Athleisure Fabletics

Athleisure Fabletics offers high-quality, fashionable clothing wearable anywhere and everywhere. Designed to transition from the gym to real life, it makes excellent Mother’s Day presents specifically tailored to your mother’s needs.

Fabletics is trendy, sexy, and breathable, the very thing you want. How does it work to get a monthly outfit? Become a VIP member, which gives you half off on 2-3 piece, $100 outfits. Log in between the 1st and the 5th of every month to “make my selection” or “skip this month.” Fabletics gives you — or your mom, if you give your mom a membership — a quiz to find out your routine activities and recommends certain clothes to you based on that information for you to “make my selection” from. After becoming a VIP member, you get free shipping.

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To cancel your membership, call 1-844-322-5384 at any time and press 4 to speak to a person about closing your account. They will offer you more outfit credit if you do not cancel and give them a little more time.

Fabletics will take returns from up to 30 days since the date of shipment. Exchange returns or returns for store credit are, of course, free. Refunds are subject to a restocking fee of $5.95.

In popular opinion, Athleisure Fabletics style rivals Lululemon, its quality competes with Gap Body, and the price resembles what you get at Target. Then, you get monthly outfits tailored expressly to your lifestyle! With all these pluses, it would be shameful to let the first, $25 deal pass. So sign up today, and get your free membership! To see samples of awesome Fabletics wear, follow this link:

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Billionaire George Soros Warns Of A Potential Crisis In China

George Soros, the billionaire investor known all around the world, believes the Chinese economy is headed for a crisis. According to him the debt fueled economy in China is very similar to what took place in the United States right before the financial crisis of 2008.

At an Asia Society event in New York on Soros said the credit growth figures for China in March 2016 should be looked at as a warning sign.

In March China had new credit that amounted to 2.34 trillion yuan. This shows the Chinese government is more concerned with growth and not getting their debt problem under control.

George Soros said the things taking place in China are eerily similar to what took place in the United States during the most recent financial crisis. While banks are supplying the economy with money, most of it is being used to offset bad debts.

In recent months Soros has openly made his feelings known about the Chinese government. While speaking in January 2016 at the World Economic Forum in Davos on, Soros said he has been betting against Asian currencies because he knows China is headed for a hard landing it will not be able to avoid.

China’s state run news agency Xinhua quickly came out with an editorial piece discrediting Soros’ claims. They pointed out he has made this prediction several times and it has yet to come to past.

George Soros said the banks in China are taking on more loans than deposits. This of course is a recipe for disaster. He also said China has troubles on both the assets and the liabilities side of things. Because other banks are being forced to lend to each other, this has added even more uncertainty and instability to the economy.

Instead of dealing with the problem head on, China is deferring it. And while they can afford to defer for another year or two, after that things will be completely out of control. The economy will hit rock bottom and millions of people will suffer as a result.

There is however a bit of good news. The new credit surge at the beginning of the year did help the property sector rebound. The values of homes in first tier cities have increased and home prices in Shenzhen have risen by over 60 percent.

This basically means China’s real estate is in its own little bubble. And while it may be able to feed itself for the next few years, at some point it too will burst. 

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Pyongyang and Yeonmi Park go Head to Head Regading Defector Status

The story of Yeonmi Park is equal parts tragic and inspiring. Park was only 13 years old when she was forced to flee the borders of North Korea in order to try and find safety in another country. In order to run from her home country, the one that should be focused on protecting its people, Park had to take up with human traffickers and this, predictably, did not end well. Eventually Park found her way to South Korea and freedom. Now she is trying to get her voice out into the world, even if its small, so that more North Korean’s don’t suffer her very own fate. In an article by, Yeonmi Park is shown to be under intense scrutiny from her former government.
Park’s story is so intense, so long, and so draining that you would almost have to make a movie out of it for people to actually believe what they’re seeing. Park had to survive years in captivity as a child slave, flight through the Gobi Desert, fleeing on foot overtop the frozen Yalu River, and the death of her father from cancer — all without being able to do a thing to help. For all of her effort she has gotten only the scorn of Pyongyang as they have taken to calling her a ‘celebrity defector’. You can read Park’s whole story in her first and only book released on Amazon, “In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom”.

Pyongyang has long been focused on discrediting any defectors of their country. Discrediting has come in a variety of different techniques that we know of. The North Korean government has tried assassinating defectors and they’ve also used their public platforms in the country to scorn them, as well. This is the current tactic that Pyongyang is utilizing against Park. The government has already released melodramatic propaganda videos that do their best to discredit every word that Park has ever said. Unfortunately for North Korea, Park’s story has already made its way to the air. She will not be silenced and the support that Park is growing is powerful.

QNET Calling Upon The Power Of Positivity With RYTHM

QNET, a direct selling company, is based in Asia. They believe in empowering others by giving them an avenue for entrepreneurship. Their goal is for their Independent Representatives to improve their lives, which eventually may help improve their community, and by doing that, will hopefully improve the world. I think that is a noble undertaking, to say the least.

The founders of QNET were inspired by the teachings of Gandhi. He was a great humanitarian and his energy can be felt when seeing how QNET operates as a company. This is evident in one of QNET’s philosophies called RHYTHM, or Raise Yourself To Help Mankind. It’s all about empowering others so that everyone will succeed.

Well, now QNET is calling upon the power of positivity. The RHYTHM Foundation has started an initiative called the Positive Thoughts Project. This is being sponsored by HomePure, a water filtration company. When they reach 1000 positive comments, a 5th Anniversary version of their filter, HomePure RED, will be donated. One will go to Taarana, a school in Malaysia for children with special needs. The other will be donated to Rashid Centre, a pediatric centre for the disabled in Dubai.

The way to help through Facebook. Anyone can leave up to three positive comments. Only positive comments are to be counted toward the goal. This campaign will last 4 weeks. QNet really does follow through with their philosophy of empowerment. The children are the future, and with this gift, they may end up having a brighter outlook on future.
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Brian Bonar Brings A Different Style To His San Diego Restaurant

There are restaurants and then there are exceptional restaurants. People eat at restaurants all the time. However, exceptional restaurants are few and far between, especially in modern society where restaurants are not valued in the same manner as a few decades ago. Although restaurants may not be seen in the same light as they once were, there are still some restaurants that stand head and shoulders above most other restaurants.

One of these restaurants is Bellamy’s, which is located in San Diego, California. Bellamy’s is a restaurant that has name recognition and is very popular in the San Diego area. Known for great food, Bellamy’s is a restaurant that has something for everyone. The chef at Bellamy’s is world renowned chef, Patrick Ponsaty. He is considered one of the best chefs in the world. His accomplishments in the chef profession are well documented.

While Patrick Ponsaty is widely considered a top chef, the spotlight has not shown bright on Patrick Ponsaty until recently. As a chef, Patrick Ponsaty is well known for his skill and talent concerning food and operating restaurants. However, beyond the inner circle of people in the restaurant business who understand the behind the scenes responsibilities that Patrick Ponsaty handles, he has basically gone unnoticed by the general public.

This situation has changed because Patrick Ponsaty has been given a great opportunity. The owner of Bellamy’s, Brian Bonar, has given Patrick Ponsaty the opportunity to be a collaborator on all aspects concerning BellamyÕs. This opportunity provides the freedom to make decisions that Patrick Ponsaty has always wanted. Even though he has guided many restaurants to high levels of success and popularity, Patrick Ponsaty usually did it behind the scenes. posited that Brian Bonar, the owner of Bellamy’s, is a different type of restaurant owner. He thinks out of the box and enjoys trying new things. For his restaurant Bellamy’s located in San Diego, California, Brian Bonar wanted to provide the people in the San Diego area with a restaurant similar to a European bistro according to his Facebook page. His objective has been and continues to be to serve great food that amazes people. Also, Brian Bonar strives to provide this food in an astrosphere where people expect to be added to a waiting list or to make reservations weeks in advance.

Brian Bonar understands what makes a successful restaurant. He understands the importance of a great executive chef, which is why he currently has Patrick Ponsaty as the executive chef at Bellamy’s. There are many restaurants in the San Diego area. However, there are very few exceptional restaurants in the area. With Bellamy’s, Brian Bonar is adding to the number of exceptional restaurants in the San Diego area.

Gucci Fashion Shows Will Combine Men and Women’s Fashion in 2017


With fashion designers facing a more competitive market Gucci will combine its men and women’s fashion lines in the 2017 fashion shows. Creative Director Alessandro Michele will have one show a year that combines both men and women’s fashions. The very first show is scheduled to take place at Gucci’s corporate headquarters in Milan.

This is a way to simplify the process of presenting a new line of fashion. Having two shows has been done due to tradition and is not very productive now.Many other fashion designers and companies will be following this trend. This can be challenging for companies that have many designers or fashion lines. Gucci is following Burberry who has already combined its lines.

The debate of making the collection available for purchase after the show is still a hot topic. Many designers feel it undermines the appeal of luxury items and waiting for them to come out each year is trendy. When they have to wait six months this drives the appeal even higher for the line.

This seems a natural way to present our fashion line combining the men’s and women’s together, said Alessandro Michele. It will be challenging but it is the way I perceive the world. Gucci will keep their current position of showing the fashions and letting consumers buy later.

JustFab was founded in 2010. It is a fashion company that provides custom fashion shopping to over 35 million members. These members are located around the world. It has fashion for women and children. Every month members receive a new collection of quality custom fashion items to choose from.

FabKids helps parents keep up with the latest fashion trends at affordable prices. Growing kids go through clothing quickly. Fabeletics is high quality active wear collenction co-founded by the actress Kate Hudson. JustFab supports a number of charities like Toys for Tots and A Place Called Home.

Get outfit inspo on JustFab’s Pinterest.

Fashion Speeding on the Highway

Fashion in JustFab is the other God of the present era. The outlook of a person should be the translation of the personality hidden within and this is where fashion steps in. The weirdest part, however, is the progress it is making and the way it is infusing religiously into every aspect of our life. In the month of March 2016 on, Jaxmotech from Germany announced a breakthrough for all who love earphones, pretty much eighty percent of the world, by adorning the cords with beads to give them a jewelry look.

Have you ever dressed up as chic on as possible and then bobbed your head along to music, with headphones dangling from your ears and looking really out of place with all your designer, carefully selected jewelry? We have all been there, we all know the struggle. Jaxmotech must too, for his own “One Fashion” earphones are actually made up of beads strung together, in all kinds of colors for all kinds of your outfits, and appear, at a single glance, to be actually necklaces hanging around your neck. Now that’s some news, isn’t it? Take a peek at the development here:

The thing about jewelry, however, is that no matter how beautiful it is, it looks useless without the right attire, the right kind of accessories and exactly the right shoes. There is a huge market out there, especially for females, and narrowing the search down is no easy task. JustFab brings together a huge assortment to get into the competition raging on and making choices easier, and so far, it seems to be doing a good job. Since its birth in 2010, JustFab has combined the various departments of fashion including a department for kids’ wear called the FabKids, a whole planet of shoes called the ShoeDazzle, a Hudson-inspired line of gym clothes called the Fabletics and finally, the brand of JustFab itself. Having spread all over the world in such a short span of time, JustFab brings the advantage of being customized by the celebrities themselves and then selling the products at affordable costs. The membership, furthermore, allows astounding offers to be availed, having attracted over a 30 million people from across the globe. The offers are mouth watering: allowing a free purchase on one that you pay for; getting shipments free of cost; heavy discounts and so much more.

JustFab, therefore, is one of those brands that would help you make your look compatible with any kind of jewelry you want to. The huge collection of all kinds of clothes and fabrics, be they denim or not, combined with all kinds of shoes, heels or flats, allow you the perfect opportunity to dress up exactly like you want to.

Kate Hudson Launches Fabletics to the Stars

The popular, blonde American actress Kate Hudson, daughter of Goldie Hawn, was interviewed by Elle fashion magazine shortly after the launch of her new sportswear apparel business, Fabletics. She described that her recent exercise regime, which allowed her to shed 70 pounds after the birth of a baby, and create a sculpted body for herself, was enhanced by having comfortable and fashionable workout attire to wear while exercising. As an actress with great past success, she decided to focus her creative juices on a sportswear business and her fashion line was created, with sports attire for women heading to the gyms or yoga centers or anywhere to begin the change to create a new body. The price points for her sports product line are all priced below $100. for each item and each piece has her personal recommendation proven by actual experiences with specific requirements for function, comfort and style. It is easy to assume that Kate Hudson has thoroughly invested herself in the success of this business.
The Fabletics website begins with personal, cursive words written by the star and an enchanting picture of Kate Hudson during an exercise routine. The site, skillfully, extols the benefits of buying and using their brand of exercise sportswear. They list a comparison to other designer styles and the prices which prove that Fabletics offers true value for the dollar. All the models on the site are in perfect form and the presentation of styles and colors of the sportswear is tasteful, colorful and creative. Combine this with a first time offer special and you’ll want to buy on your first visit.
Fabletics is an online subscription retailer which sells sportswear and accessories to women. It is a division of JustFab, and was founded in 2113 By Kate Hudson allied with Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg.
This type of business formation with a heavyweight star in tow seems to be the vogue in American business. While endorsements by stars are important, when representing a newly formed and unproven businesses there may be problems for the business in the future. But if looks mean anything then Fabletics has nowhere to go but up!
You can follow them on Instagram and Twitter.

Financing Updates And More About Slyce

There have been some serious developments with Slyce and major retailers. These new relationships come in the form of actual contracts that were signed between Slyce and major retailers in order to power Slyce’s visual search platform. Users can log onto Slyce for all of their shopping needs. Slyce has already had major relations with some major retailers, like Tilly’s and Home Depot. These relationships have brought Slyce to the highly regarded status that it has recently reached among consumers, investors and retailers. The initial report from Yahoo Finance will be covered in the remainder of this post.

News In Slyce’s Business Relations

One of the newest relations between Slyce and other major retailers is the relationship that was created between Slyce and Urban Outfitters on October 6th of 2015. Slyce is now contracted to power their visual search platform with the products offered at Urban Outfitters. There were a number of similar contracts that Slyce signed over the past year of operations. These new relations include contracts with Shoe Carnival and one with Neiman Marcus that was created in late August of 2015. Neiman Marcus had a feature called “Snap. Find. Shop.” that will be greatly augmented thanks to Slyce’s platform. People that want to shop at any of these retailers can visit Slyce’s application, take pictures of what they want and purchase it with ease on Slyce’s platform.

Changes In Financing

Perhaps one of the biggest changes to Slyce’s empire is that they are changing their terms of financing. They have officially moved from a short term financing option to a long term strategy. This is in part thanks to the resources of interested investors. The company officially opened their doors to taking investment bids from interested parties. The lead investor initially subscribed for $1.6 million units of Slyce, but that number has changed to $3.5 million units of the company. Slyce is still working to close the gap on the remaining financial obligations, and they plan to close the gap in the near future.

Fabletics Continues to Lure More Customers


There is a lot of growth that is happening for Fabletics. This company is transitioning in a brand new way, and more people are getting familiar with the brand that has become known as Fabletics. This is a very new company that is moving in leaps and bounds and every one is interested seeing what this company will do next. Hudson just keeps everything going with a level of professionalism that makes it seems like she has been doing it forever. This may ultimately be the key to her future in concerns to the longevity of a company like Fabletics. This is an organization that has managed to provide a lot of cool fitness clothes, and it appears to only be the beginning.

Fabletics is a brand that will continue to flourish because the founders are amplifying this company with more stores. Kate Hudson is the name that stands out with this company, but she is just a part of the equation. There are a lot of great components that come together to make up this puzzle.

The quality of the clothes is a layer. The way that this company markets to others is a layer. There are so many intricate layers in the totality of the company, but many people may just see it as a single layer which is Kate Hudson. This is the genius of it all. Hudson has mastered marketing by appealing to her fans, but she also has a great selection of garments on display.

The Fabletics brand just seems so stylish because the customer has already been programmed to think of the clothes in this way. The name of the company is literally a blend of the words fabulous and athletics. Customers go into the stores with the mindset that they are acquiring some fabulous merchandise for working out. That is the game changer that few celebrities have considered in the efforts to lure customers.

Many celebrities are often consumed with making sure that people know that it is a celebrity clothing line. They tag their names, or stage names, to the clothing and get models to wear the clothes. Kate Hudson did the opposite by creating a name that did not even exist as she made the decision to model the clothes herself. Her marketing campaign employed a touch of innovation with quality.

Fabletics has continued has move in a great direction, but there is a lot of competition. All the people that are checking out the website are going to find a lot of interest in the stores that are coming to a a location near you. It has been a rough process, but Fabletics will compete much better with physical stores.