Online Reputation Management: Why It’s Important For You & Your Business


In today’s world, we rely solely on the internet for endless things. One thing in recent years that has become increasingly popular is online reputation management. Most businesses have websites and social media presences but the importance of keeping their feedback positive is crucial to the success of the company. In a recent article, it discusses how reviews and comments featured on a website can make or break the business.

In this article, it talks about how much is truly riding on customer feedback. What people say or comment online spreads like wildfire with all the social media today. Having positive feedback about your business online will help you to remain successful. You may have little to no time to bounce back from a bad review once it goes viral. This could put a hold on any success you were having before the feedback was made. In this case, it will be easy for your competitors to earn some points with the public, for not having these comments on their business. The frustrating part is that you have zero control over what can and cannot be said about your company or product.

One thing you can turn to is internet reputation repair service The Search Fixers, if your company has experienced a recent comment or feedback that has given you a bad reputation. Their online reputation repair services will fix any negative words or comments that are in association with your company. This service will help you regain your reputation back by burying the feedback that ruined or changed your business recently. This is a great alternative for anyone struggling with an angry customer or client. At a reasonable rate, you can say goodbye to the negativity and focus on the future of your business.

Online Reputation Management is very important if you want to keep customers coming back and new customers intrigued. Word of mouth through social media and on websites is so huge right now- people rely on product reviews for almost everything! As long as you are paying attention to how the world views your business, you can keep things under control. But, if for some reason, negativity approaches your business, the reputation management consultants at The Search Fixers are always available to give you your good name back.

Venezuela’s Violated Airspace Raises Alarm

Venezuela’s airspace was violated on May 11th and the 13th by a US Boeing 707 E-3 Sentry. President Maduro spoke of this airplane on Latino Show on Tuesday and how it had all the components of an “espionage” plane.
Us Air force information does state that the airplane has the capability to feedback pictures to the user and the radar to detect enemy missiles and aircraft. These incidents have now sparked rumors that the US is covertly spying on the nation of Venezuela.

In light of these rumors from Luque and right wing Venezuelan politicians are actively demanding military be used against President Maduro’s political office. In a recent interview right wing political leader Henrique Capriles Radonski has put a call out for the “tanks and war planes”. President Maduro has asked for a formal charge filed against the US government regarding Venezuela’s violated airspace.

The Head of State for Venezuela has confirmed that a complaint will be delivered. There has been no statement issued yet on the US side regarding these matters.



Old And New Exfoliation Methods Video Tutorial By Wengie

The job of exfoliation is surprisingly difficult. Many mainstream cosmetic products and old-world remedies can get the job of clearing skin done. The secret is to find the exfoliation treatment that is right for a particular skin type.

According to Wengie, a widely-known cosmetic and skin treatment expert, exfoliations should be performed only 1-3 times each week. Many people think that everyday exfoliation is ideal, but skin health demands a more moderate approach. Exfoliation techniques also factor-in skin dryness, age, an elasticity.

Wengie’s six most recommended exfoliants are herbal commercial scrubs like St. Yves Apricot scrub, Futiderm Cream, Aqua peel gels, peel masks, hot and wet thick weave towels, and the Konjac Sponge.

Wengie is a YouTube sensation who loves informing the viewing public about notable skin and beauty products that should not be ignored. This Aussie/Filipino bombshell has an electrifying personality, and connects intimately with her fans. Her video commentaries range from dating tips and wardrobe enhancement, to practical advice like finding the perfect skin exfoliant to restore all skin types.

St Yves scrubs are very easy to use and do not damage skin. Futiderm Cream is a chemical peel that produces Hollywood results, but should only be used on certain skin types. Aqua peel gels are an Asian favorite gel that forms a smooth rubbery layer on any skin of the body, and can be peeled away while removing blackheads and oil. Peel masks work in the same way as the gel peels, but are washed rather than pulled. Hot towels are a traditional beauty trick that use the fibers in good cotton weaves to scrub pores, as steam and hot water relaxes skin. Lastly, the Konjac Sponge is similar to a charcoal stone that can provide a DIY dermabrasion treatment at home.

Wengie personally uses all of these exfoliation methods for her trouble skin. She always has a beautiful appearance in every beauty advice video post, and she is quick to attribute her look to these products.


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Salubrious Dog Meals with Beneful Dog Food

Having a healthy dog or a puppy, as a pet is a source of great joy, I would never imagine my sturdy dog weakened due to the wrong dogs’ food. Always ensuring quality and healthy food for my dog is a routine am less willing to drop if I still want those beautiful glares from my little friend.

Beneful Dog Food is a brand of dog foods that are healthy to the little boys. They are also of high quality making sturdy dogs. Some of the Beneful Dog Food varieties include:

  1. Beneful Wet Dog Food Chicken Stew (

This dog food is as tasty as it sounds. Serving my dog with this healthy chicken stew, I see a smile after every bite of the wholesome grains, meaty chunks, and veggies that are the ingredients to this dog meal. This meal meets nutritional requirements to raise puppies and maintain adult dogs. This dog food is accented with barley, peas, carrot, and rice.

  1. Beneful Healthy Radiance Skin and Coat Formula

This is another Beneful Dog Food variety providing balanced and complete diet and nutrition. This dog meal is made with wholesome rice, real salmon, and vegetables rich in vitamins. These nutritional ingredients give dogs a healthy body. Also equipped with omega fatty acids, the food gives the dog a limber skin and a lustrous coat. This is the right meal to feed puppies and adult dogs. The dogs’ bones are strengthened from the calcium available from this meal.

  1. Beneful Playful Life

This great dog food is made with real beef and eggs which provide the dogs with the much-needed nutrients for thriving daily. This dog meal is rich in proteins which combined with calcium gives strong bones to the dogs. Apart from its nutritional values, this dry dog food has a great taste which makes the dogs enjoy their meal time crunching the tender bites.

  1. Beneful Dry Dog Food Originals (

This variety of Beneful Dog Food is made with real salmon, which is accented with carrots, green beans, and sweet potatoes. Its nutrition is omega rich giving the dogs 100% of the nutrition they require for normal growth and development. The food also helps in the maintenance of a healthy skin and shiny coat.

Dogs fed with the right meal__ with good nutritional values, grow stronger and healthy. The risk of getting infected by diseases is lowered to a zero rate. Visit the website for more information.

Athleisure Fabletics

Athleisure Fabletics offers high-quality, fashionable clothing wearable anywhere and everywhere. Designed to transition from the gym to real life, it makes excellent Mother’s Day presents specifically tailored to your mother’s needs.

Fabletics is trendy, sexy, and breathable, the very thing you want. How does it work to get a monthly outfit? Become a VIP member, which gives you half off on 2-3 piece, $100 outfits. Log in between the 1st and the 5th of every month to “make my selection” or “skip this month.” Fabletics gives you — or your mom, if you give your mom a membership — a quiz to find out your routine activities and recommends certain clothes to you based on that information for you to “make my selection” from. After becoming a VIP member, you get free shipping.

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To cancel your membership, call 1-844-322-5384 at any time and press 4 to speak to a person about closing your account. They will offer you more outfit credit if you do not cancel and give them a little more time.

Fabletics will take returns from up to 30 days since the date of shipment. Exchange returns or returns for store credit are, of course, free. Refunds are subject to a restocking fee of $5.95.

In popular opinion, Athleisure Fabletics style rivals Lululemon, its quality competes with Gap Body, and the price resembles what you get at Target. Then, you get monthly outfits tailored expressly to your lifestyle! With all these pluses, it would be shameful to let the first, $25 deal pass. So sign up today, and get your free membership! To see samples of awesome Fabletics wear, follow this link:

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