Vegan EOS lip balm

EOS just released a new Vegan Crystal balm product. Before discussing the product specifically, we will talk a little about the company itself. EOS stands for Evolution of Smooth. The company is the maker of the infamous EOS lip balm pod says The company has started a new trend and arguably changed the way people think about lip care products. They decided that the old fashioned stick of balm was too main stream. In result they created a personalized, fun product. The EOS lip balm pods are colorful and appealing. They have become very popular since their release. Women all over the country have found these little pods a spot in their purses. Kim Kardashian is only one of the many women spotted with one of these fancy little products. Recently, EOS announced the new Crystal balm. As the name states, the balm is crystal clear. That right, you can see through your lip balm. How is this possible you may ask? Well, EOS wanted to create a vegan, organic product to increase their availability to consumers. Doing so meant that they had to remove the wax from the formula. In result, the balm is now clear. The balm is still capable of hydrating your lips, now it just won’t come with the heavy feeling normally associated with lip care products. The new balm has become very popular in just a short amount of time. It is available in two delicious flavors including Vanilla Orchid and Hibiscus Peach. Hurry and grab one now here on! The balm is packed with essential oils that keep your lips in good health. The balm is encased in more of a triangular looking pod. Still, the entire product looks incredibly sharp. If you are thinking you may want one of these amazing products, they go for about five bucks at major retailers.

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Dr. David Samadi is a True Humanitarian

Dr. David Samadi is a renowned medical expert and a popular television celebrity, but above all he is a family man who believes the “love of family is life’s greatest blessing.” The good doctor who is an avid tennis player with a love for Backgammon is also a compassionate surgeon who has a call on his life to address medical problems that affect men.

Born and raised as a Persian Jew in a Moslem country, Dr. Samadi was no stranger to racial and religious hostility. At the age of fifteen in 1979, he escaped the Iranian Revolution by fleeing the country. He and his brother lived in exile and continued their education in Belgium and London before coming to the United States where Dr. Samadi completed high school in Roslyn, New York. His lonely life as a child did not prevent his having a strong desire to respect everything and everyone around him. That common respect for life was the passion that initiated and continues to drive his medical career.

Dr. Samadi obtained a degree in biochemistry from Stony Brook University before furthering his studies and receiving his masters from the Stony Brook School of Medicine. He did post graduate training at Montefiore Medical Center and Albert Einstein College of Medicine. In 2001 he completed a fellowship in proctology at Memorial Slavs Kettering Cancer Center, and then began almost immediately on another fellowship in Robotic Radical Prostatectomy at Henri Mondor Hospital Creteil, France.

Dr. David Samadi is a board certified urologist who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of urologic diseases and cancers of the prostate kidney, and bladder. He has performed over 700 robotic prostate surgeries earning him the title of the “best prostate surgeon in the world. He has performed operations in more than forty-five countries, and he has practiced at many of this country’s most prestigious institution.

Dr. Samadi has never been one who felt his mission as a doctor could only be met in the office. To that end in 2015 he started a radio program and launched a website that shares related health news and information. From 2011 – 2016, he was host of “Sunday House Call” which was a medical advice television show on the Fox News Network.

Recently developed a new technique for prostate removal SMART surgery which stands for Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Technique. This surgery’s approach to prostate surgery separates the prostate from the surrounding nerves with microscopic precision to avoid damaging the nerves and sphincter.

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A Review Of Pumpkin Spice Lip Balm From EOS

There are many who enjoy the pumpkin spice fall flavoring, and EOS has found a way of putting that flavoring into their lip balm line. They have created a lip balm that will be loved by many, and it is something that features a flavor that is trendy and fun. EOS has created a pumpkin spice flavored lip balm that captures the taste of all of the fall spices that individuals love. This lip balm is something that is great for the fall season and for using all throughout the year.

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EOS is a brand that knows how to create lip balm products that truly make a difference on the lips when they are put to use. This brand creates products that help the lips to feel good. EOS creates products that work with the lips to help them moisturize and look great, read also related stories here.

The EOS brand is all about good ingredients, and they are careful about the ingredients that they use in each of the products that they put out. This brand creates products that are made with quality ingredients that are fit to be used around the mouth. EOS creates lip balm out of ingredients that work with the body.

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EOS Is Showcasing New Formula In Vegan Free Crystal Clear Lip Balm

When you think about lip balm and needing something to heal chapped lips, what brand do you think of first? If you answered Chapstick or Burts Bees, you must not be familiar with EOS. The Evolution of Smooth, EOS has taken the world by surprise when they created a new lip balm which came in a sphere rather than in a tube like most other brands of lip balm.

EOS decided to release the sphere of lip balm over the tube of it to increase its appearance in the market of lip balm. The market for lip balm was limited to the few choices on the market as well as to the very limited choice of flavors. You may buy EOS products here on

EOS has once again raised the bar by not only creating a new flavor of lip balm but by changing the formula slightly to include the removal of the beeswax, click here. By removing this ingredient, the formula is now completely vegan free. When they switched the formula, they also switched the shape of the sphere. The sphere was once a perfectly round sphere with lip balm inside that colored to the shade on the outside. The new EOS has a more diamond like resemblance as well as being completely free of any colors or dyes.

Upon the release of the vegan free, crystal lip balm, the release of it took the sales to a whole new level of EOS. They knew that the brand would be successful but no one imagined that it would be as much of a success as it was. Within the first few hours of release, not only was the internet sold out of the popular brand but so was the local stores. The local stores were only given a limited amount to see if the sales were what they expected and when they were, more had to be shipped. Since then, they have released more on the market and they continue to be a success for those shopping online for lip balm flavors.

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Evolution of Smooth Vegan Crystals

Evolution of Smooth (EOS) has taken the lip balm industry by storm, with more sales that trusted lip balm companies like Blistex and Chapstick in the past few years. The company is known for its natural ingredients and appealing flavors, and recently introduced Vegan Crystals, lip balm that is made without animal ingredients. After the owners were able to convince Walgreen’s to carry their products, the lip balms became a favorite at other discount stores as well, including Target and Walmart. You may also buy online your favorite lip balm here on Evolution of Smoot has become the second best-selling lip balm in the United States, and the brand shows no signs of slowing down.

The beeswax has been removed from these lip balms to create EOS Crystals, and the balm is available in flavors such as Vanilla Orchid and Hibiscus Peach. Evolution of Smooth has become even more popular among beauty enthusiasts since the launch of its vegan balms due to positive reviews from editors at top magazines like Cosmo and Allure. Several celebrities, such as Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus, have also been seen wearing EOS, which is quickly making the brand a favorite among consumers.

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Evolution of Smooth also offers a variety of shaving creams and lotions that are filled with quality skin-conditioning ingredients as well. For additional information, check out


Why EOS Is Making Headlines With Crystal Clear, Vegan Friendly Lip Balms

In previous years, consumers were forced to use lip balms that did not taste that good or that gave the protection needed in weather either from sun or wind and rain. The cold season is also another time of year that people will find themselves standing in front of the chapstick counter trying to find the right lip balm to use. Before now, there were limited kinds of lip balm.

According to, when Evolution of Smooth first came on the market, they knew that they would have to advertise something different than what people were used to in order to make the sales they needed. The idea came to them about changing the shape of the lip balm package. Before now, lip balm was sold in a solid tube or in a small round container. When EOS came to the market, they offered the new brand with a totally new shape.

Users who wanted to have something more than traditional lip balm were now introduced to a whole new concept. The new concept was to create a sphere of lip balm that could be easily seen and easily used. The new concept was a hit and has since became a leader in the lip balm industry.

If you are looking for something to use to increase moisture in your lips, EOS has nearly any flavor you can think of, click here. There is no shortage in the flavors they sell and recently they have released a whole new type of formula by removing the once loved beeswax from the formula.

Beeswax has been the leader in ingredients for lip balm for a number of years. For users who are not interested in a formula which has beeswax, they are now presented with the clear formula that is made from shea butter and coconut. This new combination has taken users to a whole new level when the release came about and they sold out of the new formula within hours of the release.

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The Greatness of EOS Lipbalms

The EOS Lipbalm company has amazed many people due to the high quality and colorful lip balms that they produce. The firm has gained an excellent reputation as a result of the new models of lip balms that they frequently design and avail to the market. The high and admirable round shape of their lip balms has attracted a vast number of people, and the number has kept rising thanks to the firm’s excellent customer services. The Vegan Crystal Flavored Lip balm is the latest lippie in the EOS firm shelves, and its smooth nature, as well as flavor, has formed a basis for most people purchasing it. Buy here now!

The impeccable components of the new vegan crystal balm have been source customer attraction, and many yearn to have it because they can now clearly see through their bottles to see what they are precisely purchasing. The clarity of the lip balm has also seen many people enjoy its organic nature. Besides, the vegan lip balms lack beeswax, and many individuals have rushed to the shelves to get one for themselves before they get out of stock. The high affordability of the EOS Lip balms has formed the basis for most people purchasing their products both in bulk and small scale.

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The enterprise which focuses on the production of natural cosmetic products has always employed new and dynamic designs to ensure that each of their customers gets a chance to choose their favorite and most preferable flavor. With their broad range of cosmetic products, EOS Lip balms have successfully helped people address their beauty issues, mainly through the manufacture of hand and body lotions that suit every skin type. Besides, the healing ability f their creams has seen a significant number of individuals opt to purchase them, precisely because their lotions, as well as lip balms, can rejuvenate and soften cracked and itchy dry skin.

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Drew Madden’s Unmatched Excellent Performance in Healthcare and IT

Drew Madden has unmatched expertise in healthcare and IT. He got his knowledge from the College of Engineering at the University of Iowa. Here, he studied Industrial Engineering with a specialty in Medical Systems. After his studies, he joined Cerner Corporation which marked the beginning of his career then moved to Ingenix currently known as OptumInsight. Later on, he transferred to Nordic Consulting Partners where he worked as the company’s chief executive officer and president for some time before joining Evergreen Healthcare Partners.

Under his able leadership, Nordic Consulting Partners experienced positive growth in all its departments with an increase in the number of employees. Revenue earned by the company also increased up to $130 million. Not forgetting the number of clients that visited the company for medical consultancy, Drew Madden improved the customer service delivery arm that consequently attracted more clients for their services. His stay at Nordic Consulting Partners impacted massively on the company’s growth.

Currently, Drew Madden serves as a Managing Partner at Evergreen Healthcare IT both as an entrepreneur and a medical consultant alongside other managing partners. They include Mellisa Hill, Jeff Leach, Aaron Friedman and many others. Together, they focus on building the company’s image while still maintaining their operational standards in delivering industry-leading healthcare to their clients.

Basically, Drew Madden and his able partners work in harmony to ensure that their entrepreneurial venture stands the test of time despite the challenges that businesses face. The use of advanced technology forms the basis of business operations at Evergreen Healthcare IT. Besides, the company has opened various branches in many cities hence providing them with a wider market for their services. Drew Madden and his team have employed their wealth of experiences that they gained from the companies they previously worked for in their daily duties. With this, the Evergreen Healthcare IT has managed to incorporate advanced technology into their healthcare provision.

All in all, Drew Madden is a dedicated healthcare IT consultant who does everything in his power to ensure that he achieves his goals. His passion for Electronic Medical Records is unparalleled and he has constantly sought the counsel of those above him in the field to ensure that he works on improving his knowledge and skills.

Why People are Using Talkspace

When it comes to therapy people are looking at different ways to look at getting help. People are considering how they can get the help they need in the most economical way possible. It is through Talksapce that people realize that they can get help from a certified therapist without taking on the high cost of a traditional therapy session. This is simply another app that has made it possible for people to really look at ways to save money while bettering their lives.

There are a grand number of people that are considering Talkspace along with the 500,000 that have already done this. It can be beneficial to anyone that is looking for an opportunity to talk to someone about problems that they may be having.

It is always a good thing when people that are going through issues can openly express how they are feeling about things to others. There are so many possibilities that exist for people to move beyond where they are if they take time to talk with someone. The good thing that people have realized about Talkspace is that this is the app for people that have avoided talking with other people in person. Talkspace has become the perfect app for those that would rather type out their problems through a text message.

They can hit send and wait for a certified therapist to reply on what they have sent. This is how Talkspace has gained such a large following. When people sign up that get access according to their needs, and a match is made for someone that can help them.

This app is growing in popularity, and people want to know more. Magazines like Forbes and the Business Insider have covered this new age of digital therapy through app technology with Talkspace.

Sussex Health Care for the Senior Offers High-Quality Services

Compassionate concern for the old in addition to the ability to offer emotional, physical and mental support to patients explains some of the most important characteristics that Sussex Senior Health Care boasts of. The independent company that operates a series of about 20 health care homes offers a plethora of exquisite services to care for the old. Coupled with good understanding of what the clients need, Sussex Senior Health Care has always ensured that clients receive the world’s best care. The spectrum of its successful programs capitalizes on older people. Even so, it extends to various needs as well.


Sussex Senior Health Care caters for patients who have dementia and Alzheimer’s Diseases. In addition to these, patients who experience difficulties in learning are included to the program. Perhaps what better defines this healthcare home is its ability to comprehend the difficulties that these patients have especially when it comes to leading normal lives. With better understanding of how serious it becomes with time, Sussex has been able to accommodate the patients by offering supportive, comprehensive, care. For Sussex, it is more about how better the facility can offer its services to clients.

The services offered

The organization’s commitment to offering better treatment methods is impeccable. Coupled with the need to offer leisure activities, most patients enjoy their services. Sussex has vastly invested in a tradition that enables these patients to thrive in comfortable environment. For the company, access to fun-filled activities is guaranteed as there is participatory social in addition to recreational activities. Through distinctive dedication to offering a difference in the quality of services, Sussex has completely managed to earn stellar reputation. The company’s interests on offering better treatment opportunities continues to strategically position it at the world’s highest ranking facility that offers better healthcare for the old.


Sussex Health Care for the senior understands that patients come from different backgrounds. Towards this end, the company has a special series of budget for every patient. What is more, there is a special package of healthcare insurance that caters for patients. At Sussex, what matters is the final result of recuperating patients. Some of the services Sussex Health Care offers include cooking, offering brainy quizzes to refresh patient’s memories and crafting services. These are activities that have often been associated with therapy. Sussex HealthCare for the senior cannot be matched by ordinary healthcare nursing homes. The friendly reception offers warmth and comfort to the older people.

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