Lime Crime’s Unicorn Hair Dye Is A Game Changer

For a number of years rumors have swirled about the chances of Doe Deere’s Lime Crime brand branching out from the creation and development of cosmetics and into a new era for this innovative and unique brand with semi-permanent hair dyes that are inspired by the hair of the founder. For those who are not in the loop when it comes to this brand, Doe Deere is a one woman marketing machine who uses the products from her own cosmetics brand to create unique looks representing her own quirky sense of style; the deep, bold colors of the cosmetics created by Doe Deere now look set to be replicated with a brand new range of hair dyes in bold colors to replicate the hair choices of Doe Deere herself.


Taking a look through the pages of the Lime Crime Website now opens up a landing page for the “Unicorn Hair” range of semi-permanent hair dyes that have been made available in a range of different colors; although it is easy to spot the influence of Doe Deere herself on the range of products available to the public in terms of hair color, but the vivid orange color is seen as a throwback to the look of Mila Jovovich’s character in the classic science fiction movie, “The Fifth Element”.


The creation of the “Unicorn Hair” range has not been given a release date, but it does reflect the innovation that has made Lime Crime such a fast growing company across the world for its impressive range of cosmetics sold Online in a way that has provided inspiration for the entire cosmetics industry. Innovation has been the name of the game for the brand since it was created with the development of the lipstick swatch that has been taken up by cosmetics companies across the planet; after developing “Unicorn Hair” for over three years the cosmetics industry is set to be shaken up once more by Doe Deere and her innovative way of thinking about business.

The Greatest EOS Lip Balm Flavors Available

If you are looking to add a few great additions to your purse, it pays to look into EOS lip balm. This is a product that a number of people enjoy for many different reasons. It contains high quality ingredients, such as Shea butter and aloe and it will keep your lips as moisturized as possible. It also features a number of antioxidants that you will enjoy it, which will make your lips naturally conditioned and will provide plenty of natural shimmer. This is a matter both of health and cosmetic beauty, so give yourself the opportunity to enjoy these products by looking into the many different offerings that they have in store for you.

What types of flavor do they offer?

Luckily, there are plenty of different offerings that you can look to in terms of lip balm flavors. For instance, if you are in the mood for something more subtle and sweet, you can purchase the coconut milk flavor of lip balm. People who enjoy a little bit of spring freshness will take to the cucumber melon flavor. There are a number of flavored lip balm as well, to include Berry blossom, strawberry sorbet and pomegranate raspberry.

Anytime that you are looking into purchasing these offerings, you will want to shop around for the best prices and availability.  Useful link here, on   Sometimes, these flavors are temporary or have limited availability. You can purchase a lot of them at your local drugstore, while others will need to be purchased online. There are some mix-and-match packs and also dual pack the same flavor. Of course, you will be able to also purchase singular lip balm packs at a great price as well.  Follow EOS on their page.

Shop around for the type of EOS lip balm flavor that you need the most and do everything that you can to make the right purchase.  Go straight to this site.

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Talk Fusion: Award-Winning and State Of The Art

In regards to Talk Fusion, the video communications provider, they had one heck of 2016 and it is a year they will never forget anytime soon. They are very, very proud of it, as they should be, as they won two awards, including the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award. The company was founded and created by Bob Reina back in 2007 and ten years later, they are like a fine wine, they get better and better with age. That is because they never get too big for their britches and they never get ahead of themselves as far as thinking they have all of the answers and everything figured out.


That is why this interview with Bob Reinais such a good read. It really gives people a chance to get inside the head of a genius. Genius is not a word to be thrown around lightly but it most certainly applies to Bob Reina and his invention of Talk Fusion. He was able to see it before it was happening. It all started, believe it or not, with him wanting to send out a video email. After that, the rest they say, is history. Now they have video newsletters, video emails, and video conferences.


All of this is designed toward growth for companies. Bob Reina loves to see companies grow and he is their biggest supporter and their biggest fan. If he can help them with his state of the art tech, he is all for it. Bob Reina is also very proud of the charity work he has done as well such as his record-breaking donation to the Tampa Bay Humane Society. He also is giving out 30-day free trials of Talk Fusion to new customers that might have been a little shy about using it in the past. Now, they can use it worry free, relax, and have fun with it.


Once they get their hands on it, they will be blown away! They will be asking themselves why they didn’t use it sooner. However, it is better late than never with Talk Fusion.


Honey Birdette – Her Works and Achievements

Honey Birdette is a commercial outlet for women. It provides a variety of products that include knickers, intimate toys, lingerie sets among others. Recently, Honey Birdette launched a new US e-commerce site. This followed the plan to upgrade its United Kingdom retail portfolio from three store to 40. A project expected complete by the year ending, 2018.

The idea behind Honey Birdette was born in 2006 by Eloise. The main aim of the business idea was to introduce a new sensuality into the bedrooms. With this in mind, Eloise Monaghan set up the first stalls in Brisbane. The company saw an annual growth of 374% in online sales. As a result, Eloise launched a new US site. This site is particularly dedicated to improving the consumer experience. Consequently, the company managed to offer faster deliveries as well as easier returns. In view of rapid expansion, the US site also targeted retail openings.

Honey Birdette has long operated within Australia. Last year the company decided to expand beyond its Australian perimeters. The establishment in London’s Covent Garden preceded two other new setups. One in Leeds’ Victoria Gate and the other at Westfield White City.

In effect of the rising global market, Honey Birdette is yet to launch ten other openings in the UK. The company also revealed that it is targeting to launch over 40 other stores before the year ending, 2018. In addition Honey Birdette is also focused at major European locations. Premium label prices at honey Birdette ranges between £35 for briefs to £60 for bras. The branding is partly sponsored by BBRC, a private investment company.

In conclusion, Honey Birdette offers a variety of services and pretty products. Among them, luxurious massage and sensuous and potent perfumes. The main role however, is to empower women and entertainment them.

Find Some Bedroom Spark

Honey Birdette, a high-end Australian lingerie brand, is planning to expand to as many as 40 stores by the end of 2018 and has just launched its US e-commerce site.

Honey Birdette was founded by Eloise Monaghan in 2006. She decided to launch a US site after there was a 374% increase in US online sales alone over a span of 12 months. The new site offers faster delivery, easier returns, an extended product range, and even free shipping on orders over $50.

Honey Birdette is expected to open retail outlets in the US as well as increase its store count in the UK. Honey Birdette opened its very first store outside of Australia in London’s Covent Garden last year and has locations in Leeds’ Victoria Gate and Westfield White City.

Honey Birdette is expected to open 10 additional stores in the UK, including at Liverpool, Newcastle, Leeds, and Westfield Stratford and have 40 more stores in mind. In Australia, Honey Birdette has 55 stores and is looking at possible locations in Europe as well.

Honey Birdette was born in 2006 when a couple of friends decided to change the blah lingerie market. Tired of not being able to find lingerie and bedroom items that would bring some spark into the bedroom, they set out to create their very own.

Honey Birdette has everything from high-end toys to racy lingerie in their pleasure parlors. Honey Birdette Boutiques are an experience waiting to happen the moment you step through the black doors. You will feel pampered by the luxurious décor and can even enjoy a glass of champagne while you browse the many collections of sensual items. In the boutiques you will find everything from massage candles, potent perfumes manufactured in France, and cuffs, crops, and harnesses. It has it all.

For more information follow Honey Birdette on Facebook.

Demi Lovato And Fabletics; The Perfect Match

Award-winning pop star Demi Lovato recently teased that she had something big in the works. True to her pledge, the songbird revealed a deal that stunned many of her fans – a collabo with fellow celebrity’s Kate Hudson’s fashion outfit, Fabletics. The two famous women are teaming up to design a new collection. The proceeds from the partnership will support the Girl Up program, an initiative conceived by the United Nations.


Demi first shared the new on her Instagram profile. She expressed her enthusiasm by stating she was proud to work in close cooperation with a firm that upholds inclusiveness and designs apparels that are comfortable as well as elegant. Lovato is a fitness freak, famed for dedicating her time to physical exercises. She added that the activewear fuses fashion and style while inspiring the client to look at their body shape.

The products are set to hit the market soon, with the limited-edition capsule being the pioneer. A percentage of the profits will be given to UNFPA, a United Nations agency that runs a program which supports the education of the girl child.


In the ensuing press release, Kate Hudson named Demi as the quintessence of a unique Fabletics brand. Kate said that Demi is a prominent figure in the female society and acts as a mentor to many, particularly young ladies. She concluded by saying Demi’s values are at par with those of Fabletics.


On her part, Demi concurred with the thoughts of Kate Hudson. For her, the partnership

presented a platform to express her true self and adoration for both women empowerment and fashion. Inspired by the strong messages in her songs, her designs will incorporate striking colors in addition to conspicuous and flamboyant prints. Regarding this subjects, Demi said that she was gratified to be involved in creative design while

positively impacting on the lives of girls.


The Rising Reputation of Fabletics’ Brand


In a market dominated by corporate giant Amazon, Kate Hudson must be pleased by the exponential growth that her business has undergone. Hardly four years after its establishment, Fabletics has taken the online fashion market by storm, amassing a revenue of a quarter billion dollars in the process. The company uses a membership model, where customers are required to subscribe to the program before acquiring the business’s products.


The business success is ascribed to taking a unique approach to the provision of services. Traditionally, high-value brands were set out from the rest due to quality and outrageous prices. However, recent evolution has rendered those two characteristics obsolete, as customers look for better experience, gamification and élite design among other things. Moreover, the company has borrowed the success strategies of leading corporates such as Apple, by opening up physical stores in addition to online shops.


Additionally, Fabletics emphasizes on making the most out of their membership model. Using data sourced from their subscribers, they develop designs that are likely to appeal to their customers. Further, they can offer more individualized services, since they already know their target’s tastes and preferences. The icing on the cake is that the products are affordable.



Find Smooth, Sweet, Lip Care Gloss from a Variety of Beautiful EOS Lip Balms

Everybody experiences dry lips occasionally. Sometimes you may experience subtle cracks that just need a little dab of moisture to smoothen out the rough edges. That is why you need to carry a lip balm in your purse every day. Eos line of lip balms has a wide variety of great balms to choose from. We have highlighted some of the best brands for use in every occasion.

The Shimmer Rage Lip Balm

Sheer Pink

Sheer Pink enhances your face with a smooth, moisturizing lip salve that softens with organic conditioning oil. The balm produces a dash of color and radiant shimmer.


This rich lip moisturizer softens and improves your mouth with lasting lip neatness and a touch of shine. A lip balm that delivers

Visibly Soft Range Lip Balm

Coconut Milk

Coconut is an organic skin nourisher. Coconut milk revamps your lips, making them supple and visibly smooth. Garnish your lips and feel the luscious coconut flavor of this milk balm.

Blackberry Nectar

Nectar in Blackberry is quite the treat for your mouth. Apply the gorgeous fruity lip balm for all occasions. Never miss a sweet moment with fresh, beautiful, nourished lips. Yu can never go wrong with blackberry.

Smooth Sphere Range Lip Balm

Eos Passion Fruit

Eos Passion flavored balm is a blend of natural flavors. It produces a soothing feel on your lips. It moisturizes and makes you feel confident and beautiful all day long.

Smooth Honeydew Honeysuckle

Enchant your lips with the ever-fresh honeydew flavor. Winter day will cease to feel dry and cold. The warmth and sensualness of honeysuckle will keep you rejuvenated and cheerful all through. Making your lips feel soft, all the time.  Check on for details.

Eos manufactures quality beauty care products designed to fit into your everyday routine feeling fresh and always beautiful. Other body care line of products include body lotion, shaving cream products and an array of luscious lip balms with all kinds of natural flavors including honey, vanilla, and strawberry as well as coconut flavors. All their products are stocked in leading supermarkets across Europe, America, Canada and Australia. Be sure to click for some help.

For more of EOS visit

Dr. Walden And The Importance Of Being Passionate

One of the most common definitions of success is for one to do what he wants and enjoy it. This is why it is important for people to find what they are passionate about. When they do the type of work they are passionate about, then it is not going to matter what skills they have. Since they are so interested, then they will be very teachable. They will easily learn all there is to know about the procedure of the company. They will also come up with some new solutions so that they can make the company much better for them.


One of the people that are very successful is Dr. Jennifer Walden. She is one of the most successful and prominent cosmetic surgeons in her industry because she was passionate about cosmetic surgery. Because she was so interested in the type of work that she was doing, she has taken time to learn everything that is related to surgery. She has also come up with new solutions to the procedure that have not only improved the efficiency of the procedure, but has also reduced the side effects. Therefore, people have come to trust her as a surgeon.


Because she has established herself as a trustworthy surgeon, she was allowed to help write a textbook for people to study off of. She has put in a lot of the lessons that she has learned as a surgeon. As a result, more surgeons are adopting her methods which is bringing forth improvements in the world of cosmetic surgery.


People that are successful do not just do the work for the money. While it is a bonus, Dr. Walden enjoys the process of earning her wages. Above being a surgeon, she is also a mother who has decided to move her offices back to her hometown in order to spend time with her children.


Read more about Jennifer Walden:


CEO Empowers Texas Bank Leaders

“Reinventing Community Banking: Perspectives on Competing by Innovation” was the topic of the panel discussion on November 7, 2016. John Holt shared views during the Annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference. The forum for bank leaders and consultants empowered participants to take charge in overcoming challenges in organic growth and branching.


John Holt is the CEO of Nexbank Capital. Commercial Banking, Mortgage Banking and Institutional Services are the principle business products the financial service company offers its clients. Nextbank leads the banking community, named as one of the top 10 banks in the nation in S&P Global Market Intelligence. Nexbank claims the 5th slot in pretax returns on equity category and based on score is the 10th top ranked bank in the United States.


Nexbank is based in Dallas, Texas. This popular financial institution was founded in 1934 and has grown to provide banking services in four locations, supporting the economy by employing 88 people. With an A bank health rating, Nexbank serves proudly with money market rates 2X the national average. Customized services is the name of the game, propelling the company mission to the forefront of the minds of current and potential customers. The leadership team at Nexbank brings a plethora of experience to the banking community. Through teamwork and commitment, the Executive Management Team and the Board of Directors, have brought Nexbank to a $4.6 billion asset success!


How Clay Siegall Founded Seattle Genetics

Dr. Clay Siegall is one of the most influential figures in the oncology world. He is known to many as the chief executive officer, founder, and chairman of a biotechnology company known as Seattle Genetics. The company specializes in developing therapy drugs for individuals living with cancer. The treatments developed by the company have reduced the mortality rates for cancer in different countries.


Clay Siegall studied zoology at the prestigious University of Maryland. Later on, he went for his Ph.D. studies at the famous George Washington University. The knowledge he acquired from this learning institutions has played a key role in his success.


As the chief executive officer and chairman of Seattle Genetics, Clay Siegall has been influential in leading the firm in discovering new cancer treatments. The company has already managed to market its FDA approved drug conjugate, known as ADCETRIS. The drug is used all over the world, and it has helped many people who had different types of cancer. The private company has also announced that it is planning to introduce more cancer therapies in the recent future.


Although Seattle Genetics was a tiny startup when it was established several years ago, Clay Siegall has contributed and worked hard to make it a better and respected center of cancer research. The company had very few researchers at first, but it gives employment opportunities to some of the most respected professionals in oncology today. Siegall says that he still has great plans for his company.


Since childhood, Siegall was always interested in business. He had a passion for the power demonstrated in technology, and he wanted to use it to overcome the disease. After going to school, he chose to intervene in nature and restore the health of patients who were destined to die. At first, he specialized in cancer therapies. This is because one of his close family members had cancer, and the treatment he was receiving was brutal. The treatment resulted to severe anemia. Siegall says that he almost lost the patient because of the chemotherapy treatment. The respected scientist says that he was also interested in the money that comes with establishing a company. Clay had worked as a senior professor for a while, and the amount he was paid was little.