Dr. Jennifer Lee Walden: Plastic Surgery Superstar

Jennifer Lee Walden is a renowned, board-certified American plastic surgeon living and working in Austen, TX, where she was also born to parents also in the medical field. Her father was a dentist and her mother a surgical nurse. After completing her undergraduate and medical school studies through the University of Texas, where she was Salutatorian, Dr. Walden was awarded a fellowship at the Manhattan Ear, Nose and Throat Hospital, learning under Dr. Sherrell Aston who was the Department Chairman. Here she was awarded as Clinical Instructor of Surgery of the New York University Langone Medical Center in an academic setting.

After her fellowship, Dr. Walden continued working in the city, but on the Upper East Side as a plastic surgeon for nearly eight years. During this time, she also worked with clinical trials. Dr. Walden performs everything from minor procedures such as Botox and fillers to face and eyelid lifts, breast augmentations and rhinoplasties (surgeries to modify the nose). In 2001 after her children were born, Dr. Walden returned to her hometown in Texas where she opened a main office in Austin and a satellite office and surgery center in Marble Falls, TX.

Dr. Walden is one of the few 180 female members of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery out of 2600 total members. She is also a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons. Other accomplishments include serving on the Board of Directors for the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery as well as filling their role of Vice Commissioner of Communications. She is also the media spokeswoman for American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Knowledge of Dr. Walden’s expertise, skills and accomplishments has spread far from New York City and Austin. She is often asked to speak through the media regarding new surgery techniques, the proper time to consider surgery, minimally invasive techniques and the latest in technology used in her field and has appeared on NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX News and many other outlets. She has also been featured in Cosmopolitan, New York Magazine, Vogue, Shape as well as many other publications. Dr. Walden also takes medical mission trips such as ones to repair cleft palates on children.

Excelling in Online Reputation Management

An overwhelming majority of consumers read online reviews to establish the quality of local businesses. A similar percentage of the consumers who are impressed by the positive online reviews of companies are lured into trusting the brands. You cannot please all the people all times but it is imperative to monitor the online public opinion about your business and manage it. The following the basic steps for online reputation management
Monitor Your Own Profile
You have to monitor your online reputation since there are propagandist and cut-throat competitors on the internet. You can notice the absence of a common industry review website from your list of referral traffic. You may notice a suddenly drop of your company reviews in a sites. If so, chances are that a negative review could have triggered the sudden traffic drop. Tools like ReviewPush enables multi-site monitoring with notifications and email alerts to always update you with your online reviews.
Monitor Industry Review Sites
Monitoring your company reviews on search engines only is not enough. You need to narrow down your search to specific sites and the social media. When searching for online companies, you should include specific recommendation since there are an ocean of products and services available on the internet.
Responding Without Confrontation
Negative online reviews are inevitable but what matters is how you handle them. The best approach to address negative reviews is through an instant online response that asks the maligning reviewer to get in touch with you at their convenience. When the reviewer gets in touch, you can solve the issue offline or privately. One should also be sensitive with his or her response tone.
Incentivizing Satisfied Reviewers
Most clients who are satisfied with a product never post their reviews. It is the aggravated clients who are more like to vent their anger on the internet. You can consolidate your position by targeting your best clients and incentivize them. The incentives can be in form of service discounts or free products.
Darius Fisher is a British entrepreneur, film producer, filmmaker and visual effects engineer. He is well known for his award-winning films like Bhutto, Fuel, The Aviator, The Big Fix and Avatar. Fisher is the founder of Digital Neural Axis and President of Status Labs. Status Labs is a leading online reputation management, public relations and digital marketing firm. Status Labs has offices in New York, Austin and Sao Paulo.

The Spirituality and Peace of Joseph Bismark


I discovered a fascinating article on Joseph Bismark on the WordPress blog Please Don’t Ask Alice. The article tells how Bismark is exactly the leader the marketing industry needs with his remarkable ability to encourage and show respect to employees thus inspiring them to drive the company forward. In particular, his goal is to encourage each employee to capture and share a common vision. To this end he longs to instill a spirituality and peace of mind among the workers in his company. Bismark has long seen the key of instilling spirituality and peace of mind within the body of the business work force. And he has a knack for having his business and spiritual personas complement each other at all times. 

This knack did not come naturally, however. He trained for it for many years. At only nine years of age he left his home to become a monk in the mountains of the Philippines. He trained there in the art of meditation until he was 17 years old. In 2008, Bismark became of part of the Q Group. He was instrumental in helping them create Qnet of which he became a manager. In his current role as a business leader, he has tirelessly worked to drive these ideas into his own workforce at Qnet. And although trying to please everyone can be chaotic, Bismark has actually systematized the practice. 

There are several other managers at Qnet, but because of his emphasis on encouraging and showing respect to each employee, Bismark is the most popular among them. His emphasis on each individual may not seem sincere. It may seem like he is only doing it because he wants to get something out of it. Although he does, in fact, want to get something out of it, he genuinely cares for his employees. He truly wants each individual to reach their fullest potential not just for the sake of the company but for themselves as well.

Here’s to hoping that in the future more leaders in businesses see Joseph Bismark’s methods are working and therefore follow his example. He himself is working to make this true among various business leaders. In the hectic and very confusing business environment of today, they would do well to listen to his advice.

Dan Newlin Teaches his Legal Team Excellent Customer Service Skills

The education of the next generation of lawyers is an integral aspect of Dan Newlin’s career. Currently the leading attorney at his law firm, The Law Offices of Dan Newlin, this prominent leader strives to spread the knowledge of exception legal practices to the members of his 75-employee team. Essentially, his wide range of experiences including wrong death, personal injury, motorist accidents, and healthcare malpractice, encouraged him to develop protocols to assists his coworkers in providing outstanding legal services. As an expert attorney, he has worked with a diverse group of individuals from soccer moms to board certified physicians. Most importantly, he understands the importance of cultivating meaningful relationships with clients in order to evaluate each situation on a case-by-case basis.

Newlin’s primary goal is to facilitate exceptional customer service among the members on his team. Therefore, his extensive employee training emphasizes the imperativeness of displaying compassion and empathy in order to communicate with clients from all walks of life. This productive collaboration establishes rapport and trust which enables his team of seasoned lawyers to protect and defend the rights of injury and accidents victims. Moreover, Newlin’s client service coaching has strongly encouraged his team to defend their patrons in court, and as a result, individuals receive ample compensation for their losses.

As a long standing client advocate, this prominent attorney’s teaching has greatly influenced the firm’s recovery of over $150 million in personal injury and accident claims. As a result, Newlin and his team has recently received the renowned recognition of a Super Lawyer Law Firm which is an award that praises attorneys who demonstrate a commitment to their clients and the practice of law. This distinctive acknowledgement is given to less than five percent of Florida lawyers. In addition, one member of his team was reviewed by an extremely rigorous process and received the Rising Stars Award. Unlike the Super Lawyer Law Firm distinction, this highly competitive and prestigious recognition is given to less than two and a half percent of lawyers and is a direct reflection of Newlin’s commitment to educating his legal team.

Dan Newlin, written about in this Yahoo Finance article, has successfully hired and trained over thirty attorneys and is consistently selected by his peers as America’s best lawyer. Along with his Orlando and Chicago law endeavors, he is also commended to leading community service events in both communities. Notably, Newlin and his team created The Dan Newlin Miracle Project which is a foundation that is committed to helping chronically ill children in hospitals around the Orlando area. In addition, The Law Offices of Dan Newlin are also involved with Make a Wish, March of Dimes, Ronald McDonald House Charities, and Wounded Warrior Project.

Creating and Editing Wikipedia Encyclopedia Articles

While creating a Wikipedia page without the experts at GetYourWiki may seem like an overwhelming task, it is a quite concise and simple process. In fact, you may not be aware that individuals can not only create their own Wikipedia page, but also edit their own pages and those of others. Creating content that is honest, ethical, and informative is imperative in order to preserve the nature of Wikipedia. The first article you write should be done using multiple credible sources of information and references. Unique content is important and once you have registered for an account and started a practice article, you can search for pages that may already exist and ask fellow writers and editors for assistance. A practice article is important in order to correct for style guide errors or grammar and spelling mistakes. A tutorial and multiple help pages are available on Wikipedia:

Writing better articles.

Editing can be done on your own article or other writers’ articles provided that it is unprotected from editing. Minor edits and major edits can be done through the Wikipedia classic wikitext or Visual Editor. These screens are accessible via the “edit” feature on the top of a Wiki page. Minor edits are used if the content is not changed and major edits refer to in-accurate content that needs to be corrected. Edit requests may also be issued on protected pages and a response will be made from a Wikipedia editor. The talk feature is a resource that allows writers and editors to converse about edits made to an article and ways to improve the content.

Time taken reviewing the Wikipedia style guides and FAQs will enable writers to produce the preferred content required. Informative pages that bring relevant and credible sources are an invaluable asset and articles should be written with care and consideration.

Lime Crime Makeup: Nothing Else Like It On The Planet!

Yes, we can do the time! Lime Crime makeup is just awesome, especially if you consider yourself to be a modern women who enjoys cosmetics with an edge.

Lime Crime makeup is all about the pretty. Whether it’s eye shadow, lip gloss, blush, nails and more, its incredible formulas take your beauty to the next level. Lime Crime aptly describes their products as, “the most kick-ass, true-to-color, cruelty-free cosmetics,” and they’re not kidding!

As we all know, makeup should be fun to put on; it’s not just to cover up blemishes, broken capillaries, dark circles and so on. Expressing yourself with cosmetics is part of being a woman, and Lime Crime lets you play up your fantasies. For instance, Lime Crime features the cutest, little eye shadow pots called, Zodiac Gltter, and yes, there is a color for every horoscope on the planet. If you are an Aquarian, your shadow is an electric blue with cool glitter. It’s a happy eye shadow and super for those nights out where you just want to run free.

Lime Crime’s Unicorn Lipstick is another cosmetic that lets you laugh at the world. Forget about boring, dull neutral pouts. Unicorn lipstick is bold, opaque and OMG!

When it comes to the perfect mani/pedi, Lime Crime offers some of the loveliest candy-colored nail polishes inspired by confectionery delights. Pretty, long-lasting lacquers like Lavendairy, Parfait Day, Peaches & Cream and Once in a Blue Mousse are some of the shades you will find, all nicely poured into Lime crime’s signature unicorn labeled bottle.

There is even Venus: The Grunge Palette, an 8-eye shadow set created by Lime Crime. You won’t find the typical boring, beige group of mousey colors often found in drugstores. No way! The Grunge Palette is on the forefront, giving women a glamorous choice of colors to dress up their eyes in wow shades that resemble bruised fruit marsala, overripe nectarine, deep burgundy, etc. Plus, this most treasured box of eclcetic shadows comes designed in kitschy, Botticelli artwork with a pretty mirror tucked inside.

We promise you that Lime Crime makeup is everything modern and more! This ain’t your mama’s makeup stash, but don’t be surprised if she starts dipping into your Lime Crime assortment, because these pigmented beauties look gorgeous on every gal! Visit Lime Crime’s Twitter for great deals.

Lime Crime is easy to find online and in stores at Naimie’s Beauty Center, Valley Village, California and Urban Outfitters Herald Square, New York City.

Adam Sender Switches Careers, Keeps Focus

Adam Sender was one the best when it came to hedge fund management. It was a career path that was he chose because he knew that he could make a lot of money. With art Sender would again find that there were opportunities to make a lot of money. This difference would be that he would find a career that he was passionate about.

I have found it rare for people that are in the business world to make a total switch to things that are associated with the arts. I have seen artists in music switch to business, but I rarely see businessmen pull away from their specialty to connect with their creative side. For the record, Sender is not a painter or a photographer by trade. He simply has a passion for those that work in this profession. He has the ability to see and collect the art work that has been deemed valuable by other art collectors. He has done amazing things like discover and purchase art for six figures that is now worth seven figures. This is a highly impressive thing for anyone that collects artwork.

With Adam Sender (Observer) it is a mystery – at first glance – to see why anyone would leave a job that provided the type of security that his previous position held. It is only when people take a look at then number of art pieces that he has purchased do they realize that he may have actually increased his wealth by pursuing his passion. Sender’s life is a true testament to the old saying of finding something [career wise] that you love and the money will soon come. It is Sotheby’s that started selling some of the 800 art pieces that Sender has collected over the years.

He has art that is diverse from more than 139 artists. I thought that this was quite an impressive collection, far from a fluke. There are people that think that they want to venture into something else, but they will find themselves looking for the exit once things do not work out. Sender didn’t have this problem. He was already collecting art on a regular basis when he had the salary that comes with being one of the top hedge fund managers. It was this salary that would give him the ability to further transcend into a full time art collector. His collective art that is being sold by Sotheby’s is worth a reported $70 million dollars (on the low end of the spectrum). It is safe to say that Sender has transcended into a position that gives him satisfactory earnings and satisfaction in general. His passion has given his pleasure.

Fear the Finance

Augh. The first of the month. Sarah always hated the first of the month. Even though she got paid on that glorious day, the money came into her account and went right back out again. She had never been good with her finances.

She’d even tried taking a class at the local community college once. That only introduced her to credit cards and how easily she could open them and use them. For Sarah, that was one thing she was great at; charging her credit cards. In fact, she had done so well, they were almost all maxed out. And now, just as luck would have it, the bills were coming in. What was she going to do? She didn’t have enough in the bank to cover them.

She certainly couldn’t ask her parents. They had no pity for their thirty one year old daughter who couldn’t seem to get her life in order. Maybe she could get a loan. Yes, that’s it. She’d get a loan.

Three calls later, she was speaking with the Financial Manager at her local bank. He invited her in to review her credit, assets and debt. She made an appointment and it forever changed her life.

At first she was extremely afraid. Would he judge her as her father had done? Call her a “spendthrift” with no sense of protection for her future? No, not this man. Mr. Hampton would be the man who would not only educate her, but would show her the way to a debt free future.

He told her the first rule of finance was knowing what you make, knowing what you owe and knowing what you spend. They then opened a savings account. He taught her how to make a “budget”, how to plan ahead and how to live within her means. The first step was cutting up the credit cards. The second was paying them down a little at a time. She left his office with more hope than she could have dreamed of.

Four years later, Sarah walked across the stage and accepted her Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Finance. She had graduated at the top of her class. She had mastered her own personal finances and now she was working with Mr. Hampton to help others master theirs.

It didn’t take long for Sarah to move up in the bank. She became the Vice President of the Corporate Finance Department. She was well respected, but more than that, she was thankful for that day she walked into the bank and put her fears of finance to the side.

Planning is the key to financial freedom. You can’t run away from your finances. Just log into Facebook and get some advice from Igor Cornelsen because you must face them head on. Living freely from debt is an amazing accomplishment and one so few people ever realize. Start early and educate yourself now. Open a savings account and put $5.00 a week in it if that’s all you can afford. Don’t touch it, watch it grow and with it, watch your financial shackles dissolve like snow.


Somewhere back in the ancient days of American business and industry, the image of a CEO was one of a stodgy, balding man in a three piece suit, sitting in an overstuffed chair smoking a cigar, ruminating on big business and all the money his company was sure to make. Yes, that was what a CEO looked like, in days of yore. Certainly, no one with pink glossed lips, blonde curly hair, eyelashes and glittering eyeshadow could qualify as a CEO, could they? Well, today, yes, they could, and yes they can.

The age old image of a cigar chomping CEO is under definite revision with the advent of innovative women making changes in the modern business world, and truly glamorous cosmetics CEO Doe Deere is a case in point. Doe Deere’s boldly glamorous makeup line, Lime Crime, is a company that came from humble beginnings, with minimal funding but major great ideas. The result is a makeup line that is speaking to modern beauties who want cosmetics that are as boldly creative as they are, with colors that range through the rainbow and beyond, and with a style that is urban, edgy and definitely rock and roll.

A Russian emigre with a taste for jazzy purples, pinks and unicorns in her style palette, Deere’s goal is to create a cosmetic line that meets modern women where they are. According to Deere, today’s modern beauty seekers want cosmetics that go beyond the tried and true while still offering quality in the way they look and wear. Women also want makeup that does more than just “cover up” imperfections, much more. That’s why they’re choosing Lime Crime.

The Lime Crime cosmetics line offers a knockout selections of lipsticks (in matte and gloss) in colors that are as bold as can be but also incredibly feminine and flattering.   And why not? With a CEO like Doe Deere, they style, and the sky, is the limit.

AnastasiaDate Is One Of The Top Dating Sites For Love

Looking for love can be as big a task as it is to look for a new car, or a new house. When one is searching for something as important as love, they shouldn’t limit themselves to where they may find it. Many men these days are searching for love online, and that means they are open-minded enough to know that they can find love anywhere. Since the Internet is such a vast place, it’s possible to talk to someone online, and they may be in a completely different country. Many men have not limited themselves to which country they find love in, as long as they find it.

Any man who is interested in finding love overseas, he may do well by going to the AnastasiaDate website. Over 4 million users can’t be wrong, and there are more users going to the AnastasiaDate website every day. With so many users joining AnastasiaDate website, there must be something that the website is doing right, and maybe other websites are not doing what AnastasiaDate is doing. AnastasiaDate is number one when it comes to dating internationally, and they are number one for a reason. Not only has the company been around for over two decades, they also are very knowledgeable about overseas dating.

The owners who created AnastasiaDate are of Russian and American descent. The wife is Russian, and the husband is American, and they met in a similar way to how the AnastasiaDate website works. Since the couple knows exactly how to introduce a Russian lady to an American man, they created a great website that does the same thing. The website can help an American man find a great Russian woman, and it’s possible that marriage may happen. AnastasiaDate is a great website to find love, especially for those who are open-minded.

Although there are a lot of dating websites out there, AnastasiaDate is definitely unique. Not only are the persons on AnastasiaDate in different countries, but the way they can contact each other is different than many other websites. AnastasiaDate has several ways that each member can contact each other, and they can even call each other through the AnastasiaDate phone. Talking with each other can be one of the best ways to get to know each other, instead of just sitting and chatting on the computer. Those who are truly looking for love, they should join AnastasiaDate.