The Need for Lip Balm and the Improvements Made By EOS

When the first lip balm was made, there had to be a huge demand. Given that lips are among the driest parts of the body, it is also vulnerable to plenty of issues. Among the problems people experience with dry lips are blisters, peeling, and cracking. Often times, they are accompanied by pain. Therefore, this can be among the most uncomfortable issues that people go through. Therefore, when the first lip balm was released to the public, there had to be a lot of demand for the product. Eventually, it has become common for stores to carry lip balm products. Get more info here on

While lip balm products were a success, there eventually came to be some observations about the products. While they are effective, they are not that effective. Therefore, a few business owners have looked for ways to increase the effectiveness of lip balm products. As a result, EOS was born. The process involved looking at all of the issues with the current lip balm products. Among the issues is the size and shape of the product. The items are small enough to lose. Therefore, they decided to come forth with bigger products and with different shapes to add to the fun. You may check their collection of lip balm here on and buy your chosen flavor.

Another issue that EOS has seen is that the product is rather boring. It has a boring flavor to it. Therefore, they added different flavors. However, the most important thing they have done was to increase the effectiveness with the use of ingredients. Among the ingredients they used was Shea butter and jojoba oil. Therefore, the lips are not only moisturized, but also rejuvenated. People get to experience better looking and better feeling lips as a result of the work that has been put towards EOS lip balm, read more. On top of that, the products come in tons of flavors that encourage customers to use the products.

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Repair The Delicate Skin On Your Lips With EOS Lip Balm Products

Sultry lips are very important to busy professionals who interact with the public and among young adults. EOS lip balm products provide a one of kind blend of jojoba oil and shea butter extracts to heal and repair the skin. Enjoy the benefits of rich scents that provide aromatherapy for your lips which include mint and lemon, hop over here to check these lovely flavors. Their products stand next to none when it comes to the comforts of an easy to use and afford beauty care aide that provides maximum moisture. Experience healing agents for your lips, providing all day staying power and EOS lip balm products go great with your lipstick products. Catch more exciting news here on

The Evolution of Smooth brand is under the EOS lip balm ingredients and is one of their most popular selections among their users. They offer the same ingredients their customers are use to without the harsh byproducts that threaten to jeopardize your natural luster. Discover how easy it is to use EOS lip balm products from their cute pastel circle container. They were also designed to be easy to store in your pocket or purse. Pamper your lips with a lip balm that is highly preferred over other major lip balm competitors. Choose your favorite EOS lip balm today from visiting their exclusive website,, or the beauty care aisle of select retailers like


White Shark Media are Digital Advertising Experts

White Shark Media has great expertise when it comes to Digital Marketing. No business can survive without an online presence and White Shark helps clients navigate the sometimes murky world of online advertising. It can be intimidating and White Shark helps clients sink their teeth into it. Their emphasis is in helping small to medium sized businesses develop their digital marketing success.

Client feedback is important to White Shark and they have recently implemented suggestions which have led to the revamping of their services. They are now offering more robust, thorough, and well-rounded marketing solutions in response to customer concerns. Google AdWords campaigns are also a focus of their commitment to satisfied customers. They now provide reports on the strategies used and customers are able to review them and see exactly what’s being done on their behalf to grow their customer base.

Communication with clients is also a renewed, stronger priority for White Shark. They have made it easier for clients to engage with them as they have installed a new phone system that facilitates quick and easy communication. Direct extensions are available and monthly video conferencing as well.

White Shark Media has received notice as one of the fastest growing digital agencies in North America. They have developed a reputation for their cost-effective Search Marketing strategies and aim to provide a superlative customer experience. They have an array of proprietary marketing tools which deepen their effectiveness and help them stand out from the run of the mill marketers.

In 2012, they were singled out by Google the most popular search engine. They were invited to Google HQ in Mountain View, California, where they received support and training to increase their growth. These efforts culminated with White Shark being honored with the designation of Google AdWords™ Premier SMB Partnership. The future is bright for White Shark Media and their clients.


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ClassDojo – An App Dedicated To Transforming The Classroom

ClassDojo is an app that allows communication in the classroom. The app allows students, teachers, and parents to share videos, photos, and messages throughout the day. ClassDojo is used to work together as a team. This is done by sharing the in class experience and bringing ideas to life in the classroom and homes. The mission of ClassDojo is to transform education for kids around the world. Developers of the app believe that those who use the app have the power to create an incredible classroom that is the best for them. Along with this, developers believe that when a simple way of doing the right thing is to give to good people, amazing things will happen. ClassDojo transforms education together by allowing students, teachers, and parents to build the classroom that they want and need.

There are 4 essential functions of the ClassDojo app. The first function available is called “Classroom“. Classroom is where students and teacher construct their classroom culture by choosing skills and values that they want. Feedback can also be shared here. The second function is Messages. Messages allow those who use the app to instantly message each other. This function comes in handy due to the fact that phone numbers or contact information are not be shared. Messages come in 35 languages and have a ‘Quiet Hours” option available which notes the time that teachers will not be available to message. Along with this, there is a function called “Stories.” Stories help parents stay connected. This is done by creating a timeline of what is done in the classroom. Lastly, there is a function named “Big Ideas.” This gives teachers and parents a way to access original concepts and ideas. Ideas that stem from this function deal with important topics such as emotional/social skills.

From Grapefruit To Pomegranate Raspberry: EOS Lip Balm Flavors Are Heavenly

When it comes to exceptional lip balm, not only are the ingredients top-notch and organic, but the flavors are unique and addictive. That brings to mind EOS lip balm; you know the one. It’s the most intelligent brand on the market and beloved by fans for its brilliant spherical shape.

We all need lip balm on a daily basis because our lips lack the key protective oil glands to provide moisture. Lips are made of a very thin and delicate skin tissue, so extra tender loving care is essential for this facial feature. Refer also to this site,

You should care what your lip balm formula consists of with its texture and flavor.

EOS lip balm is packed with vitamins C and E and with nourishing ingredients like shea butter and jojoba oil based on Best of all, the flavor has to stand out, and this is where EOS has built a cult following.

EOS lip balm flavors are so rich and satisfying, and there are so many excellent flavors to choose from, more facts here.

Our favorite EOS flavors include the Grapefruit Lip Balm because it’s tangy and smooth and comes enriched with a walloping 30 SPF. That means immense protection from the sun and great for outdoor activities to prevent chapping from spending hours in the elements. We found our balm at ULTA. For $3.49, you can’t beat the price and long-lasting effects it delivers.

Another number one EOS lip balm flavor in our estimation comes from the brand’s Smooth Sphere line. It’s really hard not to fall in love with the 100-percent natural flavoring of Pomegranate Raspberry. It’s a soothing balm full of hydrating ingredients, and the flavor lasts and lasts. It’s hard to buy just one because you will reach for this little balm pot again and again.

EOS lip balm is the bomb. Visit their website here on


Get Softer Lips With EOS Lip Balm Products

Soft lips are the most sought after essential need when you’re facing extreme weather or the threat of UV rays. Thousands of women around the world rely on the smooth and fast acting effects of jojoba oil along with shea butter body extracts. Show your lips how much you care with the benefits of EOS lip balm products. They give your skin the maximum amount of protection and healing agents against damaged and minor skin irritations. In fact, you can afford to purchase EOS lip balm products on any budget and it is worn my some of the industry’s top professionals, check it now!

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Popular EOS lip balm brands like Evolution of Smooth offer rich flavors, your lips will crave. Get scents that you’ll love like Mint Kisser and Almond Milk, available here at Enjoy eleven essential vitamins that have been used on the skin, for ages. Their rich fragrances have made them very popular among Canadian residents and they also love the all-natural coverage that eliminates harmful by-products. You can purchase their products from the beauty care aisle of your favorite retailer or check it directly from their Evolution of Smooth website, Discover the benefits of a rich EOS lip balm product chosen by women around the world.


EOS Makes Lip Balm Fun Again

Evolution of Smooth is known for their colorful lip balm pots, but it is what is found inside of the pots that is the real prize. All EOS products are made using organic ingredients that are good for your lips. One of the most popular and widely adored lip balms that EOS sells is the Sweet Mint flavor in their original line. The Sweet Mint flavor contains vitamin E that promotes the health of the lips and it is almost entirely organic. 95 percent of its ingredients are organic and 100 percent of the ingredients are all natural. They are also petrolatum and paragon free so you can be sure that what you put on your lips is safe and good for you. The sweet mint flavor is also stuffed full of antioxidants. It has the ability to keep your lips feeling smooth and soft thanks to the shea butter and jojoba oil it is infused with. This allows your lips to feel soft and moisturized all day. The Sweet Mint favor is an added delicious bonus. The strawberry sorbet is another one of their most popular flavors and is perfect for someone who loves fruity desserts. The lip balm is also gluten free.

Evolution of Smooth lip balms completely revolutionized the way in which people approach lip balms, read also They found their success by creating lip balms that are available in a variety of delicious flavors so that they would appeal to a wider variety of people. Evolution of Smooth lip balms soon started becoming staples in many different people’s beauty routine. Instead of treating lip balm like a unisex item, EOS started producing a project that was directly focused on women and they found great success by doing so, check also related article here on In addition to being priced competitively, EOS also prides itself on using organic and healthier alternatives to the products that are found in some other lip balms. EOS attributes their success to their devotion to their customers and the relationship that they built with them. They wanted to create a product that would make their customers smile simply by applying it. Shop now here on!


How Yanni Hufnagel Helped Basketball Players in Nevada

Basketball players know that they need to make things better for themselves and for the people who they are working with. This is something that the basketball teams have been able to do and is something that will continue to be a positive influence on men’s college basketball. Most of the players know that they need a strong coach to be able to play the right way and they know that a strong coach can be the difference between a poor season and one that they take home a championship title with. Basketball players want to be coached and will do different things to make sure that they see that.

The Nevada Wolfpack knew that they needed to have a good coach and that they needed to make things better so that they would be able to enjoy the opportunities that they had. This was something that was a necessary part of their game and a part of the things that they were doing. It was also something that made it easier for people to try and do things so that they could take more out of the options that they had with the different areas they were in.

While the Nevada Wolfpack was looking for a new coach, they realized that Yanni Hufnagel would be among the best who could help them with the things that they needed to be able to get. They were confident that Yanni Hufnagel knew what he was doing and that he knew what he was going to be able to get out of the experiences that he had in the game. They wanted his expertise and it paid off. They won a championship under the leadership that he had over the team and were able to even take home a title for the things that they had done during that game.

Health Tips to look out for from cancer treatment centers of America

The operations of the cancer treatment centers of America have been made easier due to its collaboration with Allscripts and Nanthealth. NantHealth offers various solutions to the treatment of people living with cancer through its access to the clinical workflows of the cancer treatment facilities. The amendable program was designed with an inclusion of some oncologists, and the program has a huge collection of cancer care data. Besides. The program provides cancer patients with a broad range of treatment patients and ensures that doctors do not make guess work when it comes to the treatment of the disease. Besides, the program`s data is very appropriate and ensures the safety of the patients.

The program is patient oriented and focuses on providing complimentary therapies and specific regimes to prevent the patient’s situation from becoming worse. The programs also ensure that the patient’s data is entered into computers for easy and fast follow up. Besides, the clinical pathways have guaranteed reliability as patients can easily compare their results with the doctors, and in turn, it gives them confidence. The clinical platforms have enabled close monitoring of patients from their early stages to the more adverse ones.

The cancer treatment cancer of America was founded in 1988 by Richard Stephenson after his discontentment about the cancer treatment options following his mother’s death. The company which targets to make profits consists a network of five hospitals that serve cancer patients throughout the United States. The organization puts into consideration various cancer treatment approaches including chemotherapy, immunotherapy as well as radiation.
The company has its headquarters in Boca Raton Florida and has won numerous awards including the magnet award, as an amendment of their excellent work. Besides, the company has earned a five-star rating from U.S centers for Medicaid and services and Medicare.


Eric Lefkofsky and Tempus, the Cancer Database

Eric Lefkofsky has started many companies in the past. Groupon, Echo Global and InnerWorkings are examples of his work. InnerWorkings like Echo Global is now a global company. Working on e-‘commerce startups’ has made Eric a small fortune: $1.79 billion. Now Tempus is the company that occupies him and drains a good portion of his time and energy, not to mention industry. Tempus is about the composition of a genomic cancer database.

The idea is to help doctors treating cancer patients to get access to vital information on patient’s DNA and compare the same with other patients and then formulate an individualized treatment plan. This, according to the Tempus hypothesis will help patients live longer and others get cured.

Eric realized that while technology was progressing and advancing quickly, medicine was not making similar strides. He pointed out that a lot of medics had gathered data, but analysis was letting them down to learn more: click here.

The distinction between what other cancer centers are doing and what Tempus does is the partnership Tempus forges with leading hospitals. This partnership enables Tempus to gather data that is used for analysis. Tempus enables physician to compare their patients DNA and that of other patients in the database using software. This comparison helps doctors to learn from other successful cancer treatments of patients who had similar DNA with his/her current patient.

Kevin White

The decision by Eric Lefkofsky to step aside from his job at Groupon was triggered by his desire to concentrate on Tempus and the work it is doing. Although he no longer works as CEO at Groupon, Eric sits on the board and is a majority shareholder. Lefkofsky saw the need to introduce Kevin to Tempus for his expertise in genetics. Kevin has more than a decade health work experience in the area of genetics at ‘University of Chicago’.

Brad Kevwell

Eric Lefkofsky and Brad Kevwell have been in business for a long time as partners. At Tempus they are equal partners.


Eric graduated from ‘University of Michigan’. He is an ‘adjust professor for ‘the University of Chicago’. Lefkofsky is also a celebrated writer having published his book: Accelerated Disruption.