Pet Owners Seeking High Quality Selections in Pet Food

A recent article in the Daily Herald illustrates how pet food producers are responding to consumers who want their pets to have a more human-like eating experience. You may wonder what that means! Well, despite having to pay a little more – pet owners first of all desire quality, and that means fresh ingredients with a minimum of preservatives. And stockpiling kibble in warehouses where they tend to lose their flavor and texture has obviously been a concern for consumers.

The pet food industry is responding as each would desire a greater market share of this $23.7 billion industry. So be prepared to find more gluten free, organic, grain free, refrigerated and gourmet blend dog food on pet store shelves. Purina has entered the competition in a unique way by purchasing Merrick Pet Care, who were the first to produce certified organic wet and dry pet food. With this acquisition Purina will expand on the company’s BackCountry line which features wildlife recipes such as “Game Bird” and “Pacific Catch”. Some pet owners are trending to feeding their furry friends foods most often found in the wild.

Beneful has been especially responsive to the “pet food experience” trend with its own line of wet dog food that boasts simmered or roasted real meat recipes. Imagine your own family recipe of simmered beef, barley, carrots, wild rice and spinach – that same dish is available for your pet in resealable, ten ounce tubs for refrigeration. Beneful simmered chicken medley, reminiscent of a home-style chicken and wild rice dish, features simmered chicken with green beans, carrots and wild rice.

Dogs may enjoy these human-like eating experiences because they have a super-sized sense of smell. As a matter of fact it is their strongest sense, while a dog’s taste is limited to a few specifics, like sour, salty, bitter or sweet. This may explain why dirty socks and shoes are so darn delicious to dogs! At any rate, the pet food manufacturers are on the right track. Gone are the days where the only choices for pet food were wet and dry, beef and chicken. Beneful is offering up choice menu selections that not only smell great, but are taste tested to satisfy even the most finicky eaters.


Andy Wirth Chats About The Fight To Incorporate Olympic Valley Properties

The Reno-Gazette Journal recently published a talk with Andy Wirth about the incorporation fight in the Olympic Valley. Andy Wirth is the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski, and he has invested quite a lot of energy in his fight against incorporation. There are several different divisive issues within the incorporation battle, and this article explains how Andy views the situation in the Olympic Valley.

#1: Andy Is Against Incorporation

Andy owns a few lodges in the Olympic Valley that are rustic and beautiful. He has staff members who count on their jobs to live well, and he is pleased to have a strong snow season in 2015-2016. Andy has pointed out that the last few years have been difficult, and he does not believe that incorporation is a necessary issue at this time. He takes issue with several things the incorporation lobby would do.

#2: Higher Taxes Are Not Helpful

Andy fears higher tax rates across the Olympic Valley when incorporation takes hold. Incorporation in the Olympic Valley would put a council in place that could levy taxes on homeowners and businesses to municipal projects. The current tax structure is friendly to businesses and homeowners, and Andy is afraid that many people who cannot afford higher taxes will be pushed out of the valley.

#3: Increased Government Intrusion

Andy does not want to see a local government intruding on the operation of his businesses when he believes the area is governed well at the current time. Andy is not against incorporating in a wise manner, but he believes that the current incorporation lobby would impose government rules that are not necessary. Businesses like his ski lodges could be buried in paperwork, and local residents could be subject to building codes that are unnecessary.

#4: A Financial Threat

Andy ultimately believes that incorporation would force him to lay off some of his staff, and Andy sees a future in which incorporation could see smaller businesses closing. The economy in the valley could be destroyed, and Andy does not want to see a place that he calls his home devastated in such a fashion. Avoiding incorporation right now will help save everyone money.

Andy Wirth wants to help the Olympic Valley grow, and he does not see a reason to incorporate the valley at this time. His opinions are held by many business owners, and he wants to garner consensus instead of forcing through new regulations.

What George Soros Thinks About Donald Trump

Forbes billionaire George Soros is quite opinionated when it comes to issues pertaining to economy and politics. He is popular for being the man who broke the Bank of England in 1992. Despite being in his semi retirement, he is among the top contributors on the political scene in the United States. He openly supports the liberal causes and their candidates. During the World Economic Forum in Davos, Soros was interviewed by Bloomberg TV’s Francine Lacqua .In the interview, he stated that Donald Trump is doing ISIS’ work. He cited the anti-immigrant wrath that has been the center of Trump’s campaign. This position has seen him rise in Republican polls. Soros offered the same critique against candidate Ted Cruz and predicted that Hillary Clinton would win the general election.
George Soros said that closing the U.S. borders will only convince Muslim communities that terrorism is the only alternative. He further added that since the Iraqi and Syrian governments have won back the territory that the terrorist group had snatched, it is evident that they have little time before they are extinguished. The emergence of ISIS and the Middle East problems have led to the European Crisis. The German Chancellor opened her country to refugees thus risking to lose her political capital. However, Soros still believes that the European powers and Germany are able to integrate migrants successfully,
Soros talked about his experience as a refugee when he fled Hungary after the Second World War. Soros was a migrant for fifteen years but was able to get education. He started his career journey his finance career at F.M Meyer and Wertheim &Co during the fifties. He recalls how migrants were treated better then as opposed to now. Soros also gave his perspective on the market environment and criticized Janet Yellen and her associates for raising the rates of interests in December, which caused diminished returns. This information was mentioned on Forbes as seen the following link
George Soros is the chair and founder of the Soros Fund Management and the Open Society Foundations. He was born 85 years ago in Budapest, Hungary. Soros survived the Nazi occupation during the World War II and fled Hungary when the domination of the communist started in 1947. He went to England where after doing odd jobs, he was able to join the London School economics and pursued his undergraduate studies. Later, he relocated to the United States where he settled and established his investment empire.
Soros is an established author with more than a dozen books to his name. He also writes essays, journal and articles on matters pertaining to economy, society and politics. His work has been published in various magazines and newspapers globally. Soros is also as a philanthropist and has on organization that he utilizes to create and help pro-democratic projects. Currently, the Open Society Organization operates in over 100 countries. This information was originally reported on as provided in the link below

Deere Breaks Fashion’s Rules

Doe Deere, founder and creator of Lime Crime makeup as well as self appointed Unicorn Queen, recently gave her opinion on the rules of fashion and why it’s ok to break them. Famous for her bright and bold color choices, Deere loves to play with unique color palettes and shades not only with her clothes, but with her hair and makeup.

Deere presents her patrons with cruelty free cosmetics that offer whimsical and bold choices. Weather it’s fantasy shades or glittery combinations, Lime Crime covers all the bases and caters to those wanting to not just look great but have fun. While Deere offers a different view on makeup and what it should do, she still has her own rules that she thinks should be followed. For instance, typical beauty rules say only one bold thing at a time, if you have bold eyes, have a muted lip, but Deere disagrees. She loves to wear what she wants, and if her whole face is done in bold colors and it makes her happy, then she says it works! This ties to another popular beauty rule, not mixing too many colors. Deere likes colors and she loves making fun combinations. Her advice is to wear lots of colors, just pick colors that compliment each other.

Traditional fashion rules say not to mix too many patters, but Deere marches to the beat of her own drum and loves to mix things and shake her wardrobe up. Deere things print-on-print looks are fun and happy, her rule is simply to keep within the same color scheme or complimentary colors.

Another rule she loves to break is wearing socks with open toed shoes. It may sound odd, but pairing bring, colorful and fun socks with fun and fresh open toed shoes brings about a whole new way to flaunt your style.

Deere loves to go against the popular rule that you can only wear neutrals and blacks if you have unnaturally colored hair. With her fun hair that is often in wild and whimsical shades, Deere challenges this rule on a daily basis. Her love of color goes from head to toe, but she does try to wear colors that compliment her hair color.

The final rule she loves to break is dressing your age. She feels like this takes the fun out of fashion. Everyone should wear what makes them happy and what they like. If you are young and want to wear granny loafers, go for it, and likewise, if you are 45 and want to rock a glittery mini skirt, make yourself happy!

Deere’s overall message resonates with all her advice, wear what makes you happy. This is how she runs her business and the best advice she could give anyone.


Among the many financial institutions in Brazil, BMG is among the best. Since its establishment in 1930, the BMG bank has been in the Pentagna Guimaraes family. The bank since its debut has been involved in several financial businesses. Until the early 90s, the bank dealt mainly with funding retail and wholesale business while in the 80s it changed to heavy and light vehicles. The bank later in the late 90s started payment assignment and was the best at it. In the current day, the bank is under the management of Ricardo Guimaraes, who is the grandson of Antonio Guimaraes.


Ricardo in leadership has seen the bank through great success. The bank joined with Banco Itau to create a business called the Banco Itau BMG South America payroll. The venture was aimed at distributing payroll loans in Brazil. In this venture, the bank under the leadership of Ricardo Guimaraes has been able to get fair returns.


The Payroll outfit is meant to solve the need for credit in Brazil. The market has become depressed thanks to a recession fueled by reckless government spending. It has made it difficult for Brazilian banks to offer loans to local citizens since its too risky.


Ricardo Guimaraes is a person of vision and creativity. Qualities that have led him to get the bank to the top of the financial charts.


Other than investing in payroll loans, Ricardo has also invested in different sports such as football, tennis volleyball among many others. In football, one of his favorite club the Atletico Mineiro has received funding from BMG bank. The bank under Ricardo Guimaraes sponsors individual athletes as well. Among the athletes sponsored by BMG include Marcelo Melo, a tennis player. This kind of actions has earned the bank at the top position in the association of tennis professionals.


The content of their sponsorship includes the BMG logo in the sleeves of the player uniform and also providing playing materials. According to the players and athletes sponsored by BMG bank they can achieve more by having that kind of support. It is a great achievement for the bank to be among the best.


Ricardo is an entrepreneur who has goals and aims at reaching them. In his many investments whether it’s sports or the payroll loans, Ricardo supported by his competent team can lay out strategies that lead to successful implementation.


In an example is the sports investment which in football the bank sponsors different clubs in South America. This sports investment has been able to bring real returns to the bank. The investment has also earned Ricardo Guimaraes several awards. BMG has highest returns of all brand names in soccer.

Beauty Is A Specialty Of Dr. Jennifer Walden

People who look in the mirror and don’t like what they see may not have low self-esteem as others may think, it may be that the person truly has a problem that they need to be taken care of. A person may feel their cheeks aren’t fluffy enough, maybe they want their lips to be fuller, it’s possible that the ears are not even on each side, and there are many other criticisms that they can make about themselves. No matter what a person thinks about someone who feels the need to change their looks, people are just going to do what they want, especially if they feel the need to get plastic surgery. Many are getting plastic surgery these days, but they want a good surgeon to do the work.

A very good surgeon is Dr. Jennifer Walden, and she’s unlike many other plastic surgeons out there. Dr. Walden has an excellent record because of the surgery she performs, and she’s also one of the top doctors in the state of Texas. Many have a vision of a man performing plastic surgeries when they think of plastic surgeons, so Dr. Jennifer Walden is a bit out of the norm because of the fact that she’s a woman. Although there are other women who were plastic surgeons, very few doctors have gotten the recognition that Dr. Jennifer Walden has. Dr. Walden helps anyone who needs it, no matter if they are a woman or a man.

Since either sex can go to Dr. Walden for surgery, it means that they’ll be well taken care of and can get the surgeries that they want. One of the popular surgeries that Dr. Walden performs that many other doctors don’t perform is fat transfer. Fat transfers became popular because of the fact that it can plump up certain areas of the body that a person wants bigger in size, such as the breasts, the arms, the cheeks and more. Those who choose Dr. Jennifer Walden as their plastic surgeon will not only get a great surgeon that’s knowledgeable, but they’ll get amazing surgical results as well.

Healthier Pet Food at an Affordable Price

Beneful, a product of Nestle Purina Pet care is a brand of dog foods. It includes wet dog food, dry dog food and dog treats. Results of a SWOT analysis revealed Beneful as the most significant brands of Nestle Purina based on revenue. Beneful brand name came into the market in 2001 and its marketing strategy is on nutrition and appearance basis. For more information on Beneful, follow this link: Https:// Fresh pet Inc. factory is based in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and is the sole manufacturer of industrial frozen pet food. It is among the fastest growing innovators in the pet food market and focuses on delivering healthy products. At Fresh pet, fresh ingredients are used; preservatives shunned and time meals sit on the shelves reduced. With this, clients are assured of fresh, healthy products for their pets. Its primary clientele is cat and dog owners. With the increase in demand for healthy and fresh foods not only for humans but their pets as well, traditional pet-food companies have had to shift to healthier foods in their lines. They are also faced with the inevitable task of restructuring their marketing strategy to keep up with the competition from new companies in the field such as Fresh pet and Blue Buffalo Co. The competition among pet-food companies has made each company make efforts to stand out. For instance, Colgate-Palmolive has dog food that will help in weight loss. Nestlé’s Purina gives a provision for pet owners to order for personalized meal blends through their website. Mars Pet care has adopted the farm-to-table approach through its Nutro Farm’s Harvest line. Purina has a brand for older dogs that is easier to digest. There’s also an emerging Youtube trend with the tagline “he’ll have what you are having” that has seen pet-food companies come up with foods that are somewhat similar to human food such as lasagna and beef stroganoff for dogs by Mars’ Cesar Home Delights. This trend seems to work as there has been a notable increase in sales of premium dog food by about 45% since 2009. In defense of the inflated prices, Fresh pet’s Thompson is of the opinion that for people who value wellness and health, it is a small price to pay. For more information on dog food sales surge with innovations, follow the following link:

The New Visual Search Shopping Advantage

An article recently appeared in MIT Technology Review about visual search technology. The article explored the emergence of Visual search technology as a way to improve shopping online. Image recognition software has changed the way that the consumer shops online. This is very advantageous to the shopper and the retailer. A number of sites are now incorporating the visual search technology into their websites. For example, Pinterest is one of the first to embrace this new technology on their site. Experts suggest that the deep learning process helps visual search technology succeed, where it failed in the past.

Slyce is a leader in visual search technology. This is the new technology that is rapidly replacing the way that people shop online. The technology is destined to change the way that people shop and the way that they use the Internet. They make it possible for a retailer to market to people via their mobile device or desktop over the Internet. A retailer’s customer is able to visually search for the product that they want. The search also returns alternative products that are closely related to the searched product. Thus, increasing the odds that the customer will make a purchase and that the retailer does not lose a sale.

There is a very good reason why Slyce is a leader in the field of visual search technology. This is due to their using the best technology that is available today. Slyce uses advanced technology that allows them to integrate the entire search. The customer finds an interesting product, they are able to scan bar-codes or coupons, and make the purchase. This is a remarkable technology that is designed to maximize profits for retailers and make shopping a simple process for the consumer. Slyce is more than nice. Slyce technology is the solution to maximizing profits.

Traveling With My Dog And Trying Out Beneful Varieties

My wife and I care dearly about our poodle. I’ve never had a dog with so much personality. She is always waiting by the door for us, and she never begs at the table. She’s the perfect dog, so I like to reward her with Beneful Dog Treats. I buy her two different kinds. I buy some kinds for her teeth because I want her to keep that healthy smile that she already has. Isn’t it weird when dogs smile? The kind I buy her for her teeth are called Healthy Smile Dental Twists. I buy her the medium size. If I give her one before bed, then it is like she is brushing her teeth before bed.

I also buy treats for her to help train her on because my wife and I want to show her in dog shows. She has certification from the breeder, and she is good at listening and taking commands. I think she’ll only require a little training to have everything mastered. This isn’t the first time we’re doing this, my wife and I. We have shown several locations before. We find that Beneful Dog Treats work well as an added incentive to listening. The kind I prefer are Baked Delights. They have a bunch of different types of Baked Delights, but I prefer the type called Heartfuls. My dog seems to agree with that because she’s always putting her nose in my hand for a snack.

We know her eating habits well. In fact, the dog knows them, too. At the exact moment that the clock strikes five, the dog will be in front of one of us to check for dinner. She is like an alarm clock. We’ve been feeding her Beneful on youtube Dry Dog Food. We get the kind called Original. That comes in a few different flavors, but my dog seems to prefer the kind with real chicken most.

We like to introduce the dog to varieties in life. We take her new places, mainly to dog shows, but the shows are all over the United States. We’ve thought about showing internationally, as well. It is still something we are considering. When we go on the road we take extra food along with us to keep her appetite high. We usually bring Beneful Chopped Blends with us in the car. I’ll pull over and feed her the blend of chicken, carrot and rice.

Eric Pulier, the Shrewd Entrepreneur

Born and raised in Teaneck, New Jersey, Eric Pulier is a good example of a person who follows his hearts desires and is passionate about anything that he plans to achieve. Eric Pulier is a renowned entrepreneur. In addition, Eric is an author, philanthropist and corporation mogul. His computer programming skills were discovered when he was in the fourth grade as he was quite involved in programming computers. By the time he was in high school, he had established a computer company that dealt in software, database and programming functions.

In 1984, Pulier joined the esteemed Harvard University. At the university, he was an American and English literature major. He doubled as a columnist and editor for the Harvard Crimson, which was the school’s magazine. While studying at Harvard, he also took classes at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In 1988, he graduated with a magna cum laude.

In 1991, Pulier moved to Los Angeles, where he started his company, People Doing Things. The firm uses technology to provide solutions in the areas of education, health care and other social related issues. Pulier was determined to open different companies and in 1994, he founded another company called Digital Evolution. In 1998, Digital Evolution partnered with US Interactive LLC. This partnership helped Pulier build Starbright World, which is a private social network where terminally ill children can interact, chat, update, blog and create bond with those having similar incidents.

In 1997, Pulier was selected by the Presidential Inaugural Committee to establish and implement the Presidential Technology Exhibition. The exhibition, which was held in Washington D.C was named as The Bridge to the 21st Century. The success of the exhibition saw him take part and give counsel in Al Gore’s technology and health care forum. At the time, Al Gore was the vice president. In his position, Eric helped in advising AL Gore regarding the various initiatives in the technology and healthcare sector. Eric actively supports and takes part in the Clinton Global Initiative.

Eric has previously worked at Computer Science Corporation where he served as the General Manager of Cloud. He has also rendered his services for the corporation as the vice president. He was also the Chief Technology officer and the secretary of Santa Monica Media Corporation.

Eric is the co-author of Understanding Enterprise SOA, which is a book about service-oriented architecture. Eric has over 20 years experience in technology, digital and software interactive industries. He is actively engaged in different ventures and foundations that include Service Mesh Inc, Akana, Interactive Video Technology, Desktone and Media Platform.

Pulier has a big heart. He is renowned for his philanthropic works. Owing to his philanthropic activities, he has been appointed in the boards of The Painted Turtle and the X-Prize Foundation. He invests his time and money to charity activities that supports children.