A Review of EOS Shaving Cream

Surely you have seen those colorful egg shaped lip balms sold at pharmacies all over, but did you know the unique design of eos lip balm is not the only appeal to buyers? Standing out from the rest of the typical cylindrical shaped lip balm’s, eos lip balms come in many flavors and are natural and free from harmful additives. The Evolution of Smooth (eos) brand was founded in 2006 and has now expanded to include products such as lotions and shaving creams (mapleholistics.com). Starting from a small concept of an innovative design for lip balm, eos products are now available in 18 countries across the world.

While The Evolution of Smooth company is widely known for it’s lip balm collection seen in stores and sold by online retailers (Amazon), their shaving cream has received some highly rated reviews. Consumers rave about how soft it makes their skin feel, while many comment on how affordable the shaving cream is. While this product can be purchased at many pharmacies and online retailers, the actual eos website sells a 7 oz bottle for $3.49 and Walgreens is currently offering a sale of two 7 oz bottles for $7.00.

More on https://www.ulta.com/smooth-sphere-lip-balm?productId=xlsImpprod3490245

Buyers have six shaving creams to choose from as well as the option of one for sensitive skin or for dry skin. The enticing aroma’s of tropical fruit, vanilla bliss, pomegranate raspberry, and lavender jasmine will awaken your senses, while delivering a close shave that leaves your skin feeling silky and smooth. The cream is packed with natural shea butter and vitamins C &E and consumers have peace of mind knowing that eos products are free from parabens and Phthalate-free. Whether you prefer to shave wet or dry, eos shaving cream will brighten and even skin tone with every use.

Academy of Art University More Than Just A Degree

First established as an advertising art school in 1929, the Academy of Art University located in the beautiful city of San Francisco, California has 12,600 graduate, and undergraduate students enrolled. Since 2005, the school has participated in NY Fashion Week where many of its students can showcase their work and great talent. No longer just an advertising art school, the university is one that prise itself on innovation and creativity, where it has succeeded since its establishment.

In September of 2017, the Academy of Art University held its 21s runaway showcase during NY Fashion Week at the Skylight Clarkson Square where ten grads and undergrads showcased collections for both men and women. What is the point of all this, if not to showcase some of the universities top talents? With a diverse group of students originating from around the world, the goal is to impress their would-be mentors, peers, and the whole world at large.

Some notable attendees included Ms. J Alexander, best known as a judge on America’s Next Top Model and Sara Kozlowski, Director of Education and Professional Development at CFDA. These students are set to inspire to become the next-generation of creatives that will shape fashion around the world.

The Academy of Art University aims to prepare its students for fields ranging from design, communication and the arts. While in attendance, they gain hands-on experience while building their portfolio. Acquiring students through its inclusive admissions process, teaching discipline as an approach for students to develop a style of their own all in the hopes of becoming professionals in their fields.

It goes without saying that their showcase at NY Fashion Week puts all of their work to the test and allows their students to get real-world experience of what it is like to be a part of an industry that is always looking for the next best thing. Their teachers pass on their career knowledge to the future generation, which brings success to the industry as a whole as they foster their talents and passions moving forward. With a belief in no-barrier admission, community support, ethics and professionally enlisted instructors they are sure to continue succeeding in their mission.


How Richard Dwayne Blair Helps New Clients At This Investment Firm

Richard Dwayne Blair is an entrepreneur who established his own company in the financial industry. This company is Wealth Solutions, Inc. and it is based in the greater Austin, Texas, region. He says that in his opinion everyone needs a financial advisor if they want to hit their financial goals whether that is retirement or other reasons. He helps people in the community by going through three steps with each of his new clients. He said this gives him a very good idea of where they are at financially and how to get them to where they want to be.

The first step is to talk to the new client in order to identify their strengths, goals, financial education, and their risk tolerance. This gives him a way to build a financial roadmap that is personalized for each client. He also identifies during this first meeting what they expectations are and any concerns they may have. He says that this first meeting lays the groundwork for a very effective working relationship with his clients.

The second step is to write down an effective investment strategy that will help his client reach their long-term investment goals. This includes making sure they have sufficient liquidity in their account. He then actively manages the client’s investments which includes rebalancing the accounts between different asset classes such as bond and stocks. Without rebalancing the account can drift off from the risk tolerance each individual client has. Richard Dwayne Blair also seeks to take advantage during times the market is in an upward movement while mitigating the losses when the markets have corrections and/or bear markets.

The final step is to look to the client’s insurance needs. This includes products such as life insurance, annuities, and long-term car insurance. This gives his customers peace of mind.

Richard Dwayne Blair attended the University of Houston where he earned an undergraduate degree in financial management services. He manages over $52 million in assets under management at Wealth Solutions. He earned his securities registration in 1995. After briefly working for an investment firm after graduating from college he decided to open his own offices.


EOS Lip Balm Organic Review

EOS Lip Balms are purely organic. Organic lip balms soothe and heal the lips. The organic lip balms contain a number of ingredients that are also considered very nourishing and healthy for your lips. Organic lip balms do not contain all those harsh chemicals that are usually the main ingredients in non-organic lip balms. Often, those non-organic lip balms do more harm than good. This has led to a growing number of people switching to organic lip balms like the ones that are produced by EOS.

EOS organic lip balms are certified 100 percent organic and infused with fruit extracts that smooth and nourish the lips.

EOS Lip Balm Organic Flavors

The certified organic lip balms are available in a variety of wonderful and yummy flavors that are sure to delight your lips and your taste buds. Here are the top flavors to consider.

  • Strawberry Sorbet – An absolutely delicious edition that is enclosed in a pink orb
  • Summer Fruit – This tasty lip balm is bursting with summer fruit flavors like strawberry, blueberry, and peach
  • Sweet Mint – The sweet minty flavor is packed with moisturizing benefits
  • Vanilla Bean – Vanilla bean flavored lip balm that is very hydrating
  • Wildberry – Perfect flavor that is packed with nourishing oils and fruit extracts

About EOS

EOS or the Evolution Of Smooth is a leading lip balm brand that is one of the top sellers. The company gained attention for producing those small-orb shaped, organic lip balms that were chemical free and cruelty free. Today, the little orbs of lip balms are considered a status symbol to the younger generation. EOS has millions of fans across the country and many of them are on social media sites sharing stories and more about their favorite EOS lip brands (Amazon).

Roberto Santiago’s Manaira Shopping Mall Uplifts Economy

Roberto Santiago is from Joao Pessao. He got his education at Pio X-Marist College and finished his Business Administration degree from Joao Pessoa’s University Centre. He commended his professional career at the Café Santa Rosa, which is a manufacturing firm in Brazil. After some time, he resigned from his job at Café Santa Rosa to establish his own business – Cartonnage, which is a trade that specifically deals in the sales of cartons crafted from cardboard.

Then Roberto Santiago entered the real estate, and he purchased a parcel of land where he proceeded to construct the Manaira Mall. The said mall occupied 75,000 meters of land within Joao Pessoa City, and it took a couple of years for him to make his dream a tangible one. The Manaira shopping mall was formally opened in 1989 and houses about 280 stores which comprises of a gym, a college, financial institutions, numerous shopping stores, a food court, and gaming area.

Manaira is known because of the popular Domus Hall which is well situated at the rooftop of the shopping mall. The said hall has sufficient space for graduation ceremonies, exhibitions, conferences, and weddings. It has four thousand seats that can be big enough for standing individuals as plenty as ten thousand. The hall is equipped with high-end music systems, has soundproof walls, and air-conditions.

In an attempt to modernize the shopping complex, Manaira is also constructed with gaming zones for children and adults, which is ideally situated at 18,000 ft. The said area contains 200 modern betting machines along with numerous restaurants that serve an assortment of food for the various taste inclinations of the customers

The Manaira Shopping Mall’s location was cleverly selected by Roberto Santiago in order to provide shoppers with a great view since it is constructed in-between two beaches. The mall likewise possesses a parking lot that is approximately 135 feet that can accommodate around 3,000 vehicles.

When 2013 came, Roberto Santiago again built a shopping mall which he named Mangeira. It is quite similar to the Manaira because of its diverse content settings that similarly has the same significant commercial bearings. The two mall complex swayed the commercial development of the area positively since numerous business companies migrated to the city enhancing its economy. Aside from this, plenty of employment opportunities were created because of the malls’ presence, and the land value within and around the surrounding areas increased considerably. The convenience given by the cited developments in the city attracted people to settle within the surrounds for the convenient lifestyles it offers.

As the living standards continue to improve, Roberto Santiago takes the lead in providing quality services and satiating entertainment activities customers tend to look out for.

The Academy of Art University Produces Successful Graduates

What is the Academy of Art University

The Academy of Art University is a notable design school that propels aspiring artists into their dream careers. At the academy, students can expect to build a professional portfolio and gain technical skills as well as a strong identity in art and design. The academy teaches a disciplined approach to art and design and helps the students master their own creativity and learn to mix that strength with professional knowledge.


What Can Students Look Forward To

At the academy students are accepted as long as they have a passion for their art and the drive to grow. The academy allows students to collaborate on challenging projects, students are taught ethics and professionalism and the teachers at the school are active in the arts as well. That gives students a lot to gain in real time from their classes.


Notable Alumni

The Academy of Art University is very proud of their alumni. Graduates of the academy have gone to mainstream commercials, celebrity music videos, fashion, cartoon illustration, visual effects for tv series and more. Most recently, one of the academy’s alumni Daniel Arriaga won an Oscar for directing the Pixar movie “Coco”. Daniel graduated from the academy and became a senior director at Pixar. His vision for the Oscar-winning film had a lot to do with his personal heritage. Since his completion of the film, Daniel had returned to the academy to give motivational talks to the students about the challenges and rewards he faced during his journey to success. His talks have been said to inspire the students and give them something to hope for after graduation.


Fun Facts About The Academy of Art University

The academy has offered innovative online education since 2002. It has had the opportunity to showcase students at New York Fashion Week. Vehicles from the academy’s classic car museum have been featured in a parade. The academy has a strong athletics program and won a National Championship, making history in the NCAA.

Find out more about Academy of Art University: http://www.fashionschooldaily.com/

Malcolm CasSelle Leads in Launching Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX).

The online trading platform has been experiencing rapid growth and transformation over the recent years. Thanks to the multiple games invented by the online gaming experts, many people have now been attracted by virtual asset trading. As a result, more users are delving into the buying, swapping and selling of these virtual assets. Even so, decentralization has its disadvantages with the first one being its ability to be controlled by a central entity. That is why an overwhelming part of virtual trading is made of centralized platforms.


Background Data


OPSkins, one of the leaders of online trading of virtual assets has been in the industry for decades. Also known as one of the best traders of bitcoins in the planet and to which Malcolm CasSelle is the chief investment officer, it has a worldwide following of millions of gamers that make cross-border payments online. The company prides itself on being a centralized protocol for trading virtual assets. Even so, OPSkins has itslimitatons, and hence, the founders have decided to establish a centralized protocol that has little to no complications when it comes to trading.


WAX (Worldwide Asset eXchange)


Recently announced, the founders of OPSkins have just launched Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX). The new blockchain platform will provide a decentralized trading foundation for shrewd contracts which, will, in turn, allow buyers, sellers, and traders of virtual assets to comfortably trade their assets without the fear of fragmentation or fraud. Moreover, WAX will handle virtual asset trading by incorporating block-chain enabled widgets. Well, the launch of WAX has attracted many customers with some being novice while others are curious.


Additional Information


Besides, with centralized platforms, intermediaries like companies come in as go-betweens to facilitate trading. This in exchange, makes it easy for the service to be passed to the next client. In turn, intermediaries collect trading fees. In essence, WAX being a centralized exchange platform will serve as the first contact for interested clients.


The Overview


Malcolm CasSelle is a revered entrepreneur and business enthusiast. Also known as the president of the newly launched centralized trading platform, WAX, CasSelle has held various senior positions in different companies including New Ventures, tronc and Digital Media of SeaChange International.


Hedge Fund Entrepreneur Shervin Pishevar Is Using Twitter To Shake Things Up

The people who know Shervin Pishevar know he is an American, but they also know his family comes from Iran. Mr. Pishevar has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to tech innovations. In 2015, he was one of Obama’s pick to sit on the J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board. In 2016, he was an Ellis Island Medal of Honor recipient. And he was a state department ambassador. But Shervin Pishevar is not a seasoned politician. He is a high-profile investor and entrepreneur who knows how to make money and contribute to the economic health of the nation.

Pishevar hasn’t been as vocal as he was a few years ago, but all that changed when he went on a Twitter rant that kept his Twitter followers entertained for 21-hours recently. Mr. Pishevar didn’t rant about one particular issue. He let loose. His twitting thumbs gave everyone a dose of Shervin Pishevar’s thoughts about the economy, bitcoins, the stock market, Silicon Valley and China.

According to one Shervin Pishevar tweet, the value of one bitcoin will drop in 2018. Shervin thinks the value of a bitcoin should be in the $2,000 to $5,000 range going forward. He also told his followers that the stock market is ripe for an adjustment. A 6,000-point adjustment. And he let everyone know that China’s infrastructure initiative is going to give China the economic advantage it needs to be the most powerful country in the world in the next couple of years.

But Shervin Pishevar also didn’t hold back when his tweet about Silicon Valley hit cyberspace. He thinks Silicon Valley will be less relevant on the world’s tech innovation stage in the future. And he took a tweet-like swing at Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, and Alphabet when his tweet put them in the monopoly category. Shervin believes those companies have as much political and social power as some nations.

No one is sure why Pishevar decided to go on a Twitter rant now. But there is speculation that he wants to show the world he has what it takes to make economic and political predictions that come true.



OSI Food Solutions is an American private food company that processes meat. It was founded in 1909 in Chicago. Its headquarters are in Aurora Illinois in America. The company is headed by Sheldon Lavin who is the chief executive officer. OSI Food Solutions is a premier world leading food provider and supplier. It has a global food supply network with not less than 65 factories and has employed more than 20000 employees in its outlets in 17 countries around the globe. It deals with products such as pizza, poultry, meat patties, pork, fish, bacon, vegetables, hot dogs, and dough products.

OSI Food Solutions is in Americas top 100 food companies. For instance, in 2016 it was number 58 on largest privately-owned companies list by the Forbes. This is because it had a net worth of $6.1 billion. In 2016 OSI group was awarded a very prestigious award by the British safety council. The award is known as the globe of honor award. The award was given at an awards luncheon at Drapers Hall in London. The award was given for the tremendous extemporary management of risks in the environment. It was presented the award with 18 other companies who have been able to manage their businesses without destroying the environment.

The award is the world’s most prestigious for environmental management. It had also won the award in 2013 and 2015.Increased demand for OSI products has led to doubling of the production capacity of chicken and other products. This was done to its facility in Toledo Spain. Production has increased from 12000 tonnes annually to 24000 tonnes. This has also created an additional 20 jobs to the existing 140. Due to its quality products.

OSI has seen a tremendous increase in its customers. This has brought forth the need for expansion to meet the customers evolving needs. This led to the group purchasing another food processing plant facility and a storage warehouse which was formerly owned by Tyson foods in Chicago which is near OSI headquarters in Illinois. OSI Food Solutions also purchased a high stake in Baho food which is a food processing company with operations in Netherlands and Germany. This has helped increase its network and presence in Europe. OSI group has also acquired a food supplier called flagship Europe which is owned by the flagship food group in the United Kingdom. This has helped a great way in expanding its base and presence in Europe.

For More info: www.indeed.com/cmp/Osi-Group

Dr Saad Saad contributions

Dr Saad Saad is a renown surgeon with a medical degree from Cairo University and UMDNJ university hospital. He has been practising surgery for more than twenty years. He is currently practising at Monmouth medical center and Jersey Shore university hospital. General and pediatric surgery are his areas of specialization. He is a recognized fellow in American Academy of Pediatrics and a member of American College of Surgeons. He has contributed to different medical publications Dr Saad Saad together with other doctors published a review on groin laparoscopy in pediatric patients and another on clear cell sarcoma that comes with neuroblastoma during infancy. His significant achievements and contribution in the medical field are his essential inventions of two medical devices.


Being a pediatric surgeon serving in and out of United States. He has attended medical missions in Jerusalem and West Bank. Dr Saad Saad has always aspired to make his patients happy by reducing their pain and the risks that come with surgery. Avoiding such risks would not have been easy without certain devices, and that is how he came up with devices which put the patients through less risky situations and less pain.


Catheters are small tubes used during surgery to administer drugs, remove gases or fluids from an organ. The tubes have to be removed after a period; however, it is hard to locate the tubes inside the body with a naked eye, the doctors would have to use x-ray or MRI scan. X-ray exposes the patients to radiation which causes health risks, and MRI machines are not portable. Dr Saad Saad, therefore, invented a device which can identify and locate catheters inside a patient’s body. The tip of the catheters has wires, and then the device is electromagnetic ones the device is placed on the body in search for the catheters a voltage is created by the catheter to device thus producing light meaning the device is directly placed on the catheter. The device reduces risks; it is small therefore portable and effective.


Dr Saad Saad also invented a device that makes endoscopy easier. Doctors faced a lot of challenges when looking inside the patient’s body parts with views frequently blocked by fog caused by body fluids. The process would be long and complicated because the endoscope would frequently be removed and reinserted ones the view is cleared. The invention of a suction and irrigation device attached to the endoscope made the process easier because the device clears up the fog by irrigation which clears the fluid and sucking it back.


The devices have revolutionized surgical procedures with the new technology adopted globally. The doctors can now perform surgery safely and efficiently. The inventions were made with Dr Saad’s expertise in surgery. Learn more: https://www.vitals.com/doctors/Dr_Saad_Saad.html