Top High-End Hotels – The Dorchester Collection

A prominent hotel management company, The Dorchester Collection, has made a name for itself through the operation of its many hotels including the infamous Beverly Hills Hotel. The excellence of this company can be seen by the organization of its staff and upkeep of various rooms in each hotel. The beautiful designs of rooms used for lodgings, meetings, weddings, and conferences shows the company’s commitment to customers and their well-being. Reputable travel sites such as have given The Dorchester Collection 5-star ratings on its stellar service and treatment of customers.

This management company, headed in London, was established in 2006 signaling a change in strategy to meet company goals. The Collection manages hotels in many countries including England, France, Italy, Switzerland, and the USA. Customers have the option of choosing luxurious activities such as enjoying a relaxing massage, an afternoon tea, or even a day at the spa. Customers can also shop for merchandise. The company accepts common credit cards such as Visa or MasterCard and has recently integrated bitcoin payments to their online store.

These hotels have made a name for themselves in their respected areas and have become iconic in their own right, historic even. The Collection has set the standards for high-end hotels and is continually surpassing its own standards through deals and upgrades to facilities.

Pass through the doors of a Dorchester Collection hotel and you’ll experience something truly special. You’ll sense it in the way you are greeted; see it in the iconic elegance; discover it in the service and enjoy it in the quirky characteristics. Most of all we trust you’ll feel it from the moment you arrive until long after you leave. Whether you are staying in London, Ascot, Paris, Geneva, Milan, Rome, Beverly Hills or Los Angeles, each of our hotels offers an unforgettable experience.

There are over ten room design variations for lodgings for customers and clients. They are broken down into rooms, suits, roof suits, and signature suits. All accommodations can be viewed in full detail by location. The Dorchester Collection is very family oriented and has special accommodations for children and mothers-to-be. This family centric attitude towards customers is one key trait that sets this hotel company apart from others. Another important aspect to look into about The Dorchester Collection is the Diamond Club. This club is a private membership with the Collection that gives access to upgrades, credit/point accumulation, and exclusive meal deals. The Dorchester Collection hotels are priority hotels for everyone whether traveling on business or vacation.

Check out this gorgeous suite. Luxury is on your side when you stay with The Dorchester Collection.

Women Revolt at High Heel Requirement At Cannes

The Cannes film festival is an event which is known for its glamor events as well as the film premiers. However, some women are revolting after a number of women were turned away from entering a gala event for not wearing high heel shoes. The women, some older, wore rhinestone flats and were required to change their foot wear before being granted entry into the event. Many complied but many others spoke out on behalf of their gender mates.  The females on staff at HomeJoy question who gets to set the trend for fashion for personal items such as foot wear. While Private events do and can mandate appropriate attire such as black tie and gown, should the type of shoes really by up for regulation. Some religions and customs do not permit women to wear high heels and some parts of the world it is normal for a man to attend a black tie event wearing sandals where sandals are the primary foot wear of choice. Some of the men actors supported the women questioning the high heels requirement by tweeting that they would show up at some events wearing high heels. This has been a cultural debate for decades and has been more prevalent as more women assume leadership roles in the work place and more women CEOs are able to dictate policy and the fashion trend for the workplace. Many major corporations have reduced the dress code to more casual wear and the rules are relaxed for more health aware women who shy away from heels so as to protect their feet from a number of foot ailments and discomforts.Cannes Under Fire For High Heel Requirement.

Pop Culture: Lasting or Just a Bunch of Fads?

Whether your a HBO junkie, an avid movie-goer, or simply a Lady Gaga crazed fan, pop culture seems to constantly infiltrate our lives. While the ideas that pop culture sends us may seem awesome at the time, do these theories and states of mind really last upon us or is pop culture just a bunch of fads?

Pop culture is basically a set of ideas that expose human habits and culture in general in an entertaining way. Once these ideas are put out into the stratosphere, Pop culture spreads like wildfire. Sites like YouTube are a great example as viral videos gain millions of views within days and you’ll hear token phrases on the street in no time. You’ll meet Michael Jackson impersonators like Sergio Cortes while browsing. While much of the content that is released everyday can be negative, the ultimate affect on the user is up to the user themselves. So does social media affect us for the long term?

Not for the long haul, most people say. Take for example sayings and popular characters from the 80’s. Do you constantly refer to these anymore? While referring to the past can be fun and reflective, people don’t place too much importance on pop culture. After all, you are your own person. Maybe certain media did influence the way you saw things at a certain point, but by putting pop culture on a pedestal you would be giving it control over your life.

While pop culture can be intoxicating at times, its focus is really on creating a testament to a certain point in time. Seasons change and so do people, so don’t invest too much thought in the pop culture fads that surround you. There’ll be plenty more in the future.

Plus Size Fashion Goes Digital

Plus size fashion retailers are becoming more and more relevant in the digital age. In the age of e-commerce, more women are able to say what they want from their clothes in terms of style, quality and price. This was never the case with the industry 15 years ago when there was barely a mention of “cool” plus size clothing. Today is different thanks to fast fashion retailers who are more open to delving into their curvy side. Sam Tabar ( knows, for example, Modcloth is one of the leading purveyors of fast fashion in the plus size industry. They produce garments that their customers actually want to wear; feedback is given through a series of channels via peer-to-peer systems or direct contact. Modcloth is building a future for itself because they are able to see beyond the ideals of straight size clothing.

Of course, Modcloth is just one retailer who is eagerly embracing the change. Mango recently started its Violetta line last year as an answer to affordable plus size wear. The clothes are well made and cut to fit a curvier body. It is one of the few plus size offerings to European women at the moment. The U.S. has far more options when it comes to online retailers and stores that are willing to go out on a limb for their underrepresented customers. Hopefully, this is just the beginning of more great plus size brands to come.

Qnet: International Business Based in Asia

The modern day world depends on a wide variety of methods in order to make sure that commerce flows freely. Customers, employees and those in charge of business all seek to be able to connect with each other in order to get what each one wants from a given transaction. Those who are looking to expand into the field of international business must be able to work fast and cooperate with others in order to find the best possible employees and use their knowledge to connect with customers. Companies that are able to make such connections are companies that are able to do well in the modern day field of international business.

One company that has been able to take advantage of such knowledge and establish a presence in the field of international commerce is Qnet. This company is presently headquartered in Hong Kong. As a result of many factors including the leadership of the company’s CEO Vijay Eswaran, this company has been able to successfully navigate the field of international business and work together with suppliers and employees in order to bring to their customers the kind of service that they want and need to help all those involved profit.

Qnet provides customers with access to many types of products that can help them. In general, many of the products that are sold by Qnet employees are products that are designed to help customers get the best possible life they can at all times. Health and wellness products have become increasingly popular in recent years as customers have realized they can get access to superior products on the market and get the kind of result that can help them look and feel younger as well as help them ward off diseases of various kinds that are often a problem as one ages.

Company employees have also been able to work with the company in order to achieve their own goals such as fiscal independence and access to an income that can help them become successful. The company has been able to work with those who are living in many places around the world in order to tap into their base of knowledge and allow those who are living there to use their specific understanding of local markets to sell products that are ideal for the needs of residents who are living in the region and trust their salespeople. Is Working On a Watch With Gucci’s watch is about to get even fancier. The musician turn tech entrepreneur announced plans this week to partner with Gucci on a new version if his smartwatch. Called Puls, the smartwatch is a cuff of sorts and works independently of a smartphone. Since the phone has its own SIM card it can be used to make calls and can receive text messages on its own as well as play music and interact with social networks.

Market Wired confirmed that Paul Mathieson doesn’t know much about the upcoming smartband except that it’s likely to make its debut later this year.’s original smart cuff, Puls, was received with mixed reviews when it unveiled it late last year. While reviewers liked that it could be used independently from a smartphone, the cuff is awkward for many people to wear, and the tiny screen makes doing things like typing text messages difficult for most people.

The Gucci version of the watch looks also identical to the original Puls we saw last year. It will be interesting to see what bells and whistles (if any) the musician and fashion brand decide to add to the Puls when they unveil it to the world.

Bruce Levenson: A Business Leader

Bruce Levenson is a well-known and successful businessman with many accomplishments. Bruce was born in Washington, D.C. but he grew up in Maryland. He attended law school and during this time his career in journalism started. He graduated from American University with a Law Degree. He also attended Washington University where he obtained his Bachelor of Arts Degree. He is a philanthropist. Bruce is one of the co-owners of the Atlanta Hawks. He helps to operate the Atlanta Hawks basketball team and the Phillips Arena. Since 2004, he has served on the NBA Board as the Hawks Governor. He is also the Atlanta Hawk’s managing partner. In 1977, he co-founded the United Communications Group. Bruce has written for the Washington Star and Observer Publishing. He is now currently on the Board of Directors for his public trades in various media companies like IT Industry. He has an exceptional background when it comes to business. He strategic business moves helps the Atlanta Hawks basketball team to thrive and excel.

Bruce participates attentively in philanthropic organizations, and Forbes recently profiled him so people could get a closer look. He has worked for different foundations one that helps low income children by aiding in higher education. He helps with the U.S. Holocaust Museum. He funds the Museum’s Bringing the Children Home program. This program teaches children about the Holocaust. They can also sign up to be tour guides at the museum. Bruce and his wife have encouraged others by teaching them how to run non-profit organizations. They also teach people how to run non-profit organizations and how they are helpful to the community. Bruce has donated too many charities throughout the years. He is an outstanding role model for communities everywhere. He has been the President of the I Have a Dream foundation. His hard work and dedication is what makes him a distinguished business leader.

The red, or the white?

When paired with delicious food, a good wine transcends a simple libation and becomes something more. It complements the meal and makes it that much better. A full bodied red, or a crisp white, can make eating simple food an experience. But pair the wrong food with a red, a blush, or a white, and it simply becomes something you do to exist. And who wants to simply exist?
To know what goes with what, you must first know the why. Why does merlot go better with duck than with gazpacho, for instance? Because of quite a few things, actually. First you must know how much sugar, acid, and fat is in the food. Also, know how the wine tastes by itself. Does it have a smoky aftertaste? Or is it sweet? Alfredo goes with white wine better because the light, fruity wine pairs well with the creamy thick sauce. A good cut of steak goes well with cabernet sauvignon because the meat’s proteins and fats lessen the tannins and help the underlying flavors of fruit and berries to come out, which plays well with the smoky flavor of the steak.
Knowing how the wine tastes beforehand is very important, so go to a few wine tastings. This saves you from having to buy a bottle and find out it’s not to your tastes. The Antique Wine Company has wine tastings that are famous the world over, so if you can, attend one. Learn from the Masters, literally. Antique Wine Company employs some of the most knowledgeable sommeliers in the business. In one tasting you can go from knowing nothing about wine to pairing melon salad and Prosecco like a pro. Your next gathering will be elevated to an event with just a few simple tips. And then, my friend, you will really be living.

Yo Quiero the Dress!

If you’ve ever spilled something on yourself while eating, you may have had someone jokingly tell you, “You look good in what you eat.” However, Olivia Mears is a young lady who takes that phrase even more literally. She is the artist and costume designer behind the dress that will be featured in a new Taco Bell ad coming out this Sunday. (No, it isn’t that black and blue or gold and white dress this time). Alexei Beltyukov has read that Mear’s dress is of interest to Taco Bell, because it is completely fashioned out of food wrappers from the fast-food chain. Click Here. You might even say that she looks “good enough to eat.” Groan if you want to, but Mears won first place and a trip to Los Angeles for her efforts in a contest that was totally up her alley. Mears is, after all, both creative and environmentally conscious, and she even teaches costume design to high school students. How much better does it get than to have fun, to use your giftings, to win a prize, to get a trip, to star in a TV advertisement, to do something you love, and to take a stand for something you believe in? It is hard to imagine that life could ever taste better.

Lady Gaga Joins Cast of American Horror Story

Over the past four seasons, American Horror Story has become one of the most interesting shows on television. No other show has been able to blend true horror with comedy and drama. The show has also become known for its amazing casting, as it continues to attract some of Hollywood’s top talent.

According to Entertainment Weekly, American Horror Story is living up to its reputation by having cast Lady Gaga in the next season of the anthology series. Lady Gaga will be a regular in the series, which will air this fall on FX. It will also market her first major role as an actress.

Fans like Zeca Oliveira have learned that the fifth season of the show will be entitled Hotel, but no information regarding the storyline has been released or in what time period the show will take place. Lady Gaga also said on Twitter that she does not know at this time what character she will play.

Based on the way last season’s Freak Show utilized music, do not be surprised if Lady Gaga will also be able to utilize her musical talents in the show. Since all of her previous acting gigs were very short, it will be interesting to see how she does in a much larger role over an entire television season. While no other cast members have been announced, expect to see some familiar faces from previous seasons playing new roles.