Lady Gaga Joins Cast of American Horror Story

Over the past four seasons, American Horror Story has become one of the most interesting shows on television. No other show has been able to blend true horror with comedy and drama. The show has also become known for its amazing casting, as it continues to attract some of Hollywood’s top talent.

According to Entertainment Weekly, American Horror Story is living up to its reputation by having cast Lady Gaga in the next season of the anthology series. Lady Gaga will be a regular in the series, which will air this fall on FX. It will also market her first major role as an actress.

Fans like Zeca Oliveira have learned that the fifth season of the show will be entitled Hotel, but no information regarding the storyline has been released or in what time period the show will take place. Lady Gaga also said on Twitter that she does not know at this time what character she will play.

Based on the way last season’s Freak Show utilized music, do not be surprised if Lady Gaga will also be able to utilize her musical talents in the show. Since all of her previous acting gigs were very short, it will be interesting to see how she does in a much larger role over an entire television season. While no other cast members have been announced, expect to see some familiar faces from previous seasons playing new roles.

Winter of Death for Retailers

The last two months have been very bad for some top retailers. Eight retailers have filed for bankruptcy. Some of these big name Realtor include Radio Shack, Wet Seal, C. Wonders and others. More than 1,000 stores are being closed with the loss of thousands of jobs.Click here for full article.
The problem seems to not be the recession though it didn’t help. Nor was it the bad weather, quite simply there are too many stores. America has a staggeringly high amount of investment in realtor real estate. Lee Slaughter has learned that the U.S. has an average of 20 square feet of retail space for each citizen. The UK is second with only 3 square feet per person. When Americans had to cut back due to the rescission, many companies continued to open new stores in order to bring in customers though the problem goes back to before the rescission. Companies simply can’t survive while trying to hold on to their stores. We can expect to see more companies fold. With the closings will come the loss of jobs, not good news immediately after a recession and high unemployment.

John Textor and the Digital Future of Music

John Textor is a successful executive in the world of digital visual effects. He has worked on some of the most cutting edge digital effects known and continues to produce breakthrough technology in the media world. Not content to settle for stable, Textor continues to evolve to bring digital technology forward.

Textor started his career by co-founding Wyndcrest Holdings, a private equity firm focused on entertainment. That got his foot in the door of the entertainment world. After moving on to become the CEO for an internet retailer and becoming the founding director of a Lydian Trust Company/Virtual, John then became the CEO of Digital Domain Media Group in 2006.

Under his leadership, Textor re-established the company as a market leader in the field of visual effects. Digital Domain Media Group is responsible for visual effects produced from more than 80 feature films, in which 25 were under Textor’s direct leadership. The company won an academy award for the first believable actor in ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’, which is considered the Holy Grail of animation, and was responsible for visual effects in blockbusters such as ‘Transformers’, ‘Real Steel’, ‘Tron: Legacy’, and ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End’. The company won other Academy Awards as well and also several Clio advertising awards. Textor has also served as a producer for the movie ‘Ender’s Game’.

Currently, Textor is the executive chairman for Pulse Evolution Corporation. Pulse specializes in computer-generated human likeness, such as the holograms seen recently at concerts or on TV. One such production was the digital projection of Tupac Shakur at the Coachella Valley Music festival in 2012, followed by the digital projection of Michael Jackson at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards, and now a joint venture to digitally resurrect Elvis Presley for virtual performances. He is also currently producing an animated feature film being developed by former Disney talent titled ‘Art Story’.

As Textor continues to evolve, he seems to be bringing computer-generated likeness into the future. The holographic projection of past celebrities has been very impressive to concert goers and media viewers alike. Textor seems to be on the precipice of creating a digital reality that is hardly distinguishable from the real thing. It will be interesting to see where he goes next, how he continues to evolve, and the digital breakthroughs he will bring with him.

Meghan Trainor loves her collaboration with Harry Styles


It seems American singer Meghan Trainor is a big fan of British boy band One Direction’s Harry Styles. So much so, she is collaborating with him on a new song. The song is called ‘London Lights’, and was co-written by the two young songwriters a few weeks ago.

Trainor admitted, however, when it came to co-writing a song with Styles, she was a little bit worried. After all, he is only 20-years-old, so she was not quite sure he “knew what love is” and could write lyrics addressing that.

A few minutes after meeting him and well into the songwriting session, though, and Meghan said Harry was already writing ‘poetic, mature lyrics’, so she knew their collaboration was going to be a good one. ‘London Lights’ was the result, and Meghan loves it.

Not content to just co-write a song with Harry Styles, it seems Meghan Trainor likes singing his music as well. At Capital FM this week, Trainor sang a few bars of ‘Little Things’, one of One Direction’s biggest hits, and even the Capital FM disc jockey said she rocked it.

As for Meghan Trainor’s plans for her singing career? She told she knows she has very good songwriting skills and she plans on using them to become one of the music world’s biggest stars.  Slow Ventures plans to help in someway.

That should silence her critics, some of whom have been saying she is nothing but a ‘one hit wonder’.

The Excellence of The Antique Wine Company


The Antique Wine Company has a main office in Marylebone, Central London and several sales offices located in Asia. Known for specialization of antique vintages, this company also sells contemporary vintages. Founded by Stephen Williams in 1982, AWC is one of the biggest companies in the world and sells to many people, hotels and restaurants in over 100 countries. Mr. Williams also has wine cellars and collections throughout Europe, Asia and North America.


Other products sold by the Antique Wine Company are a variety of wine cabinets made of precious woods. Choices include burr ash, Bombay rosewood, sycamore and Bombay rosewood. Corkscrews, display cases, grand decanting cradles, Holiday gift boxes and large format wines are also sold by AWC. Special gifts include Linley Helix display cases filled with rare wines.


This company offers corporate hospitality packages. You can have an event in an elegant wine tasting room or a place you choose in another location. Each event has a specific theme. The Wine Academy comfortably sits 30 people at tasting tables. You can also choose a walk around event. Corporate hospitality packages include hot and cold food, an expert speaker, end-to-end management and more. Day and evening packages are available.


Stephen Williams offers accredited courses at Antique Wine Company Wine Academy. There are 10 wine expert educators that teach coursesing. One course is called Vintage Fortunes and is a wine-centric casino house game. You place bets according to how you judge samples of different wines. The Wine and Spirit Education Trust courses provide education for enhancing wine knowledge.


You can sell your rare and fine wines to this wine company. They give potential sellers three choices. These include a straightforward purchase, broker the wines for the clients or free evaluation.


A convenient service offered is the delivery and serving of wines at special events that include weddings and parties. This company also provides a variety of wines from particular collections that can withstand different storage temperatures at places such as yachts, ski chalets and beach homes.


The Antique wine company has a reputation for making sure their customers are satisfied with all services and products. The company has been rated by over 150,000 people. The results showed that most people said the service is excellent. Product expertise and knowledge of the staff was also rated highly.


AWC has opening for account managers. They offer an employment package that includes training, development and business knowledge. A competitive salary and commission package are several of the outstanding benefits of this job. More information can be found on their website.

Dr. Rod Rohrich and His Success In the World of Plastic Surgery


The cosmetic surgery industry is really growing lately in leaps and bounds. There are many individuals in the cosmetic surgery industry who are truly helping the industry grow as well. Dr. Rod Rohrich is one of the leading professionals in the field of cosmetic surgery. His role as an academic and health professional have helped propel his career and also the industry forward as well. The accolades of this great doctor have been recognized by many in the cosmetic surgery industry all over the world. It is easy to see why Dr. Rod Rohrich has had so much success in his career thus far.

Dr. Rod Rohrich received his undergraduate education from the University of North Dakota. He then proceeded to obtain a medical degree from Baylor College of Medicine. He completed his plastic surgery residencies at the University of Michigan Medical center as well. He then went on to complete even further residency at Oxford University for pediatric cosmetic surgery as well. In 1986 Dr. Rod Rohrich joined the University of Texas Medical Center. This is where he began to really make an impact in the world of cosmetic surgery.

The academic work of Dr. Rod Rohrich has really made a large impact in the world of cosmetic surgery. Dr. Rod Rohrich’s publications on the art of reconstructive surgery have really helped move the whole industry forward into new techniques and technologies. Dr. Rod Rohrich is very well known for his amazing work with facial fracture injuries. He has created revolutionary was of helping patients recover from these potentially life altering injuries. As an author Dr. Rod Rohrich has published over 600 peer reviewed articles that have contributed greatly to the world of plastic surgery. Dr. Rod Rohrich has also helped contribute to many textbooks used in the academic field of plastic surgery.

Coachella Music Fest Announces 2015 Lineup

The schedule for the 2015 Coachella Music Festival been announced, with AC/DC, Jack White, and Drake each scheduled to headline one of the three nights. AC/DC will be performing without longtime rhythm guitarist Malcomn Young in the lineup after his retirement from the band due to health issues. He will be replaced in the live lineup by his nephew Stevie Young who also appeared on the groups most recent studio album. Drummer Phil Rudd’s status with the band is questionable as he is currently facing legal charges in New Zealand.
Performers slated for the first day of the three day festival include Interpol, Steely Dan, Lykke Li, Tame Impala, and Flying Lotus. Day Two will feature sets from Belle and Sebastian, Bad Religion, Alt-J, and FKA Twigs. Artists scheduled for the third day include St. Vincent, Florence and The Machine, Ryan Adams, Jenny Lewis, and Kaskade.
The annual music festival takes place in Southern California, and is almost as renowned for the number of celebrity attendees as it is for the diverse cross-section of popular musical acts that appear on the stage. This years festival will take place in April, 2015 in the desert near Palm Springs, California. Look out for guest appearances this year from Bernardo Chua and I!

Hiding In A Hoodie


Some people who wear hoodies might be trying to conceal something, but there are plenty of people who want to wear hoodies to stay warm. That’s what the piece of clothing is intended for, so why is Oklahoma, one of the colder states in the country in the winter, possibly issuing a fine to those who wear them? Some might think of all of the crimes that are taking place in the country, and wearing hoodies might be a way to groups to ban together or conceal weapons.
This isn’t something that happens all of the time. Most people like to wear them because they are comfortable. They are easy to put on and take off. Which is why Bruce Levenson is saying lets move on. The suggestion in Oklahoma City is that officials want people not to hide their identity, and if they do by wearing a hoodie, then they could face a $500 fine. Even if this law is passed, the fine is a little high and a little ridiculous.

Skout’s Fun “Shake to Chat” Premium Feature

Seven Year Growth to Success
Skout has become in seven short years a major mobile web social network. It was founded by Christian Wiklund and Niklas Lindstrong in 2007, launched amazingly innovative applications and uses on non-ios internet devices and the web. The Skout Android app was born in 2010 and by 2013 Skout was profitable. One year later, in 2014, its offspring app named Fuse became used globally, giving users ability to make their own social network with their tablet or smartphone.

Once the founding officers discovered people were using Skout as a dating service, they re-launched it in 2009 as a dating discovery application, further accelerating its success rate.

Nixter – Social Media, Dating App and Nightlife Media Tool
In 2014 Nixter, or nightlifeapp, a nightlife application was acquired by the company. Through this new app uses allows find nightlife events, buy attendance tickets, and view the guest lists for events in New York City, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Now the dating scene has gone totally virtual and part of the mobile web, as persons can meet, socialize, date and plan special dating events, all with their tablet or cell phone.

Location Focused via Satellite
Skout was among the first discovery dating applications to filter by user location. Available on both IOS and Android systems, Skout reports over 500 Million connections were made through its app last year. Skout uses cellphone GPS to let its users find other users within reasonable radius of themselves. Adhering to security, Skout does not identify a user’s exact physical location, and users can also opt-out of the location-tracking features of the app. The GPS location is only enabled in the adult community, not in teen service.

While browsing for people, users can read the profile and recent activities of other interesting users. You as application users are also allowed to instant message or send virtual gifts to one another. Amazingly, Skout is available in 180 countries and 14 languages!

Premium Paid Features

Skout Travel – The versatile Skout social application also has a travel feature that allows meeting in another city while traveling. Skout Travel is a premium paid feature.

Skout Shake to Chat – Shake to Chat connects users to others who are shaking their phones at the same time. This permits a roll of the dice type blind dating phonecon. The user’s profile is anonymous after the Shake to Chat conversation begins for 40 seconds. Ostensibly this is 40 seconds in which the user can decide if his or her profile should be seen by the person connected by the feature.

Terry Richardson: One of the Worlds Most Talented Fashion Photographers

The world of film and photography is pretty hard to break into. This is especially true for film and photography in the fashion and music industry. Terry Richardson hasn’t had any problem being very successful in this industry however. He has created an amazing name for himself as one of the most well regarded fashion photographers in the industry. He has also made a name for himself as a highly respected music video director as well. We will take an in depth look at Terry Richardson in this article and share with you more of his story and his accomplishments.

Terry’s first love was that of punk rock music. He started out in the Hollywood area playing in a punk rock band, and looking for success through that avenue. This was something that he had always dreamed of since he was a young child. His mother bought him a camera in 1982 in order to help him document his time in the punk scene. In 1992 Terry decided that he was done with music and he wanted to focus more on photography. He packed up and moved to New York where he started to really focus in on his photography skills.

It was in New York where things really started to happen for Terry Richardson. He had his first set of photos published in Vibe in 1994. This is when things really started to take off for Terry. It wasn’t long before word got out about his amazing talent. The next year in 1995 Terry shot his first spring collection as a fashion photographer. This was a great step in the right direction for Terry, and he decided to move to London, England after this shoot. He worked for many European magazines in London, and continued to grow his career overseas.

Since Terry’s start in the fashion industry he has worked for some of the biggest labels, designers, brands, and magazines. His work is known world wide, and revered for its amazing style and technique. Terry is multi-talented as well. Ever since the early 90s, Terry has been directing music videos for some of the biggest names in the industry. One of the biggest artists that he has worked with is Lady GaGa. Terry’s influence in the music and fashion industry truly are great.