Crossbody Bags Make This Seasons Trends List


Leather bags are a staple to any wardrobe and a style that will be everlasting. Their versatility puts it on the map every season. Their variety in color pairs it with any ensemble. Some of this seasons favorites are the Foley & Corinna Shell Snake Embossed Leather Crossbody Bag. The rich and bold red Cole Haan Mila bag. You have the delicious Charles Jourdan Vixen Flap Crossbody bag. Each one is rich with texture and color and a lot of crossbody bags are making everyone’s favorites list. Even with the “affordable” price tags it can become an expensive habit for the fashionista that wants one of everything.

You may remember JustFab from their spots on Project Runway. JustFab puts things in perspective by offering affordability but capturing the richness everyone wants from their favorite stylish crossbody bag. It is a staple item for any outfit. Just Fab makes it easy to own one of everything, as VIP members get a buy one get one free offer each time. If a member hates the bag it is always free to exchange. A bigger closet is probably in need.

Moving To NYC? Now Is The Time

Are you dreaming of moving to NYC? If you are, this is the time to do so because the real estate market is very good right now. There are lots of great properties for sale, and there are ones for rent too. All of these properties are in various sections of the region, and they all have a variety of options that you might be interested in.

Knowing What You Want In A Property

Making sure that you have an idea of what you want in a property is important. Write down different things that you want, like how many bedrooms, the budget you have in mind and the different things that you want to be close to in an area. Knowing all of this will be helpful in your search for your new property in NYC.

Town Residential Real Estate Agents Are Experienced

At Town Residential, NYC real estate agents have a lot of knowledge about the areas that you will be looking at for your new property. They know about the school systems, the best places to shop and dine at, and even the best companies to work for. Our agents do a complete and thorough job when they take you around to specific units that you might be interested in.

Our Agents Are Also There To Sell Too

If you are a seller, our agents can get your home listed and sold in a short period of time. They know how to get it ready to sell, and they can set it at a price that will move it quickly off the market. In no time, you will have your money, and you can move on to the place that you want to go.

NYC real estate is going to remain good for a while. People will see that they can buy, sell and invest at a steady stream in NYC. Be sure to contact us at Town Residential for your real estate needs, and we can assist you as soon as possible.

Helane Morrison Bringing High Standards Back

Helane Morrison and Hall Capital Partners
Helane Morrison holds several positions at Hall Capital Partners. These include:
* Managing Director
* General Counsel
* Chief Compliance Officer
* Member of the Firm’s Executive Committee 
She has a strong background in law. She is well-informed of securities, enforcement, litigation, as well as regulatory concerns. She obtained her education from the University of California. Her background is impressive and broad. Experience is an asset that enables Ms. Morrison to excel within the areas of compliance and enforcement within the corporate world.

The Corporate World
The corporate world may be experiencing some needed changes. Helane Morrison is playing a vital role within the enforcement aspect. Compliance must be enforced within these crumbled institutions. Compliance is making a powerful comeback with the help of ethical compliance officers who are bringing high standards back into the corporate world.

Rebuilding Trust
Compliance and enforcement will rebuild the trust within many corporate institutions. The global economic crisis that had hit in August, 2007 had placed a dent in the overall trust levels for many. The needed bailouts left people wondering where they could place their full trust within a financial institution. There has been an overall loss of confidence. This financial crisis had sent the American economy into a circle of chaos. It has been believed by many, unethical conduct played a role in the crash of many institutions. This type of conduct is not accepted within the corporate world. The entire trust must be rebuilt and confidence will then be restored. Americans will need to be shown that they have good reason to trust again. This will be accomplished with the help of compliance officers like Helane Morrison who are ready and willing to enforce the high standards that are needed within every corporation.

Why Having A Wikipedia Page May Be Your Smartest Business Decision Yet

Getting your name out there in a world where media is spread faster than light may seem like an easy task, however controlling the information sent out into the public may be harder than you think. Company pages can be informative but may not answer all the questions an individual may have and social media pages can often be flooded with negative comments whether they hold any truth or not. When people search for certified information Wikipedia is the first page they look at. Wikipedia is one of the most widely known sources for information on a myriad of things including people, companies, past events, TV shows, and the list goes on and on. If you make a Wikipedia page that is well written and properly formatted, it can help spread the specific information you want out there and omit the things you don’t.

For those who aren’t entirely sure what to expect Wikipedia is a giant communal encyclopedia available for free online. The collaborative aspect may seem questionable but Wikipedia is a trusted, reliable site that only allows proven, unbiased, and quality content. They have strict guidelines in place and will flag or remove any content that violates their rules or has no confirmed standing. Wikipedia pages require external links to validate the content written on your page such as articles about yourself or your company, blog posts, and even an official website.

Not only is Wikipedia widely known and used its one of the top five results that pop up in the first page of Google results. Research shows that 87% of people don’t scroll past the first page of results which means you or your company will appear at the top of the page with the Wikipedia tag. This can help with branding, reputation, and exposure by creating attention within the first couple of lines after being searched.

Not every business owner or person is a writer which can create a bit of a headache if its not your forte. The Wikipedia writers for hire at Get Your Wiki can help ease the tension of Wikipedia business page creation. These veteran writers have been helping edit, correct, and create Wikipedia pages for years. Don’t let the stress of writing stop you from getting the exposure and presence you need to succeed.

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Pet Owners Seeking High Quality Selections in Pet Food

A recent article in the Daily Herald illustrates how pet food producers are responding to consumers who want their pets to have a more human-like eating experience. You may wonder what that means! Well, despite having to pay a little more – pet owners first of all desire quality, and that means fresh ingredients with a minimum of preservatives. And stockpiling kibble in warehouses where they tend to lose their flavor and texture has obviously been a concern for consumers.

The pet food industry is responding as each would desire a greater market share of this $23.7 billion industry. So be prepared to find more gluten free, organic, grain free, refrigerated and gourmet blend dog food on pet store shelves. Purina has entered the competition in a unique way by purchasing Merrick Pet Care, who were the first to produce certified organic wet and dry pet food. With this acquisition Purina will expand on the company’s BackCountry line which features wildlife recipes such as “Game Bird” and “Pacific Catch”. Some pet owners are trending to feeding their furry friends foods most often found in the wild.

Beneful has been especially responsive to the “pet food experience” trend with its own line of wet dog food that boasts simmered or roasted real meat recipes. Imagine your own family recipe of simmered beef, barley, carrots, wild rice and spinach – that same dish is available for your pet in resealable, ten ounce tubs for refrigeration. Beneful simmered chicken medley, reminiscent of a home-style chicken and wild rice dish, features simmered chicken with green beans, carrots and wild rice.

Dogs may enjoy these human-like eating experiences because they have a super-sized sense of smell. As a matter of fact it is their strongest sense, while a dog’s taste is limited to a few specifics, like sour, salty, bitter or sweet. This may explain why dirty socks and shoes are so darn delicious to dogs! At any rate, the pet food manufacturers are on the right track. Gone are the days where the only choices for pet food were wet and dry, beef and chicken. Beneful is offering up choice menu selections that not only smell great, but are taste tested to satisfy even the most finicky eaters.


Andy Wirth Chats About The Fight To Incorporate Olympic Valley Properties

The Reno-Gazette Journal recently published a talk with Andy Wirth about the incorporation fight in the Olympic Valley. Andy Wirth is the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski, and he has invested quite a lot of energy in his fight against incorporation. There are several different divisive issues within the incorporation battle, and this article explains how Andy views the situation in the Olympic Valley.

#1: Andy Is Against Incorporation

Andy owns a few lodges in the Olympic Valley that are rustic and beautiful. He has staff members who count on their jobs to live well, and he is pleased to have a strong snow season in 2015-2016. Andy has pointed out that the last few years have been difficult, and he does not believe that incorporation is a necessary issue at this time. He takes issue with several things the incorporation lobby would do.

#2: Higher Taxes Are Not Helpful

Andy fears higher tax rates across the Olympic Valley when incorporation takes hold. Incorporation in the Olympic Valley would put a council in place that could levy taxes on homeowners and businesses to municipal projects. The current tax structure is friendly to businesses and homeowners, and Andy is afraid that many people who cannot afford higher taxes will be pushed out of the valley.

#3: Increased Government Intrusion

Andy does not want to see a local government intruding on the operation of his businesses when he believes the area is governed well at the current time. Andy is not against incorporating in a wise manner, but he believes that the current incorporation lobby would impose government rules that are not necessary. Businesses like his ski lodges could be buried in paperwork, and local residents could be subject to building codes that are unnecessary.

#4: A Financial Threat

Andy ultimately believes that incorporation would force him to lay off some of his staff, and Andy sees a future in which incorporation could see smaller businesses closing. The economy in the valley could be destroyed, and Andy does not want to see a place that he calls his home devastated in such a fashion. Avoiding incorporation right now will help save everyone money.

Andy Wirth wants to help the Olympic Valley grow, and he does not see a reason to incorporate the valley at this time. His opinions are held by many business owners, and he wants to garner consensus instead of forcing through new regulations.