Highland Capital Management is based in Dallas Texas and was started back in the year 1993. It is more of a private company with private equity. Since it is a huge company, it has been split into several branches like structured investments and distressed funds. Since it deals with alternative investments, it majorly deals with emerging markets, natural resources, short term equity and long-term equity. It has also managed to accumulate a very large client base that consists of governments, corporations, and financial institutions. It majorly specializes in incomes that are hedged and fixed. Its success in the industry has enabled it to accumulate a vast value of assets amounting to $18.7 billion. They have also in the recent past opened two international branches in London and Singapore.

Highland Capital Investment is headed by an individual known as Jim Dondero, who is not only the co-founder but also the current president of the company. His career looked a little shady at the beginning when he took up the position of being an analyst. After several transformations, he later became the portfolio manager and at the same time he also ventured into investment. His investment was channeled to cars whereby he ventured in Collateral Loan Obligation, which is best known as CLO. Before he joined Highland Capital Investment, he used to work at the GIC Company. His prowess was impeccable as he had managed to accumulate assets that were worth $2 billion dollars that he managed and took great care of. James Dondero had a portfolio management that comprised of derivatives, loans, and bonds. He also took up a position in American Express as an employee where he stayed for only a short period. He is a graduate of the University of Virginia with a degree in Finance and Accounting. It should also be noted that while at Virginia University, he was able to clinch the highest honors which are Beta Gamma Sigma and Beta Alpha Psi. He has now perfected the field of being a credible analyst and management accountant. Apart from that, he has taken very honorary positions like in the American Banknote and MGM Board of Directors. James Dondero has also been of assistance in terms of ideology in CCS where he holds a position on the board of directors. He also boasts of the long experience that he has gained over the years (30 years) in the credit and equity market platform.

Next Point Residential best referred to as NXRT appointed James Dondero alongside Arthur Laffer to be in the team of Board of Directors. This is a company that is responsible for managing families with middle-income salaries. One of the greatest moves of Highland Capital Market has been the decision it made to buy NextPoint Credit Strategies Fund for an alleged price of $8.79 per share. Their desires for growth and expansion oversaw them raise their stakes to purchase further a very large amount of next point’s shares that amounted to 113,799 shares. This was considered to be a very big move by James Dondero, who was particularly in charge of initiating this deal.

Chinese Real Estate Buyers Moving Into NY

New York is known as a land that attracts immigrants to its shores. Now a new set of immigrants have come to New York not necessarily to live here but to invest in the real estate; the Chinese. Chinese investors have been attracted to the stability in NYC real estate markets with comments on the stability of the markets in good and bad economic times. New York is also considered to be the safest big city in the United States and the purchased real estate is either lived in or used as an investment property.

Chinese citizens are used to more controls over the ownership of real estate in China with the ability to lease property from the Chinese government instead of actually owning it as a remnant of their communist heritage. While in practice this amounts to outright ownership, investors still prefer the laws surrounding the U.S. Real estate market. The United States, with its more well defined property ownership rules, is very attractive to Chinese citizens. With the increased wealth of Chinese citizens who happen to have a high savings rate, real estate is increasingly attractive.

At a recent real estate symposium in Shanghai hosted by The Real Deal, several real estate experts discussed the real estate market. The discussion at the Real Estate Showcase & Forum in Shanghai focused on the tendency of Chinese real estate buyers to be attracted to apartments in Manhattan proper and to be looking primarily in the price range of $800,000 to $2 million. This point was brought up by Andrew Heiberger, the CEO of TOWN Residential which is one of the leading real estate agencies in New York.

Heiberger also went on to discuss how Chinese investors are now finding real estate on the periphery of New York attractive including Harlem and Brooklyn. Brooklyn is a hot real estate market and is almost considered to be a city in and of itself.

A difficulty that Chinese investors are facing however is the increased down payment amounts needed by Chinese buyers. The panel discussed the importance of having extra capital on hand for foreign investors and noted that many buyers are even entering into all cash deals. The increased regulations in the United States pose both a challenge and a benefit to foreign investors.

Still, as Chinese growth continues and its citizens become wealthier, this trend is expected to continue with most of the investment being made into the New York market.


Beauty is the outward physical complexion of someone. Beauty is what the public see in one. Someone’s age can describe beauty, gender, skin color, the body shape, and size. Beauty is an important aspect of the life of human beings. Beauty is associated with the body caring and maintenance. For the body to achieve the results of vision, it has to be pampered and properly care. Caring of the body is based on beauty products and other cosmetics. There is a variety of body products manufactured to keep your body healthy and beautiful glowing. These Lime Crime products on ilovelimecrime.com are classified into categories so that their users identify them quickly.

There are body products that fall in the class of makeup products. Makeup is cosmetics such as eye pencil; lipstick or powder applied to the face. Make-ups are used to alter the appearance of the face. Makeup can give somebody more beauty because they add up spices to the to the original beauty. Also, makeups are used by artists and comedians who apply them so as to appear like the real person who the story or play is talking about and yet he is an impersonator.The makeup products are further divided into two class: the eye makeup, and the facial makeup.

The other products that are helpful to aid one maintain his or her beauty are the skin care products. Skin care products play an integral role in nourishing, moisturizing, cleansing and keeping one stay with confidence. Skin care products are usually applied to the skin of the whole body. These products include the body lotions, creams, petroleum jelly and others.

The fragrance is other examples of beauty products. Sometimes fragrances are classified under skin care products. Fragrances give the body different taste of refreshment compared to skin appliances. Fragrance products are classified into two categories: we have fragrance made specifically for the children and fragrance for the adult.

When it comes to body cleaning, beauty products play a significant role in ensuring that the products used for cleaning are of quality. There are products like body washing soaps to ensure that one uses quality soap for washing. Some washing soaps are antibacterial hence they help to cure skin diseases. Hair and nails also need to be highly maintained hence bringing an additional value of beauty. There are products like the hair food, hair nourisher, and shampoo that gives you hair strength and keeps it glowing. There are also nail art beauty products available to make nails beautiful.

There is a company that is widely known for its beauty products. This group is known as Lime Crime. The enterprise has a variety of products that range from skin care, fragrance nails, hair, tools, brushes, body and men products.It also includes a team of qualified experts who do make ups for their clients; they do nail art. The expert also offer other services like the manicure and pedicure to ensure complexity in your beauty.

A Handy Option

I hate cleaning, and it is a problem. Most people dream of riches for big cars and fancy homes, I just wanted a maid, or even a butler would do because I do not want to seem sexist. Honestly, I do not care who cleans as long as it is not me. I grew up with brothers and friends that knew that if they cleaned, I would cook all day. I would have many friends over, and they all also knew that this was okay as long as they cleaned first. I had a virtual club or arcade in college and my bachelor years. The only difference is the cost of attendance was cleaning. After I got my first real job, the internet was becoming central in everyone’s lives, and I was able to find cleaners in all kinds of new ways. However, the issues were the same. You never knew who the company was sending.

Even worse, if you did not utilize one of these established companies onyoutube.com , you really have no idea who is coming into your home both when you are there, and when you are out and want to have your home cleaned in the mean while. Hiring someone personally is really hiring a phantom because if there any issues like stealing, there is no recourse and no real way to know the person’s identity that is in your home. Now that I am an adult, I have no problem cleaning, but my place is large, and I have to entertain often as a cost of doing business. So in some ways, my home is also my place of business, and it has to be in top order. I cannot achieve that in any reasonable amount of time. This is especially the case after a night of entertaining. Cleaning, breaking things down and storing them again simply is too much to achieve for one person. I have help removing items that I put in especially for the event, but hiring cleaners saves so much time in spite of the issues of utilizing these companies.

They charge me more knowing that I have events than they would when cleaning the house normally if it were in this condition. I utilized separate companies, but they all found out that they could get more money if an event was involved. I have now been able to fire them all. I utilize an app called Handy. It allows me to schedule help at any time, and their rates are steady and do not change when the word event is involved. Additionally, these people are their own contractors, and I can respect that. They are respectful and hardworking because they are working for themselves. This makes them personally invested in doing a good job. I find it far superior to any cleaning service out there because of the platform’s versatility. I pay rates commiserate with experience, and they come when I hit them on the app and schedule. Additionally, I pay through the app, so cash is not changing hands.

The operatic career of Brian Mulligan

During the weekend of September 12 and 13, 2015, the San Francisco Opera will present its first ever production of “Sweeny Todd” with baritone Brian Mulligan playing the title role of the psychotic barber. This comes twelve years after he made his professional debut with the Metropolitan Opera in “Die Frau ohne Schatten.” Since then he has performed in operas through the U.S, Canada and Europe including the Canadian Opera House, the English National Opera, the Los Angeles Opera, Opernhaus Zurich and many more. He has become one of the most highly acclaimed baritones in opera.

Brian was born in Endicott, New York to Irish immigrant parents making him a dual citizen of the U.S. and Ireland. In 2008, he was named one of the top one hundred Irish Americans by the Irish American Magazine. Brian takes pride in his Irish heritage but he says it has had little influence on his singing career. In high school he began singing in school musicals and was encouraged by his teacher Gloria Richardson to take vocal lessons. While still in high school, he began to take lessons from Todd Greer of the Tri-Cities Opera in Binghamton, New York. Todd introduced Brian to opera music, and it was at this time that Brian decided to become an opera singer. After graduating high school, Brian enrolled in the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, New York. Then he attended Yale University where he performed the roll of Valentin in Gounod’s “Faust,” and he also attended Juilliard where he continued his vocal training and took acting classes.

Over the years, Brian has played numerous roles including Enrico in “Lucia di Lammermoor,” Richard Nixon in “Nixon in China,” and Hamlet in “Hamlet.” His upcoming role as Sweeny Todd is a role that he has been looking forward to doing for a long time. In an interview in 2012, Brian was asked what musical role he would like to play and the first one he stated was Sondheim’s Sweeny Todd. This weekend, he will fulfill his wish.

Profile of a Leader: Susan McGalla

Susan  McGalla is a woman, mother, wife, and a businessperson. Presently based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, she was born and raised with two brothers in East Liverpool, Ohio. She also received a bachelor’s degree in business and marketing while attending Mount Union College in Alliance, Ohio. As a young woman, McGalla didn’t stop there.

From 1986 to 1994, she worked for the department store retail sector of Joseph Horne Company and spent time working in various merchandising and management positions. Having made a name for herself, she then joined American Eagle and held various management positions until she became President and Chief Merchandising Officer. As the CMO, she was responsible for business development, design, marketing, revenues, and performance. During her time with American Eagle, the company earned revenues of up to $3 billion. McGalla was able to expand American Eagle Outfitter Inc.’s portfolio from one brand to four brands, earning a net income of $400 million with more than a thousand stores and 28,000 employees.

After her successful stint in her management and leadership positions, Susan McGalla on bizjournals decided to be an independent consultant for the retail industry by 2009. McGalla’s expert consultation to clients on branding, marketing and talent management, operational efficiencies, and more, allowed her to found the P3 Executive Consulting, LLC which offers an insider’s perspective to clients for the specialty retail industry.

Throughout that time, McGalla served as Chairman of the American Eagle Foundation and has been a director of HFF, Inc., and HFF Holdings, LLC since October of 2009. She also finds time to give back to the community. Together with her husband, Steve McGalla, who is in wealth management, she chaired the largest grossing annual philanthropic event, the Hillman Cancer Center, in support of the Pittsburgh Cancer Institute.

She spends time seeking to inspire young women who are looking for a career in business by serving a speaker for various womens organizations whose goals is to promote and encourage women from all over the world to achieve their dreams and goals. McGalla often shares to her audiences that higher education will give them an edge over their peers in the workplace, men or women. She also stresses that perseverance and hard work along with improving skills will give women recognition and success especially in a skill-dependent economy. Her own path to success, which took many years, was filled with a determination to succeed and the cost of education can be offset with scholarships and financial grants.

Never one to comfortably hide behind gender stereotypes, McGalla, whose father was a local football coach, who is now employed with the National Football League’s Pittsburgh Steelers. Based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the Pittsburgh Steelers is a professional American football team and one of the oldest franchise teams in the American Football Conference.

MeetNew People with Skout

Meeting new people doesn’t have to be difficult. It donut’s matter where you live or really what you are doing, even if you work at home or have no true personal outlet for meeting new people, it is possible to locate those in your area who also want to meet new people. That is done with the help of Skout. This dating application is one of the best dating apps on the market today, and best of all, you don’t need to pay a cent to use it. All you need to do is download it, fire it up, and you are going to instantly have a connection with all sorts of people in your area.

How Do You Get It?

It is pretty straight forward for obtaining the application. All you need to do is head on over to your phone’s application store and download the app for free. It is available on your iPhone’s App Store and it is available on Google Play as well. This way, all you need to do is type in “Skout” into the search field then let it download to your device. That is it and you’ll have the powerful dating tool in your hand.

Creating an Account

Creating an account doesn’t need to be difficult. In fact, it is rather straight forward and easy. What you do is you open up the application and then you create a username and profile. From there you can open your account like that. While that is the easiest way to do things, you are going to be better off including a few bits of information about yourself. The more info you have about yourself, the more people are going to come in contact with you and the more then are going to be willing to message and respond to you. After all, they are going to want to talk to someone with a picture. So, include at least one picture of yourself and, if possible, type out a short blurb about yourself here as well. Once that is all set you are good to go and ready to meet new people.

Meeting People

The Skout application works well as it locks onto your GPS signal. By using your GPS signal it is able to indicate who is in the general area of you. This way, you are not trying to talk with people who are half a world away. Instead, you are presented with information based on who is just nearby. You can select any individual you want to pull up their profile. This makes it easy to read and easy to interact with. You are free to send them a message if you want and then can enjoy a more personalized connection with them. If you are not sure who to write to or who to connect with, there is a shake feature that allows you to shake your phone with the app open and you’ll automatically be opened to a new individual and their profile.

Investment Banking May Be Facing A Leaner Future

In 1963, banks across America started expansion programs that were almost out of control until the 2008 recession. The remarkable returns that investors enjoyed during that period were the talk of the financial industry. Returns on equity (ROE) ranged from 20 to 25 percent, and some firms enjoyed larger returns then. Bank executives and employees got huge pay increases. Today, 12 of the richest people on the Forbes list are asset managers, investors and financiers. In 1982, no one in the fiancé industry was on that list.

After the 2008 crash, the ROEs for the world’s wealthiest banks dropped considerably. ROEs are now around 13 percent in the United States according to James Dondero, the CEO of Highland Capital Management. Dondero has been around long enough to know how much the investment banking world has changed. Mr. Dondero has been in the business for more than 30 years, and has watched the business grow into what it is now. Dondero and other investors are not as bullish as they used to be when it comes to ROEs. Today some investments only return 6 to 9 percent because of new regulations. Some investment executives thought things would blow over after the 2008 collapse, and ROEs would skyrocket again, but the consensus now is the new norm is lower returns on equity across the board, according to Dondero.

Last year, the investment banking industry produced revenues of $233 billion, and that is about a third less than the $341 billion in revenue the industry produced in 2009. That downward trend continues. This year, banks got off to a very slow start. Dondero and other investors are concerned about the signs they see today. Slow economic growth around the world is causing some concern. Low interest rates have also hurt returns globally, and new regulations are going to eat into banking returns, and that is the most concerning element for investment bankers. Plus people want more for their money from banks, and banks will have to produce incentive programs for their clients that put more money into the publics’ pocket and less on the bottom line.

Some investment bankers say the glory days of big returns are gone and the dog days of new regulations, lower margins and hard economic times are the norm now.