Adam Sender: Mega Art Collector Extraordinaire

Lots of people love to look at beautiful art pieces and some of them have turned into true art collectors that cherish it. One of those people is Adam Sender, 45, who over the past 20 years has put together a large collection of contemporary artwork. Now, he is one of the few mega collectors in the art world.

Sender’s Art Collection Began in 1990s

Sender began his collection in the mid-1990s. Sender is one of the art collectors who has been able to lean towards collecting art pieces from soon to be famous artists via his ability to judge their potential rise to stardom. Plus, he has done so in a fashion that is very logical in its progression.

Sender has currently decided to put part of this collection, about 500 art pieces created by 139 artists, into the Sotheby’s auctions until sometime next year in 2016. Even so, Sender has many more pieces in his collection besides the ones that will go up for sale at the auctions. All of the kinds of new and important art movements are represented in Sender’s collection such as conceptual art, Minimalism, and appropriation. He says he waits until a new artist has been working for a couple of years and then decides if it is a good idea to start buying their artwork.
Sender Has Wide Variety of Artists in his Collection

Some of the artwork he will offer up to buyers are works by artists like Keith Haring, as well as Martin Kippenberger and another modern master, Dan Flavin, as well as Cindy Sherman and Richard Prince. Some of Sender’s other items that he has collected were pieces by Adam McEwen, as well as Rashid Johnson and another young artist, Lucien Smith.

In fact, one very controversial piece of artwork that Sender has in his collection from Cindy Sherman, is a 1981 photo called Black Sheets, which shows Sherman in a daze pulling a blanket over herself while lying in her own bed. Sender says that this piece was an example of one of the first important buys he made. He paid $100,000 for it at the time, and it’s worth much more in 2015. That is an example of the talent that Sender has in seeking out and being able to determine the value of a new artist and accurately pick future masterpieces.

So, if you want to start collecting art, get some advice from someone like Adam Sender and you too could become a mega art collector.

Skout Travel Is Such A Fun Way To Play On The Skout Network

The Skout network makes it a lot more convenient for two people who are busy to talk with one another, especially if they can’t talk on the phone. Say two people are working at the same time, but they want to give each other message. Two people may go on the Skout network and talk to each other in real time, and they’ll send and receive messages back and forth, without ever disturbing those around them. Some people prefer messaging services as opposed to making phone calls because it’s not always the right time to make a phone call.

Skout isn’t only for messaging alone, but Skout has features on the network that allows people to have fun. The Skout Travel feature is something that has been raved about ever since its inclusion in the network about two years ago. Skout Travel allows those who are financially strapped to still travel to other places around the world, without worrying about a hefty bill. For only 25 Skout points, a person can use the Skout Travel feature, and they may find themselves visiting some amazing destinations around the world. Some choose to visit places in the USA while others visit international destinations.

Those who are traveling with the Skout Travel feature can also meet others that are located in the same place they travel to. So it’s possible that a Skout virtual traveler might make a friend on one of their travels, and then they can meet them in person one day. A lot of people also use the Skout Travel feature as a way to scout out different locations for future vacations, and they learn more about the destination that they want to travel to in the future. Skout Travel is very useful for anyone who wants to learn more about their country or the world at large.

Skout can also be used as a place for dating, which is what many of the users on the network are doing today. Those who use the Skout network may have found themselves a significant other, but some are still playing the field on the Skout network. Dating is incredibly easy on Skout, and a personalized search can help a person to find someone that may interest them. Someone who lives in New York City can conduct a search for another person who lives in the same city, and a Skout user can put in specific information about the type of person may want to date.

As far as searching for someone who is located in the same city, Skout has location services that can easily be turned on, and then two people from the same city can find each other on the Skout network. The location services that Skout is something that make the network extremely popular, especially among those who are looking to date or find friends locally. The Skout network has more than enough to offer anyone that joins, and joining the network is also free of charge.

My Dog Breeding Business Uses Nothing But Beneful For Our Pups

We recently started a kennel business where we can raise our bulldogs. It all started with a strong love for these animals and a desire to ensure that we had one with us at all times. These dogs also fetch a fair price on the market, so we thought we could supplement our income as well. We got our first male and female and we were excited about the journey. However, there were some things that we didn’t think about, like their nutrition. Being a breeder, it should have been the top thing on our minds.

We have always had dogs in our family, but I never gave much thought to what I fed them. We let them eat table scraps and even the occasional sweet treat. I know now that that is detrimental to their health and that dog food has the essentials vitamins and minerals that our dogs needed. So lesson learned and needed to try to do better since we were in business officially. What did I do, well I went straight to the vet. I told him that I couldn’t afford to feed them food that was $30 for a small bag, yet I wanted them to be healthy. He instructed that I feed my dogs what he feeds all his dogs, Beneful.

He said that there are a lot of brands on the market day, but few are as good as Beneful. Even some of the custom made dog foods that are raved about don’t hold a candle to Purina’s dog food. The great thing about this product line is that they have both the kibble and soft varieties to accommodate all stages of life. For us, Beneful was the soft serve dog foods that we would use most, especially since we had them for the first eight weeks of life.

I admire our vet and trust his opinion, but I wanted to do a bit of research on myself. I like that this company has been around since the 1800’s. Though Beneful’s line has only been around for about 14 years, they still had a healthy following in the market. They use whole grains in their foods, not that soy garbage that my dog turns his nose up at. It’s 100 percent natural, and boy let me tell you this was a big thing for me. I get tired of all the MSG’s and additives that are put into these foods.

Like me, there are so many other doggie parents that want only the best for their pets. I choose Beneful because they have treats and lots of varieties. I haven’t had a dog turn their nose up to it yet, and we have bred more than 100 puppies to date. I feel that it is the quality I was looking for to give these dogs a great start in life. I cannot imagine my life without Beneful on or the amazing nutrition that it provides for these little bulldogs. For me, it was the simple choice that made all the difference to my dog’s health.

Danger! Kyle Bass is Predicting Again!

Kyle Bass the founder and CEO of Hayman Capital Management is spouting a new theory in a CNBC interview, and this time his target is China. Mr. Bass claims that Chinese Banks have grown too fat, and the result will be big losses on loans. In fact, Mr. Bass is predicting that the entire Asian financial market is going to decline as a result of the hefty Chinese banking industry. He is predicting two years of trouble for Asian lenders, and he is including the Japanese in his theory.

Also, Mr. Bass claims that even though the Chinese banking industry is overweight, the Chinese government is committed to the recapitalization of its banking industry. What that means is only double digit growth will end, and if the double digit growth dies out in China, the rest of Asia will follow in its footsteps. Asian banks have grown 400 percent in less than a decade, and they have grown to four times their GDP. He claims the Chinese banks will lose all their equity, but the financial institutions of other Asian countries will bail them out.

In the same interview, apart from Asian collapse, he is still predicting that he will have his way with the patent challenges here in the United States. He claims they are bad pharmaceutical patents and he’s filed over 30 challenges against these so-called bad patents. Mr. Bass had already made his views clear on the patent challenges in different interview at Useful Stooges. He then said, he was in it for the money, and the scheme is nothing more than an opportunity to take over pharmaceutical companies when the patent challenges cause their stocks to drop.

Mr. Bass then expounds on his predictions about the oil industry, and he is bullish on oil. He claims U.S. oil production will drop one million barrels a day by next year. He says, we better hope that Iran can pump enough to cover our loss. He doesn’t believe the Saudi’s can pump out any more oil than they already are pumping. His prediction for the equity market is expecting the Federal Reserve to raise rates.

This is the same Kyle Bass who Useful Stooges reports, supports the corrupt dictatorship of Cristina Kirchner in Argentina, and supports their failure to repay their sovereign debt at the cost of fellow American financiers. It was also brought to the public’s attention in the same interview, that Kyle Bass’s support of General Motor’s in its recent litigation over fatal airbag failures is due to his own interests in General Motors. On national TV he accused motorist of being at fault for the fatalities and injuries resulting from the airbag failures due to drunkenness of the drivers.

The Madison Street Capital Value Strategy.

In the global investment banking industry, Madison Street Capital stands out for its operational focus. This banking firm offers advisory services to public and private corporates. These advisory areas include the mergers and acquisitions, financing and valuation of businesses.

Being a global investment firm, Madison Street Capital owns branches throughout Asia, America and the emerging African market. Madison Street Capital stands out from the rest due to its focus on emerging markets and economies. True to its value statement, Madison Street Capital places a very high emphasis on integrity, leadership, service and excellence in all dealings with clients.

Madison recently featured on the Today in America show, an educational program for the financially savvy viewers.

Indeed, innovation is that essential tool with which individuals and companies use to accelerate production and business. Modern business requires the input of innovative solutions and the faster a company adopts such solutions, the further they go. The trend of innovating more efficient technology prevails in all sectors of the economy.

The global financial sector had been characterized by suspicion, blame games and investor apathy ever since the financial crisis seven years ago. Industry operators have had to shape up and restructure the entire way of doing business. Today, there is more effort put towards sustainable business practice.

For a huge firm like MSC, their diversification policy into emerging markets has worked well for the company. With the American financial market still finding its feet, the distraction of unexploited markets in Africa and Asia becomes a worthy venture. As such, the firm has dedicated a significant level of investment to explore these markets. They have achieved relative success. Their clients here include governments of emerging economies seeking to privatize major sectors.

The emerging economies are much welcoming to investment banks. Case being, the need for experienced partners with extensive market knowledge prevails. Start-ups can access capital while established corporates seek investment banks to aid their diversification strategies.

Madison Street Capital has also dedicated its resources towards the financial literacy of investors. They maintain that the client must be kept in the loop of information developments within the market. Previously, bankers have always operated in secrecy and monopoly of information.

The increasing roles of investment banks have contributed to the opening up of the underbelly of most financial dealings.

Personal Injury Lawyer Dan Newlin Can Win Your Case

If you have been injured, either physically or psychologically, by a person; a vehicular accident; or any cause that was not your fault; contacting a personal injury lawyer immediately would be in your best interest. These attorney’s are specially trained in all aspects of cases such as these and know the avenue to take that will get you compensation for your injuries.

All lawyers have to be licensed within the state they practice. Once licensed, they are able to take your case to trial if it should become necessary. Building a case against the adversary in question is vital and they will strive to do so.

Attorneys such as these differ little from any other lawyer. They must attend a four year college and then go on for another four years of education in law. The only difference is that some choose to specialize in a specific area of law once they pass the bar. It could be criminal defense, divorce, medical malpractice, civil cases, and estate planning to mention but a few. Whether working for the plaintiff or the defendant, one can rest assured that these counselors will be at the top of their game.

An attorney with adequate experience can work alone or be a member of a law firm numbering 50 partners or more. Most would agree that firms with a number of lawyers will have more experience to draw on using each other for advice as needed. You may have only one barrister representing you,legal but he or she has numerous others as aid in your case.

Dan Newlin and his law offices are an excellent example of what we speak. Being recognized as a “Super Lawyer Law Firm” is a distinction that is not easily achieved. For one who began his practice with nothing more than a small office and a single secretary, Mr. Newlin’s practice now boasts an excess of seventy-five employees. The compilation of experience in this law firm is massive. Despite the cause of your personal injury, you can rest assured that your case will be handled with a superiority that only this type of organization can give.

If you feel you have been wrongfully injured, call the offices Of Dan Newlin and Partners. Consultation is always free.

Make Up Executives and Serving Customers Needs

The best make up executives are those who are in it for more than just the money. They are in it because they understand the value of looking good to certain people. Of course not everyone places a lot of importance on her own looks. However, make up and other means exist for those that are passionate about their looks. Make up executives are passionate about people feeling good about themselves. For some people, looking better will help people feel better. If people feel better about themselves, then they will be more likely to live a productive life. A self loather is going to eventually be weighed down.

One of the most passionate make up executives is Doe Deere, founder of Lime Crime. She not only wants people to look good, but to also bring out their own unique look. Different people have different tastes. For this reason, Doe Deere supplies makeup in order to cater to the many different tastes that people have.

One thing that she wants is for people to find their own look that they are satisfied with. Doe Deere is also passionate about teaching people to put on make up and dress for themselves, because they have to live with themselves every moment of every day.

The make up that is presented by Lime Crime allows people to figure out their look and master their look in such an elegant and unique way. This actually brings them to a state of self actualization. They will not only feel good, but they will also attract people who are totally intrigued with them. This great make up look that they achieve will take them very far in self acceptance.

Even if they come across people who do not like the look, they can more easily let it roll off their back. They are less likely to be swayed in one direction or another. They will have enough confidence in themselves so that they can continue experimenting with their look. In their experimentation with make up provided by different make up executives, they may find the greatest look that they have achieved.

Shaygan Kherdpir, the Man Who Made Verizon

What it is Today Shaygan Kheradpir was a fortunate boy raised in Iran who was sent to Switzerland and later to Cornell University in the USA for exemplary education. He has a mind that works as a steel trap, and when presented with a problem will not accept half a solution but must forge ahead until he arrives at the entire solution. Kheradpir has the distinction of being world famous for his work in both technology and business. Mentors in Life Were From Vast and Varied Sources While at Cornell University, he acquired his first mentor, his Ph.D advisor, while performing robotics control. It was an outstanding failure. Kheradpir went to the advisor saying that the result was good enough, but the sage advisor told him it was unacceptable to not be 100% accurate. Kheradpir devoted more than two years checking for errors until he suddenly had a mental breakthrough and realized his math error in equations. He credits experience from that as a lesson seared in his mind: He realized emphatically that things happen for a reason, and the manner of a person’s behavior and problems that develop can always be solved by investigation. Kheradpir declares, “nothing should be shoved under a rug”, but researched until solved. Kheradpir also credits mentors who inspired or taught him at Verizon and Barclays Bank as important in his career, but emphasizes it isn’t always true mentorship but a person who was there before yet nonetheless from whom you can learn. He follows lessons learned in a book about Winston Churchill and adopted his tenacity and ability to invoke bravery. He considers Churchill a valued mentor. Discourages Silicon Valley Drop Outs Shaygan Kheradpir eschews the trend of Silicon Valley’s best minds dropping out of formal school to dive into businesses. He warns that: • Depth Matters, meaning being an expert in what you do is extremely important; • Reality Matters, which directs you to apply your skills and depth of your knowledge as fast as you can to solve your problem or situation. Verizon’s Developer and Producer Kheradpir was CTO and CIO of longest tenure and highest innovations at Verizon after its birth from a merger of GET and BELL. It was also the position he held the longest. He is not one to stay when he believes his work is complete, and some positions were finished within one year. He is credited with being responsible for Verizon attaining its level of importance in the industry it boasts today. He re-engineered core systems of the company and diversified its services, plus brought automation of operations to Verizon. Kheradpir pioneered Verizon One and FiOS. He developed small teams that collaborated in new products and modifying existing ones. His teams could rapidly test and deliver products. Kheradpir pushed the team at Verizon beyond limits enabling it to achieve a rapid pace in developing new products. Another technology developed under Kheradpir is Iobi, managing caller ID in devices and address books and did it cost effectively.

Qnet’s profitability increases with a move to India

Malaysia-based Tech Company, Qnet Ltd is not making plans to begin to move production and manufacturing hub into India, shifting production towards its primary consumer. The company largely produces consumer goods and electronics and is planning an expansion into multiple markets later this year. The expansion is expected after a period of 100 percent growth during the last calendar year. Growth is expected to continue at the same rate for the next few years, as consumer markets in India open up.

Also in the works is a consumer selling platform, provided to locals who wish to sell goods through Qnet. Quality checks will, of course, be required for all products. The company is working directly with Indian governments to amend the current laws that are hindering growth within the company. Currently, many laws stand that prevent direct sellers, such as Qnet, from functioning without excessive oversight. Their proposal, an oversight committee or governing agency, would mimic other systems in place within countries like Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and Taiwan – all which have economies reporting large growth and profitability. A change in the law would mean positive growth for Qnet, and they are positive that India will look to other countries thriving with more direct sale lenient legislation.
Lifting the legislation won’t just mean good news and profitability for Qnet, it will also mean that much-needed goods will have a more affordable way of reaching Indian consumers. From technology to consumer goods, Qnet provides a multitude of high-demand products to customers within India. If successful, analysts predict a large boost to the economy and a change from corporation led selling to smaller, new industries leading to greater innovation and improvements. Qnet notes, no matter where India stands on their direct sales legislation the company has other interests that are booming in the current markets, evident by contracts being signed with football leagues.

Sergio Cortes Keeps The Memory Of MJ Fresh With Tribute Shows

For many years Elvis was one of the most talked about impersonators when it can to impersonating deceased entertainers. He had the flashy costumes, and he managed to provide a lot of fans with a lot of entertaining dance moves and gestures. In this era the younger generation is slipping away from the memories of Elvis, but there is another entertainer that appears to stand out. This new deceased entertainer that has a growing number of fans is Michael Jackson. Sergio Cortes is keeping the memory of Jackson alive through the great tribute shows that he presents.

This type of impersonator is someone that stands out because he moves beyond the local crowd. Sergio is thinking bigger than Las Vegas.

He is going on tour. This is going to expose a young crowd of music lovers around the world to the act that MJ put on for concerts. That is what Cortes does. He has a stage presence that is complete with costumes and a live band.

Sergio Cortes is another link in the MJ machine that plays a part in the sale of Michael Jackson music. Jackson has been deceased for several years, and he is earning more in sales than Elvis. At one time Elvis was the top grossing deceased artist, but Michael is surpassing him and Sergio Cortes and other impersonators play a part in this. When Michael was in his prime he had a lot of elaborate shows. This was over 3 decades ago. The young generation that is buying records now may have no idea who Jackson is. It takes impersonators like Sergio to keep the torch burning.

There are also rappers that sample MJ music. Kanye West has continually sampled Michael Jackson tracks. Some people sing his songs on stage while they perform. Michael’s sister Janet also released a CD recently. All of these things – along with the MJ tribute shows by Sergio Cortes – can make it much easier for fans to remember Michael Jackson. Sergio has certainly made the best of his time on stage. He is someone that has entertained well enough to get paid for his performances. Sergio makes a living do what he is doing and MJ fans want him to continue.

Cortes has a lot of music to work with. The Michael Jackson catalog is lengthy. This helps him keep the MJ tribute shows fresh and exciting.