks last year.

“I’ve committed to see if this can work so let’s see if we can improve the relationship,” Kerry said to reporter Ms. Luque yesterday.

Welcoming the proposed talks, Maduro suggested restoring ambassadors to each country’s capitals. The ambassadors have been gone for 8 years since Chavez removed the U.S. envoy to Venezuela. Maduro claimed that he was ready for this to happen as the U.S. has ambassadors in several major world cities, but doesn’t have one in Caracas.

I Love To Blog About The Hot Styles On The JustFab Website

Blogging is a daily task that I take on, but it’s not always as fun as I would like it to be. I allow people to leave me their opinions, and I started getting a lot of negative opinions about the clothes that I was wearing. How embarrassing is it for a fashion blogger who criticizes others about wearing the wrong clothes to be criticized herself? I knew I needed to do something different, especially since summer is approaching, and that’s when people start to take more notice in what others are wearing. I wear a lot less in the summer because I blog from home but still will go out on the road to look for fashion designs to photograph every day.

I would normally shop at the local stores, but I’m in such a small town that they didn’t always have the fashions that I wanted. I looked online and after some searching discovered that JustFab would be the best site for me. I was able to prove that buying products from JustFab is best because I bought five outfits and wore them each day and took pictures to put them on my website. I got so many compliments on my clothing, and many people started asking about my outfits. I told everyone I would keep it a secret until the time came.

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JustFab Summer Shop

I would tantalize my readers every day with different summer look, and people just started going crazy, repeatedly writing to ask about my clothes. I finally let it be known that I shop on the JustFab website and became a member, which got me discounts to buy even more clothing. I have continued going to the JustFab website to buy clothes for summer, and I literally can go through the entire summer with a different outfit each day because I’ve shopped so much. I can’t forget the shoes either because I paired up a different pair of shoes to each outfit.

I love how JustFab has everything organized and allows me to purchase clothing, handbags, jewelry, and shoes, and I never have to pick one over the other, especially if I’m worried about shipping costs. I could buy as many items as I want and still get the shipping given to me for free, and that’s particularly what I love about the JustFab website. My membership fee is only $39.95, and no one can beat the fashion that the website has available. I only hope that I can continue presenting great clothing to my blog readers, which hasn’t been a problem since I only buy from JustFab now. I’ve even had giveaways to present a JustFab membership to my readers because I want everyone to have a great summer look.

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Summer Stiles That Are JustFab

If you still haven’t signed up with JustFab, you are right on time for some of the hottest summer trends and as a new VIP member you will get your first style for only $10! Signing up is quick, easy and personalized to fit your individual style. You will get to choose from different items and help the JustFab team to build a style profile which will be used to select your monthly style. Check your boutique each month and if you aren’t totally happy with the style for that month you have the option to “skip” and your card will not be charged.

When I logged on and took a peek at my boutique for June I just had to make sure to mention JustFab once again. The chambray shirt jumpsuit instantly put me in the mood for a lazy day on the beach. The Fergey wedges had to be the cutest things I’ve seen yet this season and I honestly could not stop toggling through the totes because there are just too many that I really need to add to my collection.

I forgot to mention the best part about signing up with the JustFab VIP membership, you seriously are given the exclusive VIP only buy one get one free deal! If I recall correctly I do think that you will need to act fast, the deal is so hot that you will need to put your order in within 24 hours of signing up for JustFab.

I think I am going to go take a look at the totes one more time now on that I’ve figured out exactly what all I’ll be needing to carry around the beach with me this summmer (I hope) – maybe I can rule out a few since I am apparently not a light traveler.


Conditioning, Moisturizing Fig WEN

When writer for Bustle test drove WEN Hair cleansing conditioner so you didn’t have to, she came up with some interesting results. The writer and tester has fine hair, and used the extra intensive moisturizing version of WEN called Fig. She really loved how shiny and vibrant the WEN made her hair and would have maybe chosen a more lightweight WEN for her fine hair. She extra moisture in the Sephora Fig version of WEN hair was maybe a bit too much for the fine texture of her hair, as evidenced in the pictures in her Bustle Review:

However, the weight of the product could have just been her getting used to the sulfate free cleansing conditioner. In typical shampoo products, sulfates are what strips the hair of dirt, grime and product but it also strips out the natural oils in the hair. The writer was waking up with what she felt like were greasy roots, but possibly these are just her natural hair oils that she was unused to seeing with a stripping shampoo.

WEN claims that it is much healthier for the hair to be coated in it’s natural oils. The natural oils are what helps to protect the hair shaft, maintain shine and keep it soft and bouncy. All of these claims and Amazon customer reviews were found to be truth from experiencing the test as the writer found her hair to be bouncier, softer, shinier and easier to manage. Visit Guthy-Renker to know more about Wen.

One great thing about Wen hair is that it streamlines the shampoo/condition/and styling experience into one easy step, one cleanse. The cleansing conditioner is all of these things at once. Of course there are other WEN products that can be used in conjunction with the WEN cleansing conditioner but the WEN keeps the hair in such good shape that you don’t really need one.

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Visit WEN Hair Care profile page on Facebook.

How Dick DeVos is of Benefit to Young Michigan Aviators

The West Michigan Aviation Academy has emerged as the premier flying school in Michigan. Founded by Dick and Betsy DeVos, its mission was to avail a meticulous all-round program in the aviation industry to aspiring aviators. This rigorous educational program is meant to prepare the students for limitless opportunities such as university achievement and career success. Since opening doors in 2010 at the Gerald Ford International Airport, the institution has nurtured the flying careers of hundreds of students.

The founding couple has always had a passion for flying. Starting the institution was therefore the best way of actualizing their dream of seeing more young people take up the vocation. The first batch of 80 students was accommodated in a modest renovated office. Development plans were put in place and this has seen the school register impressive growth. At the moment, it is one of the largest flying schools in Michigan. This impressive growth is attested to by the fact that during 2012-2014 academic year, more than 240 students were admitted. This impressive growth has led to spatial and curriculum expansion with WMAA currently having a capacity of 500 students.

Student Life

The school offers students an opportunity to learn in a friendly environment. Basically, it is meant for learners that have an interest in aviation alongside science, technology and engineering. Their interest is cultivated together with core values such as respect, belief and transparency. These are important values that DeVos himself stands for. Learning is tuition free since WMAA is one of the ways that DeVos uses to give back to the society. To make the learning experience more fulfilling, students are accorded the opportunity to undertake field trips and job shadows.

Due to the school’s vantage location, the young aviators have access to state-of-the-art airport facilities like the control tower, aircraft rescue, and airline and freight operations. This in essence is a hands-on learning approach. Life skills such as communication, decision making, team building, problem solving and critical thinking have also been incorporated in the curriculum to make graduates all round. In addition, it prepares them for their future careers. The founder has been part and parcel of the institution’s success and oversees its day to day operations.

Visit Dick DeVos LinkedIn account for more info.

Getting Summer Style Essentials Right with JustFab

It can be rough for anyone trying to figure out what to wear in summer. Being a time for socializing and enjoying picnics in the park, summer need outfits that match the mood. To ensure maximum breeziness, you need to think strategically about where to get the best summer outfits.

JustFab is one of the few stores that will provide you with an amazing collection of colors and styles that suit your personal summer style.

Loose Fitting Tops

The JustFab’s vast collection of loose fitting tops is among the top staples that should not miss in any summer closet. The lace details as well as the crochet enhancements give these tops breathtaking vibe that not only give the desired boho look but also suit the flowy silhouettes.

If you love flowy tops with tight-fitting bottoms, then JustFab is the place to go to: their jeggings collection provide the perfect match for any bohemian top that you can think about.

Rear Accessories

JustFab is also endowed with tones of amazing accessories in their summer line. Irrespective of the style you are into this year, JustFab has the accessories to match every taste.

Plus Size Collection

Unlike other fashion retails, JustFab caters for all client sizes, including the plus size community. Apart from their unique collections of handbags, shoes, jewelry, and denim, they have plus size stables and essentials at pocket friendly price points. Their plus size collection includes creative casuals and essential basic outfits that anyone can mix and match to create their desired capsule summer wardrobe look.  Learn more: and

Personalized Shopping

According to ShoeDazzle, JustFab also provides a unique shopping experience that gives its clients access to celebrity stylists and trendy picks. Every woman prefers latest fashion trends irrespective of their budgets or schedules. JustFab makes such dreams a reality by combining the convenience of online shopping with the luxury of having a personal fashion exper –

They have a team of style experts who handpick a selection of personalized accessories to ensure that their clients remain trendy. They avail the hottest bags, shoes, jewelry, and other accessories at a fabulous value. What’s more, they provide free shipping and allow for exchanges.

Whether you are looking for a cute summer dress or just a simple festival outfit, JustFab provides you with an opportunity to make the most of your summer days and nights with any of their gorgeous collections. Their creative and inspirational styles will help you transition easily from summer boardrooms and after-hours cocktails.