Doe Deere and Lime Crime

Makeup is suppose to be more than just cover up the blemishes on the skin. It is suppose to be more than just to make someone feel a bit younger or to prevent the wrinkles of age from showing as predominately. But why in the world is that what the majority of makeup companies showcase and how they market? It really doesn’t seem like they want the public to have fun with their makeup or to express themselves to stand out from what everyone else looks like. After all, there is clothing for everyone and to help them stand out, shouldn’t there be some sort of makeup line that does this as well? Thankfully, there is such a makeup company. Lime Crime by Doe Deere is all about giving back to the men and women out there that want to have fun with their look. Who want to stand out from the crowd and who wants to embrace color. After all, who doesn’t love color? Well, with Doe Deere, that is what it is all about.

So who is this Doe Deere? Well, she’s have a pretty interesting career that has taken her all around the world. Before she opened up into makeup, she had her own band. Although the band lasted just a few years, she learned all about marketing, promoting a brand and trying to build it. Sometimes, people are just in the wrong industry but learn about how to improve upon whatever they might want to do next. For Doe Deere, she has always been passionate about the way she looks and have fun ta the same time, but companies did not offer the colors and looks she wanted in her own makeup. Because of this, she decided to create her own style and colors. After all, she didn’t want to look the way traditional makeup companies say you have to look. She wanted to look how she wanted to look, which is exactly how Lime Crime came about.

Lime Crime gives people the opportunity to decorate different areas of their body with the colors they love. While the eyes are a window into the soul, there is no reason while the window sill can’t have a different shade of paint around them. Whether someone is going for a sky blue, a sun orange a neon pink or really anything else out there, if it is color they want and more than just the drab offerings of most other companies, Lime Crime from Doe Deere is what they need to check out and where they need to look towards. It is amazing what a bit of fun can do when getting ready for work, no matter what color and fun they enjoy.

Cosmetics – Why Lime Crime Is One Of The Best

Getting quality cosmetics from Lime Crime is so important for making sure you achieve the best looking skin you can get. One thing most women and men forget is that they buy products that don’t match their skin color, type, and tone. The kind of products you use on your face can dictate your skin in the future. It can either get better or worse, and not having the right kind of makeup can cause future breakouts. Find out some amazingly powerful techniques for improving your skin tone and looking your best every day using only the best makeup.

Choosing Quality Cosmetics

– Organic And Filled With Great Ingredients

Some cosmetics companies are very secretive with what’s in their products and the things they put in. The best companies will always make sure they are proud to share what they use in their products. For example, if they explain they use top notch organic products and they share that, then you can be sure they do use such ingredients. Going organic is great for most women because they won’t hurt most sensitive skin. Any makeup that is much thicker can be tough on the face for some women.

– Great Colors

The color of the makeup you use can make a drastic difference to your look. You need to look your ultimate best when you’re at that party or event. The right colors on your face can make a difference. The right cosmetics company will provide you with all the great assortments of colors. It goes a long way to have a quality cosmetics line provide for you.

Lime Crime is one of the best cosmetics lines in the business because of how they provide quality and extensively unique products with their stress-free approach to makeup. They strive to allow for people to get their personality to shine through. Lime Crime provides quality products at a price you can pay for. As an independent team in Los Angeles, they are committed to giving only the best cruelty-free cosmetics and stunning colors.

Their product line provides quality cosmetics with stunning colors. The team is made up of many makeup lovers who genuinely love finding new changes and developments in their products. Doe Deere is the founder and CEO of the company, and she strives to give her users makeup they can rely on. Lime Crime is one of the few in the business who provides products that can really complement almost anybody with the best makeup possible.

In the world of cosmetics, only a few brands stand out for their astounding product line. Whether it’s their organic approach or quality ingredients, Lime Crime has remained a brand that has produced only the best items in the business.

Get Luxury Men’s Shoes From Paul Evans

A well made pair of italian shoes is something that all people like. Shoes that conform to the ball of the foot and fit well in other areas are shoes that people can cherish and wear often. Such shoes can also serve as the basis for a foundation that allows the owner of the shoes to feel well dressed and confident no matter what they are doing at any given time frame. Shoes that fit properly are also shoes that can help anyone walk more easily. A pair of shoes that conform directly to the owner’s curves can also make any outfit tha the owner is wearing look even better.

A pair of luxury men’s shoes are typically crafted from the finest materials available. Such shoes are made from high quality leather that will last a long time and continue to look good. Many such pairs are crated from various types of leather that are brought together to create a pair of shoes that have many colors and layers of texture that help contribute to the overall impression of shoes that help the wearer look well coordinated and powerful. Such shoes are often made by hand by artisans who may spend a great deal of time just to create a single elegant pair for sale. The resulting shoes will often feel great when the wearer wears them.

Someone who is looking for the right pair of shoes will want to work with a company that is devoted ot providing customers with access to such high quality items. One such company is Paul Evans. This company provides their customers with access to shoes that have been crafted from the finest available materials by artisans who are dedicated to helping customers enjoy shoes that will fit well and last a lifetime. The shoes at Paul Evans are readily available for a price that many people are pleasantly surprised to discover that they can easily afford. Purchasing a pair of men’s luxury shoes from Paul Evans can be the ideal way to celebrate a special occasion such as a birthday or a wedding anniversary.

A pair of shoes of this type can become something that the user owns and passes down to another person. Wearing a pair of luxury men’s shoes can also be a sign to others that the owner of the shoes is someone who undersands and appreciates the finer things in life. Those who wear such shoes convey to others that they are discerning customers who value quality and understand what high style means. Buying a pair of shoes of this kind can also demonstrate to others that the wearer has a sense of personal style that is timeless and elegant.

Lime Crime Is A Special New Brand

Cosmetics do a lot to boost a woman’s confidence in herself and the way that she is looking, and most women have a specific brand that they go to time and time again to give them the kind of confidence that they are looking for. And the reason that a lot of woman stick with the same thing that they have been using for years is because they trust it. But, when they stick to the same brand of cosmetics without venturing out and trying something new, then they end up missing out on a lot.

There are new brands of cosmetics coming out all of the time, and while some are not worthy of a woman’s attention, there are some that she should give a try. One of the best, new brands of cosmetics to come out recently is Lime Crime. This brand offers something that not too many other brands do. It offers bold colors and the chance to express one’s unique personality.

The founder of Lime Crime has been doing things differently her whole life. She grew up in Russia and moved to New York City when she was 17. After living there for a while, and experimenting in the music industry, she got into cosmetics. She has always been a bold person, and Lime Crime reflects her personality, as well as allowing others to show theirs. The colors that she has created in the Lime Crime cosmetic line are not something that are seen everywhere, and when women decide to give this brand a chance they will find that they will have a lot of fun with it.

There is something to be said about sticking with the same brand for years because it is one that someone feels can be trusted, but there is also something to be said about being adventurous and giving a new cosmetic brand a try. When the new cosmetic brand offers a line of makeup that is made with care, and that is something fun and special, then there is no reason that one should be afraid of giving it a try. Who knows, maybe that someone will fall in love with the new brand and never go back to using their old cosmetics.

How to Get a Doe Deere’s Model Look from Your Makeup

Makeup, when put on correctly, greatly improves the outlook of an individual. With so many types of makeup on, mastering the art of putting on makeup can cumbersome and needs dedicated individuals. However, the tips below can always help you achieve better results.

1) Concealer
The common mistake most people make is to put concealer as a base on their eyelids. You should avoid this. Using concealer or foundation as a base causes eye makeup to crease.

2) Foundation
You can use your fingers or brush to apply foundation. It all depends on what coverage you want. For sheer coverage, apply your foundation using your fingers. Polished, medium or full coverage is achieved by apply foundation using a brush.

3) Powder
When applying powder, start with where your face is the shiniest. These areas should be your main focus. After dealing with these areas, you can lightly dust the remaining parts of your face. Remember to dust careful to avoid getting the powder into your eyes.

4) Bronzer
Bronzer is put on face, neck and chest. Its work is to make your skin tone even out. As you put bronzer, constantly step back and check if you are achieving even skin tone. Notice those regions with problems and correct them.

5) Blush
The trick to correct blush application is to always smile when applying it. Start the application from the cheek’s apple and move back. Blush should be applied till you reach the top of your ear. Ensure you do not leave out the region towards your jaw line during blush application.

6) Eyebrow
Apply brow powder or pencil on your eyebrow’s upper portion. As compared to application on lower portion of the eyebrow, upper portion application lifts an individual’s face. If your hand shakes, you can have a friend or family member help you with the application.

7) Lipstick
Lipstick application should be done such as it covers your mouth’s inner corners. Make sure it is uniformly distributed rather than concentrated at the top of your lip. As you apply lipsticks, press it down hard.

8) Eye Shadow
With eye shadows, always apply base shadow first. The base shadow should be one that matches your face’s lightest skin tone. The base shadow should not have any shimmer. Apply the base shadow till you reach your eyebrow. The darker shadows of the base shadow should be used on your lid up.

Doe Deere’s Lime Crime is one of the top makeup brands for individuals interested in bright eye shadow colors. The brand has caused a lot of online buzz and is used by top models like Atim. Doe Deere is a Russian born makeup creator, a businesswoman and a technology executive. She relocated to United States in 1999.

9) Eyeliner
When applying eyeliner, always start with the inner corner. You should avoid folding the eyeliner before reaching the outside of the eye. Being close to the mirror while applying eyeliner will help you achieve better results.

Following these tips strictly will greatly improve the outlook you get from your makeup. Remember you can always wash and reapply in case you do not put on the makeup correctly. You should also try a variety of colors to establish the best for your skin.

Focus on the Legendary Basketball League, the NBA

Smart investors know how to diversify their investments hence reducing their chances of getting broke and at the same time increasing their chances of cashing in heavily. Bruce Levenson is one of those smart investors who have diversified their investment to venture in the most unexpected industries such as sports. Bruce is an investor and a major partner of Atlanta Hawks, an NBA Basketball team based in Atlanta. Alongside his other investments, Bruce deemed it prudent to try his hands on sports and settled on basketball. This decision was not coincidental whatsoever. He was driven by both passion and the economic performance of the sport and he smartly figured he could benefit from taking part in it.

The NBA is an acronym for the National Basketball Association. This is the most famous professional men basketball league not only in the United States but also in the entire world. The currently registered number of clubs are 30 in total. Twenty nine of these are in the US while one team is a Canadian based team. The league is highly regarded and recognised by the world’s basketball governing body FIBA. Notably, NBA is the most popular sports league in the US even though there are other sports leagues. The NBA held its first match ever in Canada in 1946.

Originally the league was founded as the Basketball Association of America abbreviated as BBA. However, three years later the name was changed to NBA after a merger with one of its rivals the National Basketball League, NBL. It is argued that in its first years of existence, NBA games were not in any way better than the games staged by competing leagues in America. Soon after the merger, the league had a total of 17 franchisees hailing from both minor and major cities around America. NBA is reputed for its ambitious moves to stage its matches in bug arenas something other leagues were weary of doing. This made the league become an attraction to many and its popularity began to rise.

The first ever non-white player to play in the league was a Japanese-American Wataru Misaka in 1948. Yet another record was broken when the first African-American, Harold hunter, played in the league IN 1950. The game become more interesting in 1954 when the league officials realized that too much stalling was pulling the funs’ morale down. It was during this period that the 24 second shot clock rule was introduced in the game. The rule demanded that within the first 24 second of obtaining the ball, the team with the ball must make a shot. When the time elapses and the ball has not touched the rim, the game is paused the other team is given the ball. This was strategy to make the game more competitive.

Lime Crime’s Doe Deere On How Dreams Are Made Real

According to the interview done by with Lime Crime’s Doe Deere about how to make dreams come to reality, a number of things were learned about this lady.

First of fall, Doe Deere was born and bred in Russia. She relocated to USA when she was 17 thus she can say that her foundational years were lived in Russia and New York and presently live in Los Angeles.

When asked if she was always an ambitious soul, she stated that she was ever imaginative as well as ambitious in her live. Though she doesn’t think, particularly as a kid, one always is imaginative. And she thinks the greatest that she dreamed was likely to become a singer that is precisely what she did after she migrated to New York.

Being a singer assisted her to learn things like career as well as marketing plus taught her to actually appreciate once people show up to her events and things like that. Thus that is how she began, with visions of becoming a musician. However, then she found herself in makeup business and it is a great thing. Though, she has always been somehow entrepreneurial. Deere had her initial small business in Russia after she was 13 years of age, she sold temporary tattoos that were novelty back then, and it was so interesting. She believes what she did was that, she discovered the tattoos and then made them popular and traded them to her classmates. Although she simply made them cool through wearing them as well as insisting that it’s good enough to wear an impermanent tattoo.

Deere lived in New York City from 1998 to 2012 and she loved it. She stated that she lived in New York City for a very long time thus she thinks that she got into adulthood in that city since she resided there from the time she was 17. She lived for a short period in Manhattan and then resided in Brooklyn for 9 years; therefore that was her stomping place. She was in an orchestra thus that is what she associates New York with.

Don Deere started her music career in a band, and that is where she actually met her husband. They learned how to collaborate immediately they met in the band since they were both songwriters as well as endorsing the band and this actually marked the beginning of everything. And they learned how to work so well together.

Deere frankly advised the younger ladies who are only as ambitious as she was and still is, is to follow their hearts because she thinks that all people have something unique about them-some form of exceptional skill or even quality that simply they possess on earth. And after they understand that, that’s when they actually begin to blossom as well as reach their exact potential. Deere likes to state that young women should go where they love and simply discover it. She moreover said that it is imperative for someone to relate with themselves and to actually understand themselves to give the greatest value since although growing up they feel, at least Deere felt, she was so different plus alone in most of her thinking maybe.

High Quality Handmade Menswear- Paul Evans

Benjamin Early and Even Fript are the founders of Paul Evans. It is an e-commerce menswear website that specializes in men’s leather shoes. The business is vertically integrated and sells to consumers internationally from their website. The two met while they were in college in Louisiana. While shopping they realized that men’s luxury shoes were very expensive and did not have a large variety or enough of brands to choose from. The company was founded in 2012 and their e-commerce website was up and running in 2014. The shoes are made in a family owned factory in Naples, Italy. The company is New York city based.

The first three shoes that were sold were the three cap-toe oxford called Cagney, Brando and Grant. These shoes are made of Italian calfskin. In 2014 three more styles were produced called the Stewart, Martin and Chaplin. These included a full cap-toe oxford, a loafer and a suede tassel loafer. There are also two choices of beautiful leather boots called the Newman Chukka and Dean Chelsea. Paul Evans wants to give more options at a better price than what is found in the brick and mortar stores. Paul Evans leaves out the middleman mark ups and the cost of rent and utilities and puts that money and effort into producing and delivering the best quality shoes at a better price.

The Paul Evans website is contemporary, sleek and easy to use. They also offer Marrone and Oxford designer briefcases which are hand made in Florence and hand painted. It is made out of Italian leather. There are four different types of leather hand cut belts available. There is a cut to fit tutorial to help you get the best fit on your belt.

Two partners in Manhattan, New York sell Paul Evens menswear. These are showrooms where you can touch, feel and try on their products.

Some Art Collectors Overlook The Value Of Artwork On Paper Instead Of Canvas

Trying to put a valuable art collection together without help is like swimming with weights tied around each leg. You just can’t do it. There are too many variables to consider when collecting art. The size of the work is not the only consideration. The material used to create the work is a crucial piece, and so is the material used as the foundation of the work. Young collectors forget about works on paper instead of canvas or works done on wood or other materials. Most young collectors tend to gravitate to works on canvas, but those works usually cost more.

When Adam Sender, the retired hedge fund manager, decided to sell some of the works in his collection, he included works on canvas, on paper, and on wood as well as other materials. Sender put large art pieces and medium size art pieces right next to small art pieces, and the result of his ingenious method of displaying gave him a huge payday. Sender used Sotheby’s to sell parts of his extensive collection in 2014, and that decision put $70 million in his pocket. Not everyone can sell their art collection for that amount of money, but everyone can collect different works of art that show the true beauty of painting and the artist. Oils and watercolors along with mixed media pieces on canvas, wood and paper make an impressive collection especially if they tell a story.

The main point of collecting is not to make money for most collectors. Collectors don’t get the kind of return Adam Sender (Instagram)
got when he decided to sell. The point of art collecting is to appreciate the work, the artist and the message within the painting. Some paintings must be done on paper in order to express the intent of the artist. Some artists only used charcoal to create scenes and portraits on paper. All of these work express the value of the artist and the collector.

CEO’s of Juniper Networks

The CEO of Juniper Networks, Shaygan Kheradpir, has a knack for making smart business practices. This should not come as a surprise, considering Mr. Kheradpir graduated from Cornell University as a electrical engineer and managed a team of 7,000 IT specialists at Verizon. He has a great deal of experience and can recognize an opportunity when he sees it. His team is responsible for creating new ideas such as Verizon’s FiOS, Pingit at Barclays and an Integrate Operation Plan. The philosophy that he continues to live by and wants his team to follow is results with a no excuse frame of mind. That idea attributes to why he has maintained success throughout his career. As chief execute of Jupiter, he has made major changes consisting of cost reduction that have helped keep the company from hardship, and proposed methods to growing a larger audience. Kheradpir wants Jupiter to be the leader in the field of cloud building. It shows that he is dedicated to delivering top of the line products.

A history with multinational corporations like Barclay and Verizon have provided him with a strong reputation throughout the industry. Mr. Kheradpir upbringing has staged him for the man he is today. Kheradpir grew up in Iran with a father who was an ear nose and throat doctor. This likely meant he had a lot to live up to, and has used every means at his disposal to achieving his goals. For example, during his time with Verizon, the company reduced its budget by two percent. His negotiating tactics with vendors are invasive but effective. This is not his only accomplishment. Kheradpir persuaded Verizon to wipe out their policy on buying equipment off auctions on eBay. Although some may find this maneuver highly debatable, it has allowed the company to thrive. In addition, state-of-the-art software was established and bolstered Verizon’s hardware usage.

When he joined Barclays, he was quickly promoted to Chief Operations and Technology Officer. The trust of his vision was evident because it was the first time to have a technology executive be on the executive team at Barclay. The highlight for many was when Kheradpir became CEO of Juniper in 2014. Kheradpir intention was simplification that would decrease expenses, raise dividends and share buybacks. He has attempted to apply all the lessons he has learned and wants his procedures to be reflected in the new market. Juniper continues to evolve and has so by building brand-new networking devices.