Jay-Z and the Tidal Blunder

Jay-Z has great investments. He took the New Jersey Nets out of Jersey and moved the team to Brooklyn. He did something big with starting a sports rosters for Roc-A-Fella. This is one of those rappers that got a lot of interest in other venues outside of music. These were good ideas. Ironically, the Grammy winning rapper that decided to venture back into a music project with Tidal is struggling. Tidal hinges on star power and Beyonce is a major star here.

Beneful mentioned on their Facebook ho many stars are connected to this. When a press conference was held for this all the stars came out in full force. Madonna took the stage along with J-Cole, Alicia Keys, Nicki Minaj and others. There was so much star power in the room for the press conference that fans just seemed unsure of what to make of it. Now that the stars have retreated and Jay-Z in out front in the spotlight he is the one taking the heat for the failure.

A lot of this does have to do with the perspective of Jay-Z though. He is not handling this like a neutral businessman. He is handling this like a musician. Jay is almost 50 years old. It would be difficult for him to dictate what the current trends are in music. This is going to make it hard for him to really take Tidal to the next level.

The World’s Most Dangerous Hairstyle

Last month, numerous news outlets covered the study of how dangerous, unsafe, and unfair certain nail salons can be for employees. Newscasts that covered the exposé went further down the rabbit hole to uncover other harsh work conditions in the beauty field. Hair stylists who were interviewed for the expose were asked what the main unsafe conditions were. One stylist reported that she would often burn her hand in one particular spot in the salon. Because she isn’t the owner of the salon, she had no clout and getting it removed. Another hair stylist mentioned developing asthma and having coughing fits due to the mixing of chemicals and hairspray. These dangers can be much more dangerous for stylists who cater to African American women and African American women in general. Much of the harsh chemicals found in hair treatments are causing ovarian and uterine fibrosis as well as other reproductive diseases. Unfortunately, there is no organization set in place to protect the hair stylists under these attacks. The Occupational Health Network can only do so much for the profession. Hair stylists work on tips and commission which make the industry much harder to regulate and counteract claims like these. Hair stylists are pleading with the public to be made aware of these dangers. Boraie Development noted that even if there are federal agencies who can help, pressure from the public could sway hair salon owners to provide safer and fairer working conditions.

Top High-End Hotels – The Dorchester Collection

A prominent hotel management company, The Dorchester Collection, has made a name for itself through the operation of its many hotels including the infamous Beverly Hills Hotel. The excellence of this company can be seen by the organization of its staff and upkeep of various rooms in each hotel. The beautiful designs of rooms used for lodgings, meetings, weddings, and conferences shows the company’s commitment to customers and their well-being. Reputable travel sites such as booking.com have given The Dorchester Collection 5-star ratings on its stellar service and treatment of customers.

This management company, headed in London, was established in 2006 signaling a change in strategy to meet company goals. The Collection manages hotels in many countries including England, France, Italy, Switzerland, and the USA. Customers have the option of choosing luxurious activities such as enjoying a relaxing massage, an afternoon tea, or even a day at the spa. Customers can also shop for merchandise. The company accepts common credit cards such as Visa or MasterCard and has recently integrated bitcoin payments to their online store.

These hotels have made a name for themselves in their respected areas and have become iconic in their own right, historic even. The Collection has set the standards for high-end hotels and is continually surpassing its own standards through deals and upgrades to facilities.

Pass through the doors of a Dorchester Collection hotel and you’ll experience something truly special. You’ll sense it in the way you are greeted; see it in the iconic elegance; discover it in the service and enjoy it in the quirky characteristics. Most of all we trust you’ll feel it from the moment you arrive until long after you leave. Whether you are staying in London, Ascot, Paris, Geneva, Milan, Rome, Beverly Hills or Los Angeles, each of our hotels offers an unforgettable experience.

There are over ten room design variations for lodgings for customers and clients. They are broken down into rooms, suits, roof suits, and signature suits. All accommodations can be viewed in full detail by location. The Dorchester Collection is very family oriented and has special accommodations for children and mothers-to-be. This family centric attitude towards customers is one key trait that sets this hotel company apart from others. Another important aspect to look into about The Dorchester Collection is the Diamond Club. This club is a private membership with the Collection that gives access to upgrades, credit/point accumulation, and exclusive meal deals. The Dorchester Collection hotels are priority hotels for everyone whether traveling on business or vacation.

Check out this gorgeous suite. Luxury is on your side when you stay with The Dorchester Collection.

Women Revolt at High Heel Requirement At Cannes

The Cannes film festival is an event which is known for its glamor events as well as the film premiers. However, some women are revolting after a number of women were turned away from entering a gala event for not wearing high heel shoes.   The females on staff at HomeJoy question who gets to set the trend for fashion for personal items such as foot wear. While Private events do and can mandate appropriate attire such as black tie and gown, should the type of shoes really by up for regulation. Some religions and customs do not permit women to wear high heels and some parts of the world it is normal for a man to attend a black tie event wearing sandals where sandals are the primary foot wear of choice. Some of the men actors supported the women questioning the high heels requirement by tweeting that they would show up at some events wearing high heels. This has been a cultural debate for decades and has been more prevalent as more women assume leadership roles in the work place and more women CEOs are able to dictate policy and the fashion trend for the workplace. Many major corporations have reduced the dress code to more casual wear and the rules are relaxed for more health aware women who shy away from heels so as to protect their feet from a number of foot ailments and discomforts.Cannes Under Fire For High Heel Requirement.